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Perry has now spent 84 days in jail – for stepping up to the plate to protect children.  This is the institutional response to allegations of childhood sexual abuse. 


Hearings resume at 1300 hours (1 pm) this morning, Monday afternoon, 12 May 2008.  The roster for the week is as follows:

Motion for Supplementary Funding – Citizens for Community Renewal

Garry Derochie – Staff Sergeant, Cornwall Community Police Service

Robert Burnie – Sergeant, Cornwall Community Police Service

Brian Snyder – Staff Sergeant, Cornwall Community Police Service

Jeff Carroll – Detective Sergeant, Cornwall Community Police Service

Rene Desrosiers – Constable, Cornwall Community Police Service

Perry Dunlop – Overview of Documentary Evidence

Ron Lefebvre
– Special Constable, Cornwall Community Police Service


This was supposed to be posted yesterday morning as I headed out the door to Mass .  For some reason it didn’t get up.  I apologize.

Anyway, I’m here.  Someone asked.  Yes – I’m very much here.  Got overtaken by events over the weekend – one after the other after the other.  Company on Friday and today.  Shopping yesterday.  Pleasant days and good company.  In between have been thinking and meditating and digging about on the mysterious morphing of David Silmser’s Citizen’s Complaint against Constable Heidi Sebalj into charges under the Police Services Act against Constable Perry Dunlop.  The more RealityChecker digs up the worse it gets.  But, it’s starting to fal into place.  Good work RealityChecker!

For ease of reference I will put together all the info from the Police Service Acts which RealityChecker has posted and link it to the chronology (re file C.C. 94-01) currently posted on the Heidi Sebalj page.

I persoanlly plan to print off all that information and read it thoroughly.  I have had a cursory look, but not enough to really digest.  I need to see it on paper, and then need the time to go back and forth from one section to the other.


A belated Happy Mother’s Day Helen dear.  Happy Mother’s Day Heather.  And Nan.  My heart ached for you and with you all yesterday.  But what pride you can have.  Your Perry is quite a man.  I know he was thinking of you all yesterday, and thankful for you all, and wishing he could be with you.  A hard day for all of you.

My love, thoughts and prayers are with you.  As I say, this was supposed to be posted bright and early yesterday.  A little late now, but rest assured my thoughts and prayers were very much with you all.


 A bit of a mix up with Perry’s visiting last week.  Someone was planning to visit Perry on Wednesday – called the detention centre the evening before and was told Perry had used up all his visits for the week!  It was assumed the info was accurate, ergo, no visitors showed up to see Perry on Wednesday.  We sorted out what had happened after the fact and quite by accident.  The fact is that Perry had had no visits prior to Wednesday.  None. He should have been having visitors on Wednesday.  Quite a disappointment for him.  He eagerly awaits visiting days, and when no one shows up he has no idea that people have been told not to come.  He assumes no one came.

So, it’s sorted out – for now.

A reminder about visiting.  Perry has two 20 minute visits a week.  That’s it.  He has asked that visitors come on Wednesdays and Sundays, both to break up the week and to ensure that no one is turned away.  Sunday is for family and for those friends of the family who arrange in advance for a Sunday morning visit.  Wednesday morning is open to everyone.  Those who want to pop in to say Hello to Perry can do so on Wednesday mornings.  Be at the Ottawa Carleton Detention Centre by 9 am.  Be sure to have two pieces of ID, one with a picture and at least one with your current address.  Be prepared to wait a while.  There is no way of knowing in advance when the guards can bring Perry down to the visiting area.  But, be there by 9 am.  If there are several visitors the time can be shared.

One more reminder.  Perry and Helen’s wedding anniversary is 20 May 2008.  Get a card in the mail.  Have a Mass said.  Send a letter.

Speaking of letters, Perry received a bundle of mail on Saturday.  He was thrilled :).   I have mentioned before that he savours every word which comes his way.  He truly does.  And he is overwhelmed and deeply moved by the many kind and inspirational thoughts which come from total strangers.  Keep writing 🙂


Nan, Perry’s grandmother, is holding on.  She still wants to see Perry in the worst way.  Apparently someone stopped in to visit her yesterday and she initially thought it was Perry.  The family thought they would let Nan think it was Perry and it might give her some peace of mind.  All was well until the man got close.  In a flash Nan said:  “You’re not Perry”!  That was the end of that. She’s still waiting and wanting to see Perry.

Perry talked to Nan yeterday.  He sang one of her favourite Irish songs to her over the phone.

It’s hard.

Seems no one is giving an inch on letting Perry have a few moments with his dying grandmother.  The word is it might put the community at risk!  I had understood there was concern that taking Perry down to visit Nan might put the guards at risk, but, seems it can’t be done because it might put the community at risk !

Can you figure that one?

If you haven’ t already done so please give your MP and/or MPP and/or anyone in authority capapable of intervening a call and/or send an email and ask him/her to speak up and make this happen. This is just ridiculous.


I posted a letter from David and Shelley Price which Helen read aloud at the 01 May 2008 public meeting.  Will reproduce below.

Hello Everyone

We are David and Shelley Price.

Thank you for coming tonight.

We were both raised in Cornwall.

Shelley was exposed to the Cornwall Clan in the early 60’s when Cornwall Police and Firemen were operating a child sexual  abuse ring in Glenview Heights.

I was first exposed to Clan abuse at 14 by two OPP personnel on a boat in the St. Lawrence.

At some point the both of us have seen the who’s who of the  Cornwall Clan in action.

I talked to John Cleary about it in 1977.

At that time he had already heard the allegations from other sources.

In 1977 Perry Dunlop was a teenager in school.

In 1977 the Cornwall Clan had already been operating for over 10  years. The Cornwall Clan was operating before Perry was born.

Many children and young people had already been abused before  Perry even thought of becoming a Policeman.

We know these things because we were there.

Eye witnesses.

Even up untill three years ago the Clan was still threatening us through the Police Department.

Long after Perry was gone

The organization and antics of the Cornwall Clan are evil.

The actions of this inquiry are evil.

It is the thoughts, actions and deeds of the good and honest  people that will control this tidal wave of corruption.

Our energy and prayers must be dedicated and directed to bring Perry home.

Perry is a hero.

Perry is OUR hero.

Perry is My hero.

God Bless.

I have a statement of Shelley’s which I must find and post.  People need to know.  I will be searching for it in the coming days.  I do have some related correspondence but prefer to get the statement up first to put the correspondence into context.


I still have scanning of documents to do in relation to or surrounding the 21 January 1994 David Silmser Citizen’s Complaint.    Barring unforeseen events, will resume this morning.

Enough for now,



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