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 Perry has now spent 77 days in jail – for stepping up to the plate to protect children.



I’m here.  A bad couple of days.  I spent yesterday trying to find something to manage my audio files so I can post excerpts from the 01 May 2008 public meeting.  No luck.  I can’t tell you how many “freeware” programs I tried out, each one thinking “this is the one”!  I finally gave up.  I will pursue again next week.  I hate to have to buy something only to find out that it doesn’t do the trick. 


Today?  Well I spent the day catching up on media postings, and my mind was going like a trip hammer.  I am disgusted.  I am frustrated.  There is so much that is so terribly wrong. So many people who have sold their souls.  So many lies.  So much spin.  So much deception.  Sometimes I have to hold me tongue, and at others I am at a loss for words.  Right now I am somewhere in between the two.  In need of a break to sort my thoughts.


I talked to Perry.  He had a grand total of a 20 minute visit with Helen and Monica and others on Friday.  Twenty minutes!!   Helen flies home to Duncan tomorrow and the detention centre afforded her 20 minutes! 


Yes, I know, Perry is an inmate.  But he is a human being.  And he’s not a murderer.  Nor is he a pedophile.


I can’t make sense out of it.  I read about inmates with conjugal visits here, and computers  there, and kitchens the other place.  No computer for Perry.  No kitchen for Perry.  No conjugal visits for Perry.


What am I missing?  Perry can’t see his wife for more than 20 minutes through a sheet of plex-glass never mind conjugal visits. 

What am I missing? 


So, a bad day.  I’m thinking about a lot of things:  About Perry, and Helen, and the girls, and Perry’s mom and grandmother.  And I’m thinking even more of Colin McKinnon, and a Citizens Complaint against Hedi Sebalj which mysteriously morphed into charges against Perry, and the Project Truth OPP probe working hand in glove with the Cornwall Police Service while presumably investigating the CPS, and about who crafted the mandate for this mess of an “inquiry,” and about the millions of dollars which have been thrown down the drain to turn a blind eye to the allegations of  a paedophile ring/clan and cover-up and to hoist Perry on the petard.  

And then I’ve been thinking about what Perry and Helen could have done with, say, a measly $1M.  My gut tells me it would have been more than suffice for them to track down the leads and connect the dots.  And my gut tells me they would have done with $1M what Justice Glaude has failed to do with $31M (probably more in the range of $50M) – find out who was and/or is involved in a cover-up, and who was and/or is part of a group of paedophiles or homosexuals or bisexuals or sexual predators or whatever you want to call a group of prominent men who molested young boys and sometimes had sexual relationships with each other.


And I think of lawyers, and wonder how the bulk of them can sleep at night when the order of business seems to be to protect the client at all costs, and that in turn means that the end always justifies the means.    

And then there’s the Standard Freeholder running that article on the local boy who makes “good” in the porn world.  And there’s all the young lads who were and are seduced with porn – it’s an integral part of their grooming and abuse.  And –  there’s C-11, and there’s “My Story,” graphic but, as far as where porn fits into the grand dirty scheme of things, enlightening. 


There’s lots more rumbling in my mind.  And I have lots to do.  Lots of digging and scanning and posting.  But right now, I need a breather and, once again,  time to think.


I am going to call it a day.  Right now quite frankly it just all turns my stomach 🙁


Enough for now




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