Destruction of evidence

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Perry has now spent 94 days in jail – for stepping up to the plate to protect children, and then daring to say he has lost faith in the justice system. This is the institutional response to allegations of childhood sexual abuse.


I have been unable as yet to get further details regarding funeral arrangements for Perry’s grandmother, Merle Anderson.  I will post as soon as available.

I talked to Perry yesterday.  He is hoping he will be allowed to attend the funeral.  I would hope so.

Perry is doing alright.  But, a rough week.    It will continue to be rough.  Keep him in your prayers.  Send him a note.  Help him ride out this tragic storm. and come through stronger than ever.


I have one more piece of information regarding ex priest and paedophile Richard Hickerson.  It’s nearly ready to post.  Keep an eye on New to the Site on the Home page.

For now more on Detective Sergeant Jeff Carroll’s testimony regarding Richard Hickerson

(1) James Lewis was a victim, then sexual partner of ex-priest Richard Hickerson.  Lewis was later charged twice with possession of kiddie porn. He got off the first time, was convicted the second.  He was later convicted on charges of sexual abuse of young boys.  He was sentenced to six months – the same as Perry!

According to Det. Sgt. Jeff Carroll’s notes, when Cornwall police were initially investigating the Hickerson suicide Lewis wanted to get in touch with lawyer Sean Adams.  It seems he ended up dealing with someone else in Adams firm, but, according to Carroll’s notes, Lewis wanted to speak to Adams.

Sean Adams was one of the three lawyers who helped broker and/or execute the David Silmser illegal $32,000 pay-off.

(2) Among the raft of porn and gay materials found in Hickerson’s home after his death were several copies of the Body Politic.

In 1971 the Body Politic began to publish as a platform for the then fledgling Canadian homosexual rights movement.  The paper is described by some as “Canada’s most vital voice of gay liberation.” The magazine ceased publication I believe in 1987.  (Whichever publications were found in Hickerson’s quarters had to have been several years old.)

In 1977 a furor erupted when Gerald Hannon, a member of the Body Politic collective, published an article entitled “Men Loving Boys Loving Men.” In 1995 Hannon became the subject of media scrutiny with allegations that he was using his position as professor of journalism at Ryerson University (Toronto) to advocate intergenerational sex. He was eventually fired. (As recently as 2000 Hannon, a fallen away Catholic, was singing with and composing for a choir in a Roman Catholic Church (With their Catholic backgrounds, love of music and advocacy of man-boy “love” one wonders if perchance Hannon and Hickerson were acquainted?)

(3)  Also confiscated along with material referenced in yesterday’s blog were: an essay that was entitled “When a Man of God has Sex with a Boy,” “files that had to do with erotica, dirty sex, the gay creed and various articles on puberty,” three boxes of three-and-a-half floppy discs, a binder full of sheets containing a number of different internet addresses (porn sites no doubt), 50 boxes of slides, 85 pornographic videos of which 7 were deemed home made depicting sex acts between Lewis and Hickerson and the remainder were deemed to be commercially produced, a photo album of Polaroid pictures similar to the ones which had been cut up. Some of the pictures were missing.

The Polaroid pictures were of boys age eight to 18. Lewis told the police officers that Hickerson took the pictures because some of the boys wanted to be photographed!   These were eight, nine and ten years olds!!!

According to Lewis the pictures missing from the album were those which he had cut up.

According to Carroll Lewis cut up the polaroids because he, Lewis, didn’t want to get Hickerson into more trouble:

“I asked James who or why these were all cut up, and he tells me he didn’t want them around to cause Richard any more trouble… He tells me Richard gave — gave him these a week or so before he killed himself but won’t tell me when he cut them up.”

It seems Lewis also said he didn’t cut up the pictures he liked.

(4) Carroll believes the pictures were all taken by Hickerson.  How he would reach that conclusion I have no idea.

The pictures were all presumably taken in Hickerson’s home.  That means the boys being victimized would probably have been local boys. I don’t believe we have any idea how many pictures there might have been in all, nor how many different boys may have been victimized.

(5) Carroll apparently didn’t ask Lewis if Lewis was present while any of the pictures were taken.  If any of the porn entailed acts of sodomy this is a peculiar oversight given that for years the Criminal Code has stipulated that an act of sodomy (anal sex), even if consensual, becomes criminal if it is committed in a public place, or if more than two persons take part or are present.

(6)  As mentioned beofre, there was a stash of Polaroids found in the garbage at Lewis’ home.  Many of those had been cut up.

There was another stash found in a garbage bag hanging on the back of Hickeron’s bedroom door.  Many or all of those had also been cut.

Believe it or not, rather than try to piece the pictures together in the groupings in which they had been found the police threw the two lots together into one huge pile and THEN started trying to piece them together!

They spent “two or three day” trying to piece the pictures together.  When finished they had only 43 pictures re-assembled. Of those, with Lewis assistance, only three persons were identified,  Lewis, his brother and someone by the name of Jean.

The pictures were shown to Children’s Aid Society officials, and that was it.  If the boys were not known to CAS then they were not going to be identified.  It was left at that.

(7) Carroll had some discussions with Lewis regarding his, Lewis’ thoughts regarding the porn pictures:

 MR. DUMAIS:   And fair to say that you engage him [Lewis] in some discussion when you are reviewing this material with respect to his thoughts on taking pictures of children engaged in sexual acts, either by themselves or with adults, and is it a fair summary that he would have provided you with the explanation that they, one, were all consenting and, two, that they were sexual beings or something to that effect.

MR. CARROLL: Something to that effect, yes; I believe those were his words.

Typical perverted notions of those who advocate “man-boy love.”(8) The entire Hickerson porn collection – 601 pounds of it!! – was destroyed.

The evidence was destroyed!

In a city racked by allegations that prominent men in the community were part of a paedophile ring/clan and cover-up the whole pile of evidence was burned! One tape was saved, and that only because it showed the gun Hickerson used to kill himself!

“All pornographic tapes, magazines and  packaging turned over to me from Hickerson’s residence by James Lewis destroyed at the Hotel Dieu Hospital incinerator. Total weight of this material was 601 pounds. Personal tape number 4 of Hickerson and Lewis was retained because it showed the rifle that was used by Mr. Hickerson to shoot himself ” —

Bad enough, but the Hickerson “collection” was not given to Project Truth! It was Project Truth officers who had initially investigated sex abuse allegations against Hickerson and laid the charges.

Worse, Constable Genier, one of the probe officers, had actually assisted the CPS officers trying to put the Polaroid pictures together.  But, the pictures were not turned over for use in the probe, nor, it seems, were they asked for!

How many victims in those pictures could have been identified had that material been shown to other victims interviewed throughout the Project Truth probe?

THE COMMISSIONER: Did you ever give these photographs over to the OPP or loan them so they can show them to anybody —

MR. CARROLL: No, I didn’t. No I didn’t, I never thought of doing that. I would assume since Detective Constable Genier was involved in the assembly process that should he have recognized anybody in the pictures that was important to one of their investigations, he would have let me know about it, but he never did.

MR. DUMAIS: He certainly didn’t indicate that he had any interest in any of them. Is that —

MR. CARROLL: No, he didn’t.

(9) A Joseph Hall was outside Hickerson’s home with James Lewis on 19 June 1998, the day Carroll responded to a call and discovered the body of Richard Hickerson.   James Lewis’ brother.  Some of the porn pictures seized at the home of Hickerson and/or Lewis depicted Hall.  Some of the 85 videos seized depicted Lewis and Hickerson performing sexual acts which were described by Lewis as “consensual.”

(10) Inspector Trew, S/Sgt. Brunet, Sgt. Snyder and Sgt. Lalonde collectively decided how to conduct the investigation following Hickerson’s death and how to handle the materials found in Hickerson’s home after the suicide.

This was 1998.  By this time Perry Dunlop had produced materials which collectively portrayed the existence of a paedophile ring/clan and cover-up.  The Project Truth probe had been struck the previous year and had started its investigation. It was known that there were allegations that a group of prominent men in the community were sexually abusing young boys.

(11) Hickerson had apparently left a note on the computer appointing James Lewis as executor of his will.  The will was found on the computer hard drive. (Hickerson left his estate to Lewis)


A question:  Was Hickerson’s address book seized?  I have heard no word of it. If not, why not?

Enough for now



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3 Responses to Destruction of evidence

  1. Myomy says:

    Verbal engineering precedes Social Engineering. You are right to be suspicious of these deliberate changing of the terminology for sexual crimes to sexual orientation. The language we use frames the way we think. In this case there is an effort to imply that these people do these things because of something they were born with rather than a crime they chose to do. This change in terminology introduces a whole new viewpoint on the topic which makes it look extremely unfair that some people should be punished for things they do that are natural to them. As you point out we can see the absurdity of this by applying this technique to other crimes completly such as lets excuse those with an orientation to murder or theft. This could be applied to anything but it is entirely predictable that it would be extended from homosexual deviants to deviants who abuse children.

    The punishment of Perry Dunlop instead of the child abusers under the guise of rooting out hatred against these child abusers who it is believed cant really help what they are doing. Hickerson a known abuser is basically excused by applying the world “orientation” to his actions. There is no mercy or excuse for Perry Dunlop just because he is not taken in by the verbal engineering. This is sloppy thinking both to excuse Hickerson and to punish Perry Dunlop. As you mentioned somewhere else it is a good thing that the death penalty has been banned in Canada or this homosexual friendly oriented justice system would be ready to apply it to Perry Dunlop.

  2. Sherlock says:

    That is a good point about the language used. In exact meanings an orientation is simply the direction faced. It doesn’t mean action because there is always the possibility of inhibition. One’s car, for example, is often oriented to collide with something else, but nothing dangerous happens unless the gas pedal is pressed so that action happens.

    While society benefits from tolerating broad diversity in orientation, it cannot tolerate individuals who lack the faculty of inhibition, regardless of what orientation. That is why we have police and a justice system, to protect us, not from motivations, orientations or thought crimes, but from actual criminal actions.

    On the somewhat brighter side it doesn’t seem likely Judge Glaude will swallow that guff. Perry Dunlop certainly didn’t. Classifying abuse as historical doesn’t mean that it isn’t ongoing. Incompetancy excuses provide frail cover for ongoing patterns of malfunctioning consistently in the interests of the so-called alleged perpetrators.

    Hickerson’s address book is certainly an interesting missing clue. In incompetancy theory it would probably have been burned, along with the 600 pounds of pornography, in the Mon Dieu Hospital incinerator. Alternatively, in conspiracy theory the file would end up shared by government or private intelligence agencies for counter-intelligence and/or blackmail purposes.

  3. Myomy says:

    I goofed ! I had intended to post this originally under the blog ” has it started already ” where Sylvia discussed the witness referring to Hickerson’s sexual “orientation” and provided us with a lengthy history of the morphing of the law extending protection to people of orientation under the heading of hate crime protection. These laws were all put in place by publicity campaigns implying rampant violence against homosexuals when in reality there was little or no such violence or they had to imply that this was the motive for the violence when nobody really knew the motivation of the perpetrator or if the perpetrator even believed the victim was homosexual. A good study of this can be had be comparing the murders of Matthew Shepard and Jesse Dirkhising and the response or lack of response of the media. Bill O’Reilly summed up the contrast this way….

    Two Killings, One Newsworthy The Other Not
By Bill O’Reilly / APB News (link expired)

    NEW YORK — The question is stark and brutal. If the murder of Matthew Shepard, a gay man, by two drunken thugs in Laramie, Wyo., was a national story and a heinous hate crime, why wasn’t the killing of 13-year-old Jesse Dirkhising publicized the same way? Jesse was tortured, sodomized and finally killed by a gay man as another homosexual watched in the small town of Rogers, Ark. Yet the national media ignored the crime, causing outrage among those who see hate crimes as a tool being used to hammer the agendas of special interests. The two men who murdered Shepard have been convicted and, most likely, will spend the rest of their lives in prison. But the two men allegedly involved in the killing of Jesse Dirkhising have yet to be tried, and when they are, you may not even hear about it.

    With this sort of distortion in the media the public thinks Gays need protection but who is going to protect the straights from the gays? Perry Dunlop is on the straight side and his side is badly outgunned in the PR and legal wars. It is the straight side that needs protection in the lopsided canadian legal milieu.

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