A “damn good” lawyer

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Perry has now spent 68 days in jail – for stepping up to the plate to protect children.


O.K. Here’s the story about Perry’s transfer to Quinte.

Perry has been shipped off to the Quinte Detention Centre in Napanee, Ontario. It is supposed to be temporary. Perry will be presumably be returned to the Ottawa Carleton Detention Centre. Contrary to what he was initially told when the guards arrived at his cell Perry apparently was to take only those things which he requires for the next five days or so.

The fact that Perry was transferred on the spur of the moment presumably relates to the fact that transfer of inmates between facilities is reliant upon the availability of bailiffs for escort.

The fact that he knew nothing about the transfer defies explanation. Indeed, on the topic of things which defy explanation, it was only yesterday that Perry was advised by the Court of the Appeal of the pending hearing 29 April 2008 – by fax!!

Anyway, Perry is now en route to the Napanee Detention Centre, and that so that he is in situ for a Tuesday court appearance related to his appeal, and that court appearance will be conducted in a courtroom of some sort in the Kinston penitentiary. Why the Kingston pen I don’t know, but that’s where the hearing will be held. Apparently that’s the way things are done sometimes.

The Quinte Detention Centre is located about one hour West of Kingston. I assume that on Tuesday morning Perry will be transported to the Kingston penitentiary .

The address of the Kingston penitentiary is

555 King St. W.   Check back for address.

Kingston, Ontario

Hearings for the day (Tuesday 29 April 2008) in Kingston begin at 9 am. Perry’s case will dealt with when it arises on the docket. At this time we have no idea when. I think the idea is be there for 9 am and wait.
The hearing is open to the public. Mark your calendar. Be there to show your support.

Helen and Monica will be arriving in the Ottawa area on Monday. Helen certainly, and probably young Monica, will be in Kingston on Tuesday.

And, good news! A final but important note….

Perry has a lawyer. He has retained the services of the renown Lawrence Greenspon. I believe Mr. Greenspon enjoys repute as a “damn good” lawyer.

If anyone has need of a “damn good” laywer it’s Perry. Let’s hope and pray this works for the good. Perry and family are long overdue for some good luck in the legal domain.

Enough for now,



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