The audacity

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Perry has now spent 79 days in jail – for stepping up to the plate to protect children.


Recess at the Weave Shed this week. Hearings resume Monday 12 May 2008.


It never ends. It just never ends. Perry has been served a “notice of alleged misconduct,” in jail, from lead commission counsel.

08 April 2008: Notice of Alleged Misconduct served on Perry IN JAIL by lead Commission counsel Peter Engelmann (2 page document – letter with attachment)

“Alleged.” Why do I have the gut feel that Perry’s “alleged” misconduct is in no way, shape or form akin to the “alleged” misconduct of any of the “alleged” paedophiles of Cornwall? Why? Why do I have the gut feel that “alleged” is a badge of honour for the “alleged” paedophiles and a rebuke for Perry and all the “alleged” victims of Cornwall? Is it just me?

No matter. They’re not going to let up on Perry. They won’t stop until they have him behind bars for life. Perhaps they’ll even lobby to bring back the death penalty? I truly wouldn;t put it past them.

Did Charlie receive a notice of “alleged” misconduct? Highly doubtful isn’t it? After all, what do the folks at the inquiry know of what Charlie did or did not do? They’re too busy going after Perry. No time for flsuing out the alleged paedophiles and those who covered up on their behalf. Besides, it’s conveniently not in the mandate. An inquiry mandated to delve into persistent allegations of a paedophile ring and cover-up would have had a decidedly different focus, wouldn’t it? We’d have had witness after witness telling us all about Charlie’s every move, word and contact. Ditto Larocque. And Leduc. And Shaver. And on and on and on.

None of that at this inquiry. It’s the Perry Dunlop Inquiry.

Hats off to whoever crafted the mandate. You did a masterful job of ensuring Perry is slowly and methodically and publicly drawn and quartered so that the “alleged” paedophiles of Cornwall and those who covered up on their behalf can sleep tight while.


Perry’s grandmother is dying. The powers that be won’t allow him to go to see her under escort. They’re worried about the risk posed to the guards!!!

This is beyond vindictive. It truly is.

Perry lived with his grandmother (“Nan”) for several years as a little boy. He lived with her for several years again after he graduated from police college. They are close. Very close. Perry is Nan’s only grandson. He is her boy.

They won’t take him down the road to Cornwall to say goodbye to Nan!

This is cruelty. Straight outright unadulterated cruelty.

Pray for Perry. Pray for Nan. Pray for the family. That an occasion of such pain and sorrow should be compounded like this is unconscionable.


I had a chat with Perry. He’s upset about Nan’s pending death. Very upset. He talked to her briefly on the phone today.

But life as a criminal behind bars goes on.

Egg salad and a bun for lunch. Carrot and raisin salad and a bean salad on the side. Diced pears for dessert. (He still has not acquired a taste for carrot and raisin salad.)

Breakfast? An Elvis sandwich 🙂

Supper last night was some sort of chicken “thingie” with tomato sauce. It sounds as though it was something which was accompanied by a pita wrap and hot sauce. Two desserts at supper time. Apparently there always are: one sweet (ie. butter tart) and the other healthy (fresh fruit).

He’s still raving about Saturday’s supper. Roast beef. Roast beef and mashed potatoes and mixed veggies. I gather roast beef is not common fare. He devoured it, and is still talking about it 🙂

He hadn’t been out to the “yard” today. He was hoping they would come for him.

And, mark your calendar. Perry and Helen’s anniversary is coming up: 20 May 2008 (a Tuesday). Get Masses said for them. Get cards and notes in the mail. That will be a particularly hard day for the whole family. I don’t think they’ve ever spent an anniversary apart.

A final note here. There was no mail for Perry while he was at Quinte. It took a couple of days to get delivered to him on his return to Ottawa. He was thrilled to finally get mail again. That keeps him going from day to day. Keep those cards and letters going.


Note RealityChecker has been putting pieces together. And there’s the lawyer for the Cornwall Police Service himself, John Callaghan, putting forth as fact that David Silmser filed a complaint against Perry.

There is no sign whatsoever that David Silmser ever filed a complaint against Perry Dunlop. The initial complaint was filed against the CPS, Heidi Sebalj and acting Chief Carl Johnston. Subsequent to that a citizen’s complaint was filed by Dave against Heidi, and from I can tell, Heidi alone.

Perry was the one charged under the Police Services Act.

Where is the complaint David Silmser presumably filed against Perry? Where?

More on this as I get at it.


And, note the other message and link Reality Checker posted: Clement v. Cornwall Police Service Board. There they are – Luc Brunet and Crown Attorney Murray MacDonald in the same breath again. And here we are, Murray MacDonald is “disentangled. It seems that in the past there has been no lack of persons keen to look out after his “best” insterests. Is this more of the same?

The story, as you will see, stems back years to the time the King George Hotel burnt to the ground. The hotel burnt to the ground. Jean Clement, the owner, was accused by the Cornwall Polcie Service of setting the fire.

he amazing thing here is that the CPS decided to wiretap Clement’s line. They couldn;t afford it, so ….they actually got funding for the wiretap from his insuring agent who was apparently refusing to pay up and was the defendant in a civil action! And all this was approved by Crown attorney Murray MacDonald. And the requisite approval for a wiretap from the AGs office was neither sought nor granted. And someone from the insuring agent was allowed access to the wiretap room.

Astounding! Read it and weep. This is “justice” Cornwall style. The Cornwall Police gets financing to cover costs for a wire-tap from the insuring agent! And Murray MacDonald? Well, just read it and weep.

Master Calum McLeod writes:

“There is no doubt however that both Mr. MacDonald and Sgt. Brunet are clear that the funding was not to skew the investigation in any way.”


Justice Colin McKinnon says he forgot, so, he forgot. And Brunet and MacDonald say the funding was not to skewer the investigation in any way and so, well, of course, it wasn’t to skewer the investigation in any way.

All that aside, what exactly is it about conflict of interest these people fail to grasp?

And they and their their lawyers have the absolute audacity to talk about failure to disclose?

Wherever you are Mr. Clement, I suggest that in addition to your on-going and protracted legal action – now minus Murray MacDonald as a defendant – you file a citizens complaint against all police parties named in your action.

As for Murray MacDonald, perhaps a complaint to the AG’s office and the Law Society of Upper Canada are in order?

More on this debacle too. I will post the 14 January 2008 decision and some other info regarding this CPS debacle later.



I am getting the hang of the audio editing. Check New to the Site and the Home page. I will post there as I work my way along.


A note on my computer woes. Yesterday I tried to send an email with a 41 MB attachment via personal mailbox. It was too large for Sympatico to process. However, rather than send an error message, or bounce it back – it jammed in my outbox. And I mean jammed. I can’t delete it. I can’t send it. I can’t move it. It’s stuck. And it affects every email I try to send.

This afternoon I finally called Ma Bell. We tried every trick in the book to dislodge the email. No luck. I now have to uninstall Microsoft Outlook and then reinstall. That is just a time consuming nuisance, but, it’s the only way around it. So, watch the size of your attachments. It could happen to you 🙁

I will probably tackle that task and and leave it at that for the day.

Enough for now,



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5 Responses to The audacity

  1. RealityChecker says:

    OH BOY – The twist and spin!!!

    Here’s what section 5(2) of what the Public Inquiries Act says…..

    Rights of persons before misconduct found

    (2)No finding of misconduct on the part of any person shall be made against the person in any report of a commission after an inquiry unless that person had reasonable notice of the substance of the alleged misconduct and was allowed full opportunity during the inquiry to be heard in person or by counsel. R.S.O. 1990, c. P.41, s. 5 (2).

    MAY MAKE A FINDING OF MISCONDUCT is within the first paragraph of the letter. ALLEGED MISCONDUCT is in the second paragraph. They are ALLEDGING – nothing concrete – only accusations.

    AND….Engleman is telling Perry also that Inquiry council (HIM) can modify the particulars of the substance of the Alleged Misconduct to suit their needs. Yeah right!!!

    These guys sure like adding Appendixes and Schedules to muddy the waters and confuse things – don’t they???

    What the hell does breaching CPS policy, procedures, and practises have to do with misconduct at a Public Inquiry??? Read the first sentence in the attached schedule…..”In his report the Commissioner MAY FIND THAT, while a member of the Cornwall Community Police Services(CPS)…” THAT’s POLICE BUISNESS!!!

    They have put Perry in jail for WHAT?

    They serve him notice of alledged misconduct for what??? Possibly breaching CPS policy and practices??? GIVE ME A BREAK!!! Whether he did or did not breach CPS policy and procedure has absolutely NOTHING to do with MISCONDUCT at a Public Inquiry.

    Clever tactics I tell you – but someone is catching on!

  2. RealityChecker says:

    Did you know….

    MISCONDUCT is not defined in the Police Act???

    What constitutes misconduct is not defined by the Act. However the Act does identify activities that are not permitted.

  3. Myomy says:

    Misconduct? If the Chief who is a member of the clan decides not to investigate the pedophile ring then it is misconduct to do so and to try and protect the children. Every organization has rules set up to give the authority at the top but what happens when the authorities are corrupt – that is where we have to delve deeper into the theory of law. Natural Law must underly all law or the law becomes a species of violence. The Nazies at Nuremburg were not in misconduct as far as carrying orders out in the Nazi chain of command but they were told they were in the wrong for not obeying orders. I am sure Perry didn’t want to bypass authorities but there was no alternative since they were protecting pedophiles and he wanted to protect children – as he should. No set of rules, policies, or procedures can protect the good if the people implementing it are corrupt. Glaude needs to get his head out of the rule book and think in terms of first principles of law. No law which tolerates evil should ever be respected. This inquiry continues to put the rule book above reason and decency and so Perry Dunlop is the villain.

    Is this a back door to get Perry to testify to defend himself against all this garbage??

  4. AbsentObserver says:

    Was it not determined through documentary and anecdotal evidence delivered at the inquiry that Const. Heidi Sebalj ALSO conducted investigations without the knowledge of superiors? And wouldn’t that have resulted in her communicating with witnesses without the knowledge of the service? And wouldn’t that have constituted a breach of policy? Where is her NOTICE OF ALLEGED MISCONDUCT?

    This is shameful. Absolutely shameful.

  5. AbsentObserver says:

    The inquiry staff are dreaming in technicolour if they think Perry will be intimidated by a notice of alleged misconduct. This is a man with such strong convictions he’s willing to be separated from his family for six months, a year, 18 months, rather than participate in a process in which he has no faith. The commission may as well just go ahead and issue a notice of misconduct and have it done with. Perry has been targeted before, he’s been charged and won, and he’ll do it again. He’s not about to bow down now.

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