This instils faith in the masses?

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Perry has now spent 72 days in jail – for stepping up to the plate to protect children.


Apparently all is as well as can be expected with Perry.

He is scheduled to appear at the courthouse in Kingston Ontario at 9 am tomorrow morning. This is a hearing of some sort related to his appeal. The public can attend.

Place: Frontenac County Court House

Address: 5 Court Street.

Kingston, Ontario

Time: 0900 hours (9 am)

Date: Tuesday, 29 April 2008

I don’t know if or not Perry’s lawyer Lawrence Greespon will be there. I certainly hope so.

Helen and 16-year-old Monica (“Bird”) will be arriving in Ontario today. They will be in Kingston tomorrow morning.

If you can make your way to the courthouse in Kingston to show your support for Perry and his family please please do so. They need us.


Hearings resume at 0930 hours (9:30 am) this morning, Monday, 28 April 2009. The schedule on the Cornwall Public Inquiry website for the week is as follows:

Leo Courville – Former Chair, Cornwall Police Services Board

Rick Trew – Inspector, Cornwall Community Police Service

Brian Payment – Constable (retired), Cornwall Community Police Service

Jeff Carroll – Detective Sergeant, Cornwall Community Police Service

Stuart MacDonald – Staff Inspector (retired), Cornwall Community Police Service

Brian Snyder
– Staff Sergeant, Cornwall Community Police Service

Once again there are no dates affiliated with each witness. Leo Courville is at the top of the list. I had understood he had court commitments on Monday and would be unable to return on that day to complete his testimony. Perhaps he has rescheduled his work load? We shall see.

No sign as yet on the witness list of former Chief Claude Shaver. I have heard via the grapevine that he will take the stand.

I anticipate that former acting Chief Carl Johnston will also be called. If not, he certainly should. For starters he should be called to explain the role he played in deceiving the public with those thoroughly misleading press releases of 11 January and 02 February 1994 – which were presumably put out in the name of transparency to inform the public!

And, what of Justice Colin McKinnon? Will he be called? He should definitely be called to tell us more about his long term involvement with the Cornwall Police Service and Chief Shaver, especially as it directly or indirectly relates to any and all involvement with any and all persons directly and/or indirectly connected to the illegal $32,000 pay-off and gagging of David Silmser.

What, for that matter, of John Callaghan? Some time ago I was told that John Callaghan himself was involved in those early days. It seems that during the appeal of the Board of Inquiry’s decision re Perry Mr. Callaghan stood up in Divisional Court all set to argue on the CPS’behalf. One of the judges is said to have told Callaghan in no uncertain terms to sit down and be quiet.

Is this fact? If yes, what then was the nature and extent of John Callaghan’s involvement with the Police Services against Perry Dunlop? Was he perhaps the lawyer who advised the Cornwall Police Service and/or CPS Board to cover-up with the release of those two deceptive press releases?

What role if any did Callaghan and/or McKinnon play in royally deceiving and duping the public with those press releases?

Does that relate to institutional response? I think it does. I think the public should know the name of any lawyer who is party in any way, shape or form to such a deliberate deception of the masses. If it was neither Callaghan or McKinnon, then, who? We have not only a need but I do believe a right to know.


Note the articles: 25 April 2008: Justice department blocked Toronto corruption probe, says investigator. Police corruption! And only six of 12 officers charged because the office of the Ontario Attorney General says an “experienced” officer can only deal with a maximum of seven charges of conspiracy on one indictment!!! And then everyone “walks”?

This is supposed to instil faith in the masses?


I have the 11 January 1994 letter of Bryce Geoffrey (David Silmser lawyer) to CPS, and Constable Heidi Sebalj scanned and ready to post. I spent some time last night with a finicky scanner. By the time the deed was done I decided I had had enough and opted to crawl into bed 🙂 Will get it and other documents up shortly. Keep an eye on New to the Site on the Home page.

Enough for now,



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9 Responses to This instils faith in the masses?

  1. RealityChecker says:

    So the Board, Johnson and Sebalj are the only ones named in Geoffrey’s letter of January 11/94….don’t see Dunlop named. I didn’t suspect as much. I still don’t think Dunlop was ever named in a public complaint by Dave Silmser.

    Is this letter suppose to be the “public complaint” that is mentioned in so many discussions and transcripts??? Just curious if a proper complaint form was ever filled out and did Silmser and his lawyer get a copy of the cmplaint form? There is a procedure well documented (Part VI) in the Police Act as to HOW public complaints are to be handled. Was a written statement taken by Silmser and did he get a copy? WHO did the investigation – the Board??? The Police Chief??? Someone under their command??? That certainly would make sense huh?

    My blood boils with this one….

    I somehow don’t think Police Act guidelines were followed in this situation especially with the Board, chief and investigating officer all named in the original written complaint. Just WHO handled this complaint and investigation???

    Just more of the same ol’ thing – coverup, misdirect, and/or incompetance!!!

  2. RealityChecker says:

    Woops…that’s suposse to read “I suspected as much” in above post!!!

  3. RealityChecker says:

    Now isn’t That interesting….Sylvia has posted an interim report a month after the initial complaint the CPS says was filed Jan 21/04 and Wells says a final report will follow BUT lets get the facts straight…the initial hand delivered letter/complaint was delivered Jan 11/04 and NAMED the Board and Johnston and Sebalj.

    Why aren’t the Board and Johnston mentioned in this complaint form???

    Somethings funny!!!

    Let me surmise…Silmser and his lawyer Geoffrey file a letter of complaint Jan. 11/04 against the Board, Johnston and Sebalj. The chief would obviously get the complaint (it was addressed to him). The Board would obviously get the complaint letter. The chief consults with the Board (he has to)and also would notify Sebalj (the investigating officer). After some discussion the chief (with approval of the Board) passes the original complaint (dated January 11/04) onto Wells to deal with it and investigate the complaint (although the chief and Board are conveniently omitted from the complaint and it only deals with Sebalj). Wells is to investigate the complaint possibly knowing or not knowing the original letter/complaint named the Board and Johnston also! I would assume the complaint was passed to Wells on January 21/04 – or at least the complaints form was filled out on January 21/04…and he files his interim report within a month as he is mandated to do under the Police Act yet absolutely no mention of the Board or Johnston…WHY???

    The Board and Johnston are missing in this complaint!!!

    Are they above scruitiny????

    Yep – I think so.

  4. RealityChecker says:

    So I take it sometime between Febuary 21, 1994 and May 04, 1994 David Silmser added and NAMED Dunlop in the formal public complaint???

    I somehow don’t think so…

    I think CPS’s lawyer (McKinnon) got involved with that previous surmised discussion between the chief and the Board about what to do about the Silmser/Geoffry letter of complaint dated January 11, 2004. And he got involved pretty darned quick. Wouldn’t it make sense for those named to call their lawyer and get advise once receiving a letter/complaint threatening legal action against them???

    I just can’t believe he wasn’t involved from the get go.

    It’s obvious he’s involved by May 04, 1994 and is directing the Well’s investigation.

  5. RealityChecker says:

    Sylvia take a look at page 5 of these documents in the link. It’s not dated and looks like it’s a draft to be used by Wells and supposedly to be signed by the chief. This is to be filled out and it appears it is to be sent to the PCC, Silmser and Dunlop.

    This leads to questions….

    First – was this paperwork properly filled out by Wells? Did they (Silmser and Dunlop) each receive a copy of this – signed by the chief??? And second – where’s a copy of the original Silmer complaint related to Dunlop??? Where’s the complaint form??? Did Perry Dunlop get a copy of Silmser’s supposed complaint against him? Did Perry get a copy of the complaint form as mandated under the Police Act? I want to see Silmser’s written complaint against Dunlop. We have already seen Silmser’s complaint against the Board, Johnston and Sebalj in his letter by his legal council dated January 11/04. So let me keep asking – where exactly is Silmser’s complaint against Dunlop and when was it made???

  6. Sylvia says:

    The documents are those “disclosed” by Justice Colin McKinnon at the Leduc trial. That after he had been publicly confronted with his conflict of interest, said when the name Perry Dunlop fisrt came up at trial it ‘rang a bell,’ and toodled off to the Cornwall Police Station to “refresh” his memory. Before his departure he said it was public knowledge that he had spent years providing legal counsel to the Cornwall Police Service – now he wanted to see if there was anything he had forgotten.

    Turns out he “forgot” it was he who suggested Perry be charged under the Police Services Act. And these documents if I recall are the sum of what he brought back to the courtroom. He said there were more there, but time etc 🙂

    Perry’s 30 August 1994 affidavit (link below) indicates he has been charged, the complainant is D.S. and the file no. is C.C. 94-01

    I have another document “Public Comaplaint – Form 4” “Report”which indicates

    Date of COmplaint: January 21 1994
    File No.: C.C. 94-01
    Complainant: Silmser, David
    Police Officer (s): Constable Heidi Sebalj

    It identifies S/Sgt Wells as the Investigator. It indicates it is the final report, and the date is 21 March 1994.

    A Board of Inquiry document “Notice of Decision on Motion” dated 31 January 1995 shows

    Complainant: D.S.
    Date of Comaplaint: 21 January 1994.

    I have other documents relating to the complaint which specify Consable Heidi Sebalj. I have yet to find one which indentifies Perry Dunlop as the subject of a citizen’s complaint. That doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist, only perhaps that I have as yet been unable to find it.

    Also see Perry’s WIll State p. 33. Perry indicates he was shown “a copy of a citizen’s complaint…”

    As I say, I can find no copy of a Citizens Complaint filed against Perry Dunlop. I do find such for Heidi Sebalj.

    Quite frankly, I am puzzled. I will keep an eye open and hunt about as I can. My curiosity is piqued.


    I just noticed that ten pages of the Will State are missing (19 to 28). I must have overlooked them when posting. I will have to get to work on that tomorrow.

  7. RealityChecker says:

    File Number C.C. 94-01 is the Heidi Sebalj complaint!!!

    What the **&#@#$ is going on???

    Where’s the Dunlop complaint and a different file number???

  8. RealityChecker says:

    Can someone please explain to me how Perry Dunlop went before a Board of Inquiry for professional misconduct based on a public complaint against Heidi Sebalj???


  9. RealityChecker says:

    Aug.14/96 Spencerville

    Q. When you filed your first Public Complaint were you complaining about the “media leak” or the document being given given to CAS?

    A. Strictly the media leak. The reason being that I had no idea it had gone to the CAS at that time. In fact I went to the CAS to give a statement so my concerns weren’t about the CAS. I think it was about 6 months prior to the media leak that I went to CAS and gave a statement to Pina—– and Greg Bell. I told them everything that happened to me about Ken Seguin, Father Charles MacDonald and Marcel Lalonde, my grade 7 school teacher at Bishop MacDonnell.

    Q. Did you ever mention th CAS issue when filing your Complaint about the media leak?

    A. No! I had no idea about my police statement going to CAS nor did my lawyer, Bryce Geoffries.

    Q. Did you complain about a specific officer?

    A. We figured, my lawyer Brice Geoffiies and I, it was Heidi Sabalj since she was the investigating officer.


    Q. Did you know Perry Dunlop before your complaints?

    . Absolutely not. The first I heard of Perry Dunlop was when my lawyer received the police investigation report from the Cornwall Police.

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