Before it’s too late

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Perry has now spent 80 days in jail – for stepping up to the plate to protect children.


I scanned a raft of files related to the David Silmser Citizens Complaint against Heidi Sebalj which morphed into charges under the Police Services Act against Perry. Unfortunately there is some sort of problem with my server right – pdf files won’t open so a am unable to check the links to see if they are right. I have reported the problem, and await a repair 🙂

I also checked back to Justice Colin McKinnon’s statements on 20 February 2001 regarding his involvement in this mess. It just gets smellier and smellier and smellier. I will post McKinnon’s comments later (supper time). The Heidi Sebalj page which currently has the new files posted is in a state of confusion. It will resolve and further explanations given when the pdf file problem is resolved. For now you can at least see which additional files are up and the corresponmding date 🙂


Perry had a shower and yard today 🙂 A big day!

“Nan” continues to fail. I would ask you to contact you local MPs and MPPs and ask them to intervene to allow some compassion here. Perry has been told he may be allowed to visit the funeral home. Why then can he not be allowed to say goodbye to his beloved grandmother while she is still alive and yearning to see “our boy”? The very thought that the guards would be put a risk is ridiculous. As Helen says, at the very worst they’d get a cup of a coffee and piece of pie.

Please contact whoever you think can/should/would intervene here before its too late. This is carrying Perry the criminal just a bit too far.


I may be out tomorrow. Not sure yet. I have more files to post on the this complaint business and much to say on it. Also further info re the case behind Crown Murray MacDonald’s recent ‘disentaglement’ from a lawsuit (Clement v. Cornwall Police Service Board). Another mess that smells to high Heaven!!!

Supper calls.

A final note. I have been meaning to post this for several days now.

The 3rd Annual Walk to Stop Child Sexual Abuse will be held 01 June 2008 at Dundas Square in Toronto. Click here for a You Tube vido related to the event. And here for a related website.

I suggest that advertising of events be posted as a blog. That way it will get posted for certain 🙂

Enough for now,



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5 Responses to Before it’s too late

  1. RealityChecker says:

    Now if this isn’t a CONFLICT OF INTEREST I don’t know what else you can call it!!!

    Johnston puts File # C.C. 94-01 to a Board of Inquiry May 12th/94.

    First – Johnston was NAMED in the ORIGINAL January 11/94 letter/complaint by Silmser and his lawyer Geoffries but is “somehow omitted” in any further documentation of the complaint.

    Second – File # C.C. 94-01 (the complaint form signed by David Silmser and ONLY naming Constable Heidi Sebalj on January 21/94) was concluded April 27/94 and Johnston was notified it was concluded in writing by S./Sgt. Wells on that date.

    This is just beyond comprehension what Johnston did and how the original complaint was manipulated. It’s unbelievable that this could occur.

    BTW – According to these posted documents – it was John Parisien from the Police Association who released the statement to the news media. Wells asks Shaver about it in the Shaver statement. Did he get in any trouble by chance??? Didn’t think so.

  2. RealityChecker says:

    I have to admit – I have never seen such a bunch of totally utter BS before in my life!!!

    I am by no means a cop basher but this is BEYOND being reasonable.

    These were Perry Dunlop’s peers, colleagues, superiors doing this – twisting things – manipulating things – being down and out right vindictive and viscious.

    Aren’t their labour laws about POISONED WORK ENVIRONMENTS???

    Cause this certainly was POISONOUS!!!

  3. prima facie says:

    “DESPERATE People, Places and Things, will take DESPERATE Measures”. Watch out… if the DESPERATE people are people with POWER!!

    Again following blindly, the “lapdog” mainstream news media doing the work for Commissioner Glaude and the so-called “public inquiry.

    “Alleged” and “Without Prejudice” are very important words everyone must understand. IN fact, so are the following words, ”They’re not findings of misconduct,” said the Inquiry’s lead counsel, Peter Engelmann, who refused further comment. “They’re notices of alleged misconduct.” YET, “The Canadian Press”, Canada’s only “news gatherer”, elects to run with these “allegations” and “sell the story” to “news presenters i.e. newspapers, television news, etc., around the world. Brutal, just brutal!!

    Does anyone see this attempt to influence public opinion a little strange?

    How did “CP” get the information?

    “Alleged” and Without Prejudice” are “cover-your butt” words.

    When used, “Without Prejudice” means that everything written or said is basically UNOFFICIAL, up to interpretation, requiring further confirmation, NOT FINAL, must be modified, clarified, changed, elaborated upon, and mostly, only “alleged”. “Alleged” means, “a statement of an issue someone is prepared to prove but not yet proven.” YET “CP” ran with the so-called story.
    I assert Mr. Engelmann MUST be compelled to “prove” his “allegation” which somehow leaked, into the paws of the “lapdog” mainstream news media.

    “Without Prejudice” is commonly used to indicate that an issue is NOT final, whereas, “With Prejudice” is commonly used to indicate that an issue is “final and over”.

    IT IS MY OPINION; as far as the “alleged misconduct” in this context, being, “alleged”, and “without prejudice”; this “desperate act” is being used solely as an additional “weapon” to “lull, intimidate, provoke, manipulate, harass, frighten, influence, coerce, etc., someone (Perry Dunlop) into doing something the “writer or speaker” (Peter Engelmann) wants them to do.

    The naïve and/or ignorant public and the “lapdog” mainstream news media, of course, have NO IDEA or are “complicit” and simply “suppose” or “represent” that the “authorities” know what they are doing and the “authorities” MUST be right……”we the public” MUST therefore, dislike Perry Dunlop, because he MUST be a “bad man”…..GET THE PICTURE?

    THIS is ALL an “ACT”, within the “Play”. This is very difficult for the “average Joe” to understand and accept. HOWEVER, it is legal, nothing official has been declared.

    BUT, people, “in-the-know” just move-on to the next step without losing a “wink of sleep.” Just another “maneuver” to coerce Perry through public opinion and the “lapdog news media”.

    FINALLY: The Inquiry has been a total, undisputable and very costly, disgrace. Commissioner Glaude et al MUST “save-face”, therefore, Perry MUST be made to look responsible for everything, “including Global warming”. Desperate Acts by a desperate Ontario Justice system.

  4. RealityChecker says:

    First….it was a CONFIDENTIAL notification of potential findings – so – who LEAKED the CONFIDENTIAL notification??? Hey – why not ask John Parisien? He might know something about leaks. Anything’s possible in this game! Who the heck leaked this???

    Second… read the second paragraph of the notification a little closer – Engleman states counsel for the Inquiry can MODIFY the particulars of the substance of the ALLEDGED Misconduct as circumstances may necessitate – YEP – the same way Cornwall Police Services MODIFIED a letter of complaint against the Cornwall Police Services Board – the Cornwall Acting Police Chief and a Cornwall Police Constable to suit circumstances the Cornwall Police Service necessitated!!!

    It’s getting to be so damned obvious!!!

    Fool me once shame on me – fool me twice shame on YOU!!!

  5. RealityChecker says:

    It’s not just Wells asking Shaver about John Parisien releasing Silmer’s confidential statement to the media.

    The Cornwall Public Inquiry April 22/08 Page 174 Line 10

    Stauffer: If I put it to you directly that John Parisien gave the statement, do you have any information in that regard?

    Quinn: I would say he didn’t

    The POLICE ASSOCIATION PRESIDENT is alledged to have released the confidential statement to the media??? The Police Association PRESIDENT. That’s Perry’s UNION!!!
    Holy cow – how messy does it get???

    So tell me where’s the Police Act charges and investigation against Parisien???

    Hmmm….didn’t think so.

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