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 Perry has now spent 73 days in jail – for stepping up to the plate to protect children.


Hearings resume at 0930 hours (9:30 am) this morning, Tuesday, 29 April 2008.  Inspector Rick Trew will continue his testimony.


Perry will be appearing at the Frontenac County Courthouse this morning at or after 0900 hours (9am) this morning, Tuesday 29 April 2008.  I believe this is a matter of determining what he intends to appeal, the civil contempt conviction, the criminal contempt conviction, or both. Hopefully he will be represented by his lawyer Lawrence Greenspon.

As I mentioned before Helen and Monica were arriving in the Ottawa area yesterday.  They will drive to Kingston this morning, about a two to two-and-a-half-hour drive from Cornwall or Ottawa.  Much closer than Toronto, but still a bit of a run.

It will be an emotional moment when Perry is escorted into the courtroom.  Young Monica hasn’t seen her dad since his arrest in Duncan, B.C. 10 February 2008.  She misses him desperately.

The hearings are open to the public.  Details as follows:

Place: Frontenac County Court House
Address: 5 Court Street.
Kingston, Ontario
Time: 0900 hours (9 am)
Date: Tuesday, 29 April 2008

I will be launching at the crack of dawn. I have no idea how long the hearing will last.  I may be back in time to catch some of the day’s testimony at the Weave Shed and may not.  I will certainly be home by early evening and will bring you up to date then on the day’s events in the Kingston courthouse and catch up with the media postings of the day.


Another frustrating day.  I am so fed up with the spin that Perry Dunlop was a disgrace to the uniform that I went digging for these documents:  (1)  Constable Perry Dunlop Commendations/Evaluation History (Cornwall Police Service) and (2) July 1992:  Perry Dunlop 6 page Cornwall Police Service performance evaluation.

I swear to goodness lawyers can take a fender bender and paint it as a crime which makes child sexual abuse pale in comparison.

Yes, Perry had a fender bender with the cruiser.  He hit a pole. $100 damage.   He has never laid a wayward hand on a child.  He has never protected those who have.

And then it was back to disclosure, disclosure, disclosure.  And always the inference that Perry was the bad guy doing who knows what with those files.

And Justice Glaude gave a carte blanche seal of approval for all the members of the Corrnwall Police Service Board during the Leo Courville era. Glaude wanted to hear nothing about them because, said he, all the public needs to know is that they are all fine outstanding citizens!  Does this mean Justice Glaude has connections into the Board as well?  Or does it just mean that since he decided nearly two years ago that the “rumour” and “innuendo” floating around Cornwall on his arrival were false there is no need to even look at the dots to see if they might warrant connecting?

Commission counsel Ian Stauffer wanted several times to “speed the plough.”

Inspector Trew was a tad testy and terse not to mention defensive at any ill mention of Heidi Selbalj.  For that matter –  with the notable exception of Perry –  he was defensive of any ill mention of  other officer with the Cornwall Police Service.

Earlier Karen Jones objected that John Callagahn was leading Leo Courville.  Justice Glaude essentially agreed but has allowed latitude.

Leo Courville complained about former Mayor Ron Martelle, and seemed to take particular exception to the fact Martelle was not an advocate of employment equity and was not thrilled with the idea of increased hiring of female officers.

Justice Glaude was getting a wee testy by the end of a long day.  Earlier he hadn’t wanted to hear a word about Delores Jensen who was member of the Cornwall Police Service Board,  but he was keen to hear every detail he could squeeze out about the fender bender which Perry had somewhat foolishly tried to pretend didn’t happen. And Glaude certainly wanted to know about two wallets which Perry was supposed to return to their owners and had not done so in a timely fashion.

That such Perry trivia should take centre stage and occupy time and titillate minds at this multi-million dollar fiasco speaks for itself.

The highlight of the day for me came when Justice Glaude asked Trew if he, Trew, or anyone had ever considered letting Perry help with the sex abuse investigations!
Good question!

Perry already knew a lot about the allegations.  He knew the victims and the victims were comfortable with him.  There were victims who said they wouldn’t come forward unless Perry was involved.

Yes indeed.  Why not ask Perry to join the team?  Why not join forces with Perry instead of going after him relentlessly?

Need I say that was not a thought Trew ever entertained?

Oh, one more thing which struck me today.  Inspector Trew served as a liaison with the Project Truth officers.  Listen to this.  He, an officer with the CPS,  liaised with the probe officers while the probe probed to see if the Cornwall Police Service was involved in a cover-up!!!

And, yes, one more point.  Colin McKinnon provided legal counsel for the Ottawa police force as well as the Cornwall police,  The Ottawa police is the first  force which was called in by the Cornwall Police in January 1994 to “investigate” the CPS “investigation” of David Silmser’s sex abuse allegations.  The Ottawa team concluded there were serious problems, but – there was no cover-up.  They didn’t talk to Perry.  And they didn’t talk to David Silmser.  And it never so much as crossed their mind that the Chief of Police might be involved in a cover-up.  But, no cover-up!

The whole thing is pathetic.

Enough for now,



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2 Responses to Pathetic

  1. David says:

    We had asked for Perry to investigate our allegations and I can tell you that Perry was completely out of the loop. Carter said with almost a chuckle, “thats not going to happen” and we were told that we could probably have any cop EXCEPT PERRY. The fix was in at a department level no doubt about it and Trew would have known victims were asking for Perry.
    You are right Sylvia, we are survivors who would be comfortable with Perry, he had proved himself as a beacon of hope. I mean this was totally unheard of within the CPS.
    And no we did not go forward.
    Just a note on the Heidi debacle, this was a big joke with City management. Public Works managers thought this was a huge chuckle.
    If you can say through the side of your mouth “no worry, Heidi’s on the case” while you are patting your buddy on the back, this was the mood of the day. Everyone knew it was a cover up. I don’t know if the humourous connotation developed from ignorance or pride but it was definately present. I had the impression that some in management had been assured a fix was in and they were just flaunting it. But that is just my opinion.

  2. Myomy says:

    Re: Glaude eager to hear all the dirt on Perry and takes it as a given that Leo Courville is a fine upstanding citizen. Typical and very telling. I had an experience about 5 years ago where I made a mistake in stating a persons name – which I admitted right away but I was subjected to a torrent of abuse and death threats from the same family.

    In all the discussions about this there was an attempt to make a moral equivalence between getting the name wrong and uttering death threats. I call it the Mr Clean demand. If you are correcting some first class citizens you had better be Mr Clean. This type of argument is BS. When they keep on bringing up these Perry Trivia it is just a way of avoiding dealing with something much more important. Those things happened long before the DS case started and ordinarily they should have been forgotten long ago and never heard again. The establishment needs to have something compromising in the files on everybody to keep them in line. In the case of their file on Perry Dunlop it is extremely thin stuff.

    How may of those lawyers – Glaude included – could withstand such a close examination as they are giving Perry Dunlop. My guess is none at all. Glaude should take some of his own advice – Cut the Guff.

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