They don’t need any help

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Perry has now spent 120 days in jail – for stepping up to the plate to protect children, and then daring to say he has lost faith in the justice system. This is the institutional response to allegations of childhood sexual abuse.


No hearings today. Nothing till Monday 23 June 2008


I have barley been able to come near the computer. Such a terrible and initial sense of helplessness in the wake of yesterday’s news.

As I now see and understand the scenario it seems crystal clear that the AG’s office by-passed Perry’s lawyer, Lawrence Greenspon. The “Urgent” message dispatched from the AG’s office went directly to Perry. Right to Perry in the Quinte Detention Centre. With a line which reads: “We will accept one collect phone call to discuss this matter”

One call. A magnanimous offer: “We will accept one collect phone call to discuss the matter.”

Such generosity aside the question is: Why did the AG circumvent Perry’s lawyer?

I am told that Greenspon didn’t know Perry had been transferred at dusk to Quinte on Sunday evening. He apparently didn’t even know the hearing had been cancelled!.

What’s going on?

Why did Greenspon know nothing? Why?

Justice Glaude and Peter Engelmann know full well that Perry retained Lawrence Greenspon.

The AG’s office knows full well that Perry has a lawyer: Lawrence Greenspon.

David Humphrey ( retained by the AGs office for this dirty business) knows full well that Perry retained Lawrence Greenspon.

Why then was Greenspon so brazenly cut out of the loop? And I do mean brazenly.

Why did the AG pull a fast one?

This is unconscionable. How many times do I resort to use of that word these days? But it is. It’s unconscionable. It’s inhumane.

Anyway, here’s the scenario as I understand it:

(1) On or about 04 April 2008 Perry filed an inmate appeal;

(2) Around 25 April 2008 or shortly before that date Perry retained Lawrence Greenspon;

(3) Perry appeared at the Frontenac courthouse in Kingston 29 April 2008. That was part one of a process to change an inmate appeal to a solicitor appeal. The process would be completed at the next court appearance. He was told his next court date was 17 June 2008;

(4) With great faith in his “damn good” lawyer Perry has been expectantly and need I say hopefully waiting, and waiting and waiting for the 17th of June;

(5) At some point Perry And Helen understood the hearing on the 17th would be in Toronto at the Court of Appeal;

(6) Perry’s wife and daughter flew from British Columbia to Ontario at great cost to be by his side on the 17th;

(7) Anticipating court in Osgoode Hall Perry was awaiting transfer to the Toronto East Detention Centre so that he would be close to court on the 17th

(8) Helen tried to find out what time Perry was scheduled to appear at the Court of Appeal on 17 June. She was unable to contact Lawrence Greenspon. She called Osgoode Hall. She was told the roster would be posted on the internet at 2 pm on Friday 13 June.

(9) Perry called me on Friday afternoon. We were discussing what time he was scheduled to appear. People all over were asking in order to make travel arrangments. As we talked I realized it should be posted. I decided to check. Perry’s name was nowhere to be found. That was the first inkling that perhaps something was amiss;10) Saturday morning came and Perry was still at the Ottawa Carleton Detention Centre. Unusual that he had not yet been transferred.

Helen and 17-year-old Heather were en route by air to Ottawa. They had no idea where Perry’s hearing would be. It was all up in the air. Being the weekend therewas no way to get further information;

(11) On Sunday evening at around 8:30 pm Perry was told to pack up. He was being transferred. He was not allowed to know where he was going. He was allowed to make one phone call to say he was leaving. That apparently is the norm with inmate transfers.

(12) Perry was deposited at Quinte Detention Centre in Nappanee on Sunday evening. Only then did he and we know that he would be appearing NOT in Toronto but at the Kingston courthouse. Whoever put his belongings together forgot to pack his civvy clothes, specifically the dirty black T-shirt and slacks he was wearing the day he was arrested (10 February 2008) – the ones he is allowed to wear to court. Perry would therefore appear before the courts in his prison-issue orange jumpsuit. But, not the end of the world.

(13) Yesterday (16 June 2008) Perry received an “Urgent” notice/letter in his cell. The correspondence was signed by a Leslie Paine. Perry was personally advised by Paine that the hearing today was cancelled. Perrt was told: “We will accept one collect phone call to discuss this matter”

Who exactly Lelsie Paine is I do not know. The name is familiar. I understood that the “Urgent” message came from the AG’s office. I can find no Leslie Paine in the AGs office but have found the address for lawyer Leslie Karen Monique Paine:

10-720 Bay St

Toronto Ontario
M5G 2K1

The AG’s office is on the 11the floor 720 Bay Street., Toronto

(14) As I understand it Lawrence Greenspon allegedly did not know that (a) Perry had been transferred to Quinte or, until after the fact, that (b) the hearing had been cancelled.

(15) At this point I have no idea why the hearing was cancelled at the 11th hour. I have no idea why Leslie Paine sent the message to Perry rather than to his lawyer. I have no idea what impact this cancellation has on formalizing and proceeding with the appeal as a solicitor appeal. I have no idea what if anything Lawrence Greenspon plans to do to expedite the stalled process. He has repute as a “damn good” lawyer. I am waiting. As I have learned over the past years, I will reserve judgement.

(16) An interested, inquisitive and slightly sceptical citizen attended the morning’s events in the Frontenac courthouse – just in case Perry happened to be back on the roster at the 11th hour!. There were apparently eight or none inmates appearing before the Divisional Court today – each apparently dealing with legal aid issues and problems attaining legal aid. They were told there is a good roster of duty counsel. See the duty counsel.

I believe most if not all were remanded to the next foray of Divisional Court justices into Kingston: 19 August 2008!!!!!

More questions:

(1) What does all this say? Aside from the fact that “they”’d all be locked up if they treated a dog like they treat Perry, what does it say?

(2) What are the merits of retaining a “damn good” lawyer if the AG circumvents the “damn good” lawyer?

(3) Who decided to call off the hearing at the 11th hour? Why?

(4) Where do Justice Glaude and Peter Engelmann fit into this? What if anything did they know and agree to?

(5) When can Perry hope to see his appeal launched? before or after he’s served both his first six months for civil contempt and subsequent 15 or so months for criminal contempt? Alas, I’m being quite serious.

(6) What does this do to instil and/or restore faith in the administration of justice?

“They” talk contempt?! And bringing the administration of justice into disrepute?

They’re all doing quite a nice job of it themselves. They don’t need any help.


The Gulag. Mother Canada. The iron curtain.

The institutional response to allegations of sexual abuse. Pillory the whistleblower. Protect the pederast/paedophile/child molester/sexual predator whatever you want to call those men who molest children and are out and about merrily tripping around the countryside.

Perry is in jail. The whistleblower is behind bars. Bleeding. But strong. Now they’re trying to squeeze the very breath out of him. By the look of it they are not going to let up.

Unconscionable that this can and is happening in a so-called democratic country which boasts – boasts! – it’s Charter of Rights and Freedoms.


A national disgrace. A judicial disgrace. A legal disgrace.


Helen and Heather drove to Napanee to see Perry this morning. He was in better cheer than yesterday. Yesterday was a bad day. For Perry. For everyone.

Perry is ready to move onward and forward. He expects he will be transferred back to OCDC today. He will be happy to get ‘home.’ The transfer has created quite an upheaval in his meagre existence. He has missed “canteen.” No chance now for another week to put in an order for chips and treats to keep him going for the next week. His larder supplies are gone. He has to start from scratch. All the little nibblies which keep him going day to day in his sparse cell are gone.

But his mail will be waiting. He looks forward to loves those letters and cards.

And his newspapers. He reads them cover to cover.

True, it’s been a particularly tough few days. An emotional roller coaster to put it mildly. And there’s a tough week ahead for Perry minus the small pleasures of life, those little things we so take for granted which take on such import to a good man locked behind bars in virtual solitary confinement. But, Perry will rally. By the grace of God, he will make it through. He’s strong. He didn’t make it this far to let them break him down into a mental basket case now.

This has been quite an experience for young Heather. She’s had her moments, but she’s a strong young lady. She, like her sisters, grew up with “Cornwall.” She’s seen and heard more than any child should. And she’s learned from it. So, yes, she was terribly upset when she first saw her dad. But she’s alright now. She can handle it. She doesn’t mind her Dad’s beard. She thinks he’s a bit pale, but that’s because he’s usually outdoors so much that he sports a tan. She positive he’ll tan up again as soon as he gets home. She’s optimistic. She’s hurting. But, she’s looking ahead 🙂

Helen is weary. Weary, weary, weary. Operating on automatic. She decided once she got to Napanee she might just as well head right on down the 401 to Toronto to visit dear friends there. And away she and Heather went.

I don’t know how she does it. I don’t.

Keep the Dunlops in your prayers. The whole family. Pray for every one of them.
Enough for now,



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2 Responses to They don’t need any help

  1. RealityChecker says:

    Leslie Paine…commission council for the Krevar Inquiry???

    Same Leslie Paine who assisted the RCMP in the TO drug scandel?

    I’d really like to know why some very high profile NAMES are subtly popping up in things related to Cornwall.

    Examples: (1) Micheal Pearson who was the one who refused Well’s request to the PCC to put the Sebalj’s complaint to an inquiry.

    (2)Mike Federico, high ranking Toronto Police Service officer somehow involved with an investigation and the retirement of Claude Shaver.

    (3) Leslie Paine, a high profile TO lawyer, who sat as commission council for the Krevar Commission (Blood scandel)notifying Perry Dunlop directly about the cancelation of a court hearing (Bypassing his lawyer)

    What’s going on in the backrooms that we don’t know about or haven’t been informed of???

    Open and transparent???

    MY FOOT!!!

  2. RealityChecker says:

    I think it’s VERY obvious NO ONE had any intent to uncover what happened in Cornwall related to historical sexual abuse or any intent to find the truth.

    I think the intent all along was to cover it up and persecute the whistleblower!!!

    I tried to keep an open mind but now???

    It’s the ONLY conclusion I can draw!


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