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I am getting the website re-arranged – need to get the Home page back to where it was so people can get an idea of what Cornwall and the inquiry is all about, and in conjunction with that am taking much of the info which is now on the Home page and linking it to a new page chronicling events from the time Justice Glaude reneged on his promise not to force Perry to testify.

Am also taking this week as opportunity to make some calls and follow up on other Cornwall-related matters.

Will have the new Home page set to replace the current one pretty soon – later tonight or ealry am.  The other page is close.  This had to be done.  The information has to be pulled together.  This week was the ideal opportunity 🙂 Once this is taken care of I will move on to transcripts.

And, yes, a chat with Perry today.  He was out in the yard bright and early this morning.  Hopefully the daily trips will resume.  And, as we talked the conversation was cut short – shower time!

His every move is in the hands of others.  Amazing!


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