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Perry has now spent 114 days in jail – for stepping up to the plate to protect children, and then daring to say he has lost faith in the justice system. This is the institutional response to allegations of childhood sexual abuse.



According to Claude Shaver, “normal” people reading would or could believe what they read because they’re not used to reading “garbage”every day. Police officers, on the other hand, are used to reading “garbage” and realize it is garbage! (I assmue that makes them abnormal?)

According to Allan Manson (Citizens for Community Renewal) the name of the website is “manipulative” and misleading” and sounds official!

I don’t know where that puts me. I actually wallow in garbage day in and out. Does that put me in a class with police officers and mean I recognize garbage because I read it every day? I personally think it might and does, but I’m not 100% sure that’s what Mr. Manson was getting at 🙂 I do believe in fact that for some strange reason Manson wanted to fire a salvo straight in my direction. And I think he wanted to give me a good hard hit. Not only that, I have the strangest sense Shaver was in on it. I could be wrong there, but, for example, it was just a wee bemusing when Manson asked Shaver if he had ever looked at Brief brief pause. Puzzlement: “” Then: “Is that the site that’s run by Sylvia MacEachern?”

The exchange just seemed unnatural. Orchestrated.

Anyway, once was properly identified Manson reached into his grab bag for a few derogatory comments. He determined that the name is manipulative, misleading and dangerous!!!

My oh my it doesn’t take much these days for these people to put their heads together and spin, demonize and do what must be done to bolster their conspiracy theories!

Do I think it was a pre-arranged salvo. Highly possible. Probable. As I say, the thought crossed my mind as soon as a presumably puzzled Shaver pondered aloud: “”

My question is why aim the guns at me now? I’m not exactly sure. Barring a couple of slips the gathered throng have taken great pains for over two years to avoid mention or even whisper of Why now? Why with Shaver on the stand? Why from the Citizens for Community Renewal?

We shall see 🙂


Another comment and a few questions on this whole website business.

Shaver testified he had never see Dick Nadeau’s website, but a “friend” in the Cornwall area sent him copies of some of the material.

Colin McKinnon by chance? It was McKinnon who went after Dick with a bit of unfettered vengeance over the Bedrock of Democracy posting.

That’s the same Colin McKinnon who took the bench at the Project Truth sex abuse trial of lawyer and Church canon lawyer Jacques Leduc. The same McKinnon who helped the Cornwall Police Service find a way to have Perry charged under the Police Services Act, and the same one who represented both Shaver and the Cornwall Police Service Board in the golden handshake negotiations between the Board and Shaver, and the same McKinnon who threatened legal action against the Seaway News and Carson Chisholm for printing/saying something about Shaver running for school board trustee which Shaver and McKinnon apparently deemed slanderous or libellous, and, as we learned today, it’s the same McKinnon who represented Shaver after he was retired from the CPS and was sued by David Silmser.

McKinnon has been looking out for Shaver’s best interests for quite some time.

Oh, yes. how could I forget? That’s the same Colin McKinnon who who claimed he “forgot” he had any prior dealing with Perry Dunlop and who, once confronted with the evidence of just a tiny morsel of his conflicts, wanted to carry on at the bench because he thought he was more than capable of handling the trial!!

I’m thinking it could well have been McKinnon who kept Shaver abreast of what was posted on Dick’s website. True it could have been any of a number of people, but I wouldn’t be too quick to rule out Justice Colin McKinnon. He was certainly staying right on top of what Dick posted on his website.


More tears in the stand as Shaver gave his recommendations. Tears for himself and all he has endured. Seems there are a multitude of liars in Cornwall. Everything was fabricated.

No tears for the victims. At least none that I caught sight of. But then again, maybe Shaver is of the mind there are no victims?

And on that note an enlightening recommendation to Justice Glaude that since, according to Shaver, there is much more physical and emotional abuse in homes than sexual abuse there should be mandatory courses on parenting before offending parents are allowed to go back.

Where did that come from?


Shaver denied golfing with Garry Guzzo in Florida. He has, as anticipated, denied any social interaction with Ken Seguin, Malcolm MacDonald and Father Charles MacDonald. He denies knowing Gerry Renshaw. I believe he may even have denied knowing Ron Leroux, but if not outright denial he did deny ever driving with him to Florida .

If there is anyone out there with pictures of Claude Shaver in the company of any of the above or others would you please scan and send them along?


Perry will probably be moved to the Toronto Detention Centre tomorrow. It would be nice if they wait until the weekend, but it’s more apt to be tomorrow. Keep him in your prayers. The change from one detention centre to another is quite a jolt. Don’t stop sending mail to the Ottawa Carleton Detention Centre – Perry will get it upon his return and will be delighted, particularly after several days without any mail and without papers.


Still no idea what time things start at Osgoode Hall on Tuesday 17 June 2008. I am still assuming 09:30 or 10:00 am. Plan accordingly. If it is later in the day at least we’ll be there. The hearing will be conducted in the Court of Appeal, but it’s all in the same building as before. Both the Ontario Court of Appeal and Ontario Divisional Court operate out of Osgoode Hall. I will post the address and directions tomorrow or Friday, but certainly in good time to make plans.

I personally am anxious to see Lawrence Greenspon in action.


I’m going to post this now to get it up. Will add links later 🙂

Enough for now,



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6 Responses to Garbage?

  1. RealityChecker says:

    Well I guess you’ll need a new garbage can to go with those new barn boots I’ll be sending your way….sounds like your into the horse manure WAY WAY too much!!!

  2. prima facie says:

    ..BEWARE of DESPERATE people, places and things!!!

    Incredible…catching up…just incredible. Great input from your bloggers Sylvia…and you of course.

    Many of the “powers that be” and their subordinate, “butt kissers”, are finally realizing this inquiry is not as convincing as they anticipated. It’s a little shaky, to say the least. These witnesses are a little “screwed up”, wouldn’t you agree? I mean, “who’s on first?”

    Not only that, these “pearheads” are noticing some civilians are actually following this inquiry, silently, but following it. The “civilians” so-to-speak, already know the facts, they always have. They are not interested in the new “spin of the day”.
    They are now following it to see the actions and reactions, of the witnesses and their puppeteers; the “sideshow” flavour, which is becomming more and more prominent.

    And, OH NO! Call out the language police, no, not them…the curly-haired people police, no, not them, the people with longer fingers police, no, not them, the internet police no, not them,….oh, I know, call out the “suppression, truth erasers” police…yes. Most terrifying for the “pearheads”, is that Sylvia is following it daily, researching facts, commenting about it on a website and posting blogs, by some bloggers conducting their own research.

    IMAGINE!! Freedom of expression!!…we can’t have that.

    More investigative work, than the “Cornwall Police Services et al” ever did AND there lies the FEAR!!…..and believe me, this bothers the “POOP” out of the controllers and their “strawmen”.

    ALSO, “they” are seeing first-hand, how several key witnesses are, really, so pathetic.

    DESPERATION: Defame, Perry’s supporters and those espousing the facts.

    Note the recent “upswing” in writings by “Claude” at the local daily newspaper and the “same old-same old” letter to the editor by Paul Scott i.e.) “Let’s Look at the positive…”. As well, note the reference to President Paul Scott, of the “C.C.R.”.

    AND, in a made for t.v. episode, the eccentric-looking/sounding, “nutty-mad professor”, Allan Manson, “goes after” a website for its possible “misleading” name. HA!! Desperation!!

    What a GIGANTIC JOKE!! HA!! Pass me another “joint”.

    Desperation!! But watch out, it isn’t good for “powerful” people to become “desperate”….

    I suppose “Google” or “Yahoo” could have a covert or subliminal message/intention, inducing a misleading perception,… depending on your medication of course…..gee!!..what does C.B.C. really mean? Hey Dr. Manson, let’s get some research $$ to explore what really means!!

    “Holy FARTHANDLE…Batman!!” Hello Mars, can you hear me…hello Mars!!!

    I MEAN get real!! Are these “boneheads” for real? Here’s a great example of the results of our liberal “socialists”, sitting in their cozy classrooms, influencing the minds of a captive and submissive audience. Is this where we are…….?

    These “pearheads” like Manson and the others, ARE NEVER CHALLENGED…they have NO IDEA, what the “real world” is all about.

    HOWEVER, “they” DO have “the power”, “the control”, “the lapdog, mainstream news media” and the ability to influence a naive, ignorant, functionally illiterate, uncaring, and “conditioned” majority. As well, the “pearheads”, have the power and ability to ostracize and “deem” as outsiders, any dissenting voices or opposing viewpoints. (ex) DUNLOP.
    DISGRACEFUL!! The Gulag is comming.

    “OFF with your head” Sylvia.

    Sylvia…strangely, it goes hand in hand with the few bloggers “strawmen” on the Standard-Freeholder site, writing they want you, Perry and Helen to spend 500 years in jail….I wonder if there is any direct relation.

  3. Myomy says:

    Alan Manson may have tapped into the wrong argument implying that the was chosen to “sound official” Official organizations – the establishment do not have a good reputation for truth telling these days Mr Manson. If you are part of something “official” it is you that has a problem with credibility and the reputation of corruption. I don’t know if I would attribute this slam to the citizens for community renewal but it doesn’t surprise me to see it coming from an arrogant elitist like Mr Manson.

  4. prima facie says:

    Will recent history repeat?

    You can be sure “Canadian Press” is preparing for another “hit and run” on Perry, Helen and his supporters, relating to his appearance at Divisional Court next week…or…will the presence of Greenspon scare the “chicken guts” into, “hiding out” and publishing the press releases, interpretations and wishes of a desperate “A.G.” and commission counsel?
    I wonder if “C.B.C.” is planning another pre-appearance interview-“set-up”?

  5. prima facie says:

    Sylvia: When you read today’s article in the online “S-F” website surrounding how the Bishop was surprised about a priests admission of guilt, you will see at the bottom of the page where Shaver states, “Sadly, in today’s society, the internet has become the breeding ground for false information.” Tell me, sarcastically speaking, is he talking about the websites of “C.T.V. or C.B.C.” or of “Canadian Press” stories, or perhaps the “Cornwall Standard-Freeholder”? When he mentions “breeding ground for false information”, is he referring to the “church”?

    MARK my words, Manson and Shaver teaming up about, was just the beginning. “THEY” were simply opening the door to a full frontal attack on your website and any other “perceived” controversial websites.
    Additionally, see another article re: “false accusations against Ostler”.

    Further movement towards censorship of the internet, which will be detailed, among other things, in Commissioner Glaude’s report. Get ready!!

  6. Sylvia says:

    I think you’re right prima facie. The internet will probably figure prominently in Glaude’s final report. Good point!

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