Is he safe?

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Perry has now spent 68 days in jail – for stepping up to the plate to protect children.


Perry update!

I had a call from Perry.  He is now in the Quite Detention Centre in Napanee.

He is in small bleak approximately 8’x12’ cell in what seems to be the hospital ward.   The disturbing news is that he will be joined this evening by two inmates who serve their sentences on weekends.   Perry is supposed to be in segregated protective custody, for his protection.

This makes no sense at all!  I am trying to get in touch with Helen to relay the word.  She is the only one who can do anything about this.

I mentioned that the cell is 8’x12.’  Well, there is a toilet.  And there is one bed with a mattress.  Shoved under the bed is another mattress.  Propped up against the wall is a third mattress.  Once the other two inmates arrive and it’s time to bed down the two mattresses presumably go on the floor!  Can you imagine?!   The three jammed into that tiny space.  One on a bed. Two on the floor.

This is inhumane!!

This is Perry’s ‘digs’ for at least the next four days.

But, more to the point.  From a safety perspective: who are the two inmates who will be sharing Perry’s bleak and skimpy accommodations?  Perry is supposed to be in segregated protective custody.  There are a lot of men who hate police.  And another raft who hate anyone who exposes paedophiles.

Who decided Perry can share?  Who decided Perry is safe with these two men?

Why is he not in segregated protective custody?  Or, does this constitute segregated protective custody at the Napanee Detention Centre?

I am concerned.

Helen was told that the conditions which applied at OCDC will prevail at NDC.  I’m not too sure that is the case.  He should be in a cell on his own.

Also, Perry was told a duty counsel ( lawyer) will be coming to see him.  He has no idea who or why.   The thing is Perry has a lawyer.  Lawrence Greenspon.

The confusion is endless!   It truly never ends!   What this unfortunate man is being put through in the name of “justice” is simply unbelievable.

Perry will be returned to OCDC (Ottawa Carleton Detention Centre).  When is an unknown.  I suppose when the bailiffs are available?   He did indeed have to vacate his cell at OCDC completely, however some of his belongs were left behind in storage somewhere pending his return.  His newspapers will continue until his return.  That is simpler than cancelling and restarting in a few days.

Visiting hours at the Napanee Detention Centre are Saturday from 1 to 5 pm.  Some people are planning  a visit so he will definitely have company tomorrow.

And some further info on the court appearance on Tuesday.  It is NOT in the Kingston jail as was relayed previously.  The address is

5 Court Street.

Kingston, Ontario

That it turns out is the address for the Frontenac County Court House.  Why people in the Toronto court were telling Helen the hearing would be conducted in the Kingston jail is a mystery!

Other details:

Time: 9 am.

Date:  Tuesday 29 April 2008.

Messrs David Humphrey (for AG’s office) and Brian Gover (Justice Glaude) will be there to do Justice Glaude’s bidding.

Mark your calendar.


I am still going to get that blog on Leo Courville’s testimony posted.  I just haven’t had a chance to wrap it up 🙁   Soon 🙂

As always, keep Perry and his family in your prayers.  They are needed ++

Enough for now,



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