To Helen with Love

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Perry has now spent 92 days in jail – for stepping up to the plate to protect children, and then daring to say he has lost faith in the justice system. This is the institutional response to allegations of childhood sexual abuse.


Today, 20 May 2008, is Perry & Helen’s 19th wedding anniversary.  There is not much a man can do for the woman he loves on their anniversary when he is behind bars.  Perry asked if I could do this for him.  He would dictate the words and I would post them. Of course I could.  Gladly.  Would that I could do more for you both.


Happy Anniversary!


A Message to Helen from Perry

on their 19th wedding anniversary (20 May 2008)
Happy Anniversary baby.

And I mean it.

Don’t be scared.

See you soon,

Love, Perry

I said thank you for coming

And you said I’m glad I came

You drove off in the darkness

I believe there was some rain

I just lay there crying

I never felt such pain

I knew if I could have you

I’d never feel this way again

You made me so happy

When you called me on the phone

You told me all I wanted

When I was feeling so alone

And when you said “Yes, darling

“Won’t you come and take me home”

My heart was finally at peace

And all my fears were gone.


And I remember the first night that we met

I had a feeling that I never will forget

My love for you was so strong and so true

I’m so glad you felt the same way about me too

I came across the country

With a ring in my hand

There’s no doubt in my mind

I want to be your man

I’ll love you and I’ll hold you

And I’ll always understand

I’ll always be beside you

Because you are where I am.

And I’m so glad you felt the same way too.

So don’t be scared now darlin’

To walk with me through life

I’ll be so proud to be your man

Will you be my wife?

Note from Perry:  “Nineteen years ago I married this girl.  When I proposed to her I’d known her less than 12 hours.  I wrote her this song and flew out to the Yukon to bring her home.”

Note from Sylvia:  Helen had been nursing in the Yukon.  She was back home in the Cornwall area for a visit.

There happened to be a party at the police club.  Helen went.  Perry was there.

Everyone was invited back to Perry’s afterwards for a kitchen party.

The next day Perry started trying to track down this girl who had caught his eye.  He eventually found her.

They dated once.  The next day Helen was on her way – the long drive across the country back to the Yukon. On her return to the Yukon she was to sign a contract committing herself to further work.

Perry knew she was the girl.  It was Helen.  He had fallen instantly and deeply in love.

He started calling the Yukon.  Each time he called Helen was still en route.  And each time he called Perry told Helen’s room mate: “Tell her not to sign the contract.”

Meanwhile he was pouring his heart into the words of the song.  The song would be his proposal.

Once completed he recorded the song in a studio.

When she finally arrived in the Yukon Helen returned Perry’s calls.

“I love you,” said Perry.  “I want to come and take you home.”

Helen was obviously not adverse.

Perry bought a ring, and an airline ticket.  He tucked the taped proposal into his baggage.  Away he went.

When Perry arrived at Helen’s place in the North he popped the tape into the cassette player.

Helen said yes 🙂

A love story!

Here they are, nineteen years and three beautiful girls later.  Four years of bliss.  The three baby girls.  Then – Perry did the right thing.  He stepped up to the plate for the children of Cornwall.  He ‘blew the whistle’ on Father Charles MacDonald and Ken Seguin.  Their lives instantly revolved around the sex abuse scandal.

Fifteen years later Ken Seguin has long since committed suicide.   Perry has lost faith in the justice system. Father Charles MacDonald is foot loose and fancy free.  And, ……Perry is behind bars.

I’ll love you and I’ll hold you

And I’ll always understand

I’ll always be beside you

Because you are where I am.

So don’t be scared now darlin’

To walk with me through life

I’ll be so proud to be your man

Will you be my wife?

A strong couple.  An amazing couple.  A strong marriage.  They were made for each other.

Happy Anniversary Helen dear.  Your first apart.   Stay strong.  Thank God for your many blessings, your three beautiful girls, and the strong good man who loves you all so much.   Never forget that amidst the pain and loneliness and heartache there are many blessings.  Don’t ever lose sight of the blessings.  Hold on to them.  Trust in God.  He will see you through.

“If God sends you many sufferings, it is a sign that He has great plans for you and certainly wants to make you a saint.”  (St. Ignatius Loyola)


I have posted  the above on the Home page.  It will stay there for the day.

I will post the Hickerson blog shortly.  I had to rummage about to put my finger on some Hickerson information which I received over the past couple of years and have not added to the Hickerson page.  I still have one little bit of information I must try to find.  I also have some yearbook pictures from  his days teaching  at a boy’s school in the 60s.  Time permitting I would like to get those scanned.


Hearings resume at 1300 hours (1 pm) this afternoon, Tuesday, 20 May 2008.
Detective Sergeant Jeff Carroll will continue his testimony.  He will be followed by Constable Rene Desrosier and then by Inspector Brendan Wells.

Enough for now



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  1. prima facie says:

    Happy Anniversary Perry and Helen:

    You were meant to be, because you are a caring “team”, willing to go to any lengths to “protect the innocent”, while still respecting “The Rule of Law”.
    YOU are hero’s.

    In Beloit, IL.

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