It’s not getting any better

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Perry has now spent 105 days in jail – for stepping up to the plate to protect children, and then daring to say he has lost faith in the justice system. This is the institutional response to allegations of childhood sexual abuse.


Hearings resume at 1300 hours (1 pm) this afternoon, Monday 02 June 2008. Constable Rene Desrosier will return to resume his examination in chief.

Those scheduled to take the stand this week are:

Rene Desrosiers – Constable, Cornwall Community Police Service

Brendon Wells – Inspector, Cornwall Community Police Service

Joseph St. Denis – Former Deputy Chief of Police, Cornwall Community Police Service


Perry is holding in there.  We talked yesterday.  There was apparently a bit of a cacophony in the pod on Saturday evening because the guards on duty wouldn’t put the hockey game on.

This is Stanley Cup finals!  Hockey Night in Canada!!   Even behind bars the Stanley Cup finals are the Stanley Cup finals!!!  There was still some agitation in the pod as we talked.  I could hear thumping and banging in the background – a still disgruntled inmate apparently banging the doors of his cell.

I do hope the TV down by the guard station in the pod will be turned on tonight.  This could be the last game.   Even if the inmates can’t see the game they can hear the play by play.  I’m inlcned to think it would be asking for trouble not to turn it on.
Perry has been getting out in the yard.  The baby birds are still there.  He strains to see but they’re just too high up.  But he can see the momma and poppa bird travelling to and fro.  And he can still hear them.  Their chirps are changing.  They are growing.  One of these days they’ll be gone…

Yesterday was one of Perry’s highly treasured hot breakfasts:  scrambled eggs and three sausages.  No toast.  There is never toast.  But with or without toast a hot breakfast is a treat.  Much enjoyed.  A banana with Saturday supper means he has the making for an Elvis sandwich with this morning’s cold breakfast!

He was anticipating tiny meatballs and rice for supper last night.  He’s been there long enough now that he’s getting a bit of a handle on the menu.  The meatballs haven’t shown up for a while so he figured it must be time.  He doesn’t particularly like them.  They come with a side sauce which has an unwelcome tangy spicy flavour .  Perry has tried adding sugar to the sauce to no avail.  He has settled in on eating the meatballs and rice dry.  Not too palatable by the sound of it, but, it’s a meal and sees him through. (I’m anxious to see if he called it right!)

We were discussing his days behind bars.  I think I need to methodically count out the days to assure accuracy.  Perry has two more days than I.  He counts inclusive and I count exclusive.  I will get a calendar and see what I come up with.   Whatever it is if he were anyone else he’d be finished his first six months by now – the 17 days he spent incarcerated before sentencing would have been doubled and deducted, and then he’d have the time off for good behaviour to which every other inmate is entitled. But, thanks to Justice Normand Glaude, Peter Engelmann and the Ontario Attorney General such compassion does not and will extend to Perry.

Anyway, fifteen days and Perry will be back at Osgoode Hall in Toronto.  I know no more than that.  But, mark your calendar.  Tuesday 17 June 2008.  Start making arrangements now. If you need to book a day off, do it now before it’s too late.  Meanwhile start making travel plans.

Keep those cards and letters going too.  They are more welcome than you could ever imagine.


I have a blog on Desrosier’s testimony nearly ready to go.  I went back to the transcripts to try to sort this mess out.  It’s keystone cops.  It truly is.  I can not beleive what I have been hearing from these Cornwall Police officers.  And it’s not gettng any better.  Anyway, will have that together and up shortly 🙂
Enough for now,



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