Hard to stomach

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Hearings resume at 0930 hours (9:30 am) this morning, Wednesday 02 April 2008. Dallas Lee (Victims Group) will continue his cross-examination of S/Sgt. Garry Deroche.

It’s all hard to watch and listen to. It truly is. I have never heard an obviously intelligent human being make make so many faltering excuses and/or rationalizations for the actions – or non-actions as the case may be – of so many in all my life. Excuses seem to apply for everyone and everything- but, alas, not for Perry!

As for himself, well, seems Derochie has serious errors in his notes. That’s alright too. Just a mistake! And seems he has changed his mind about this, that and the other thing over the past 15 years. That’s alright too. His thoughts are evolving with experience.

I do believe this is what we’ll be getting throughout the next six months from a revolving roster of thoroughly and expensively prepped institutional witnesses.

Question: Do police officers routinely get prepped before testifying in court?

Anyway, it’s all just plain hard to stomach, watch and listen.

The transcripts from yesterday are up.


The sun has melted the snow on the mesh overhang in “the yard” at the Ottawa Carleton Detention Centre. Perry can look up and see the sky and sun! A great moment and seemingly small but significant pleasure.

He is thankfully getting yard time frequently. Amazing that even with 20′ walls the wind was still blowing a gale in the yard this morning. It’s very windy. Even in the yard!
Supper last night was Salisbury steak, mashed potatoes ands mixed vegetables. The veggies apparently are not the greatest but the rest was pretty good 🙂

Cold cereal and bread for breakfast today. There is no toast served. So, bread and peanut sandwiches it is. If he happens to have a banana in the larder, then it’s a peanut butter and banana sandwich. Perry calls it the Elvis special!

There are no mid afternoon or late evening snacks. Instead each day Perry is given two packages of juice crystals. Those can be mixed at his leisure.

And, re phonecalls. Perry has access to a phone only when it is brought to him. He has no control over the time he gets the phone. Sometimes it’s morning. Sometimes it’s early afternoon, or late afternoon. Sometimes it’s the evening. His calls must be and are placed Collect. If there is no ability to accept a collect call the call will not go through.

There are several people Perry has been trying to call without success. He wants people to know he has been and will continue trying. Sometimes a call goes to an answering machine. Sometimes there is no one home.


Re visiting days and hours. I think things have finally been worked out in such fashion as to allow minimal organization, multiple phonecalls and little oversight.

Perry would like his visiting days to be Wednesdays and Sundays. It breaks up the week for him. So, visiting days will be Wednesday and Sunday of each week.

Sunday will be reserved for family and those friends who make arrangements with the family for a Sunday visit. (9 am)

Wednesdays will be open to everyone. Visiting hours commence at 9 am. Those wishing to pop in and say hello should be at the detention centre by 9 am. The time will be shared amongst those who are there. Two can visit with Perry at a time. If anyone feels a very particular need to visit alone for a few minutes please let the guards know.

Please don’t arrive for a visit on a Wednesday later in the morning. That would or could create problems. If there are visitors who see Perry at 9 and others arrive an hour later and get in for a visit that would count as his second visit of the week. That means his next Sunday visit would be struck from the roster.

So, for those who have been asking about visiting, Wednesdays at 9 am . Take two pieces of ID – at least one with a picture and at least one with your current address. There is free parking outside the entrance to facility. Go through the entrance, turn left and head for the glassed entry of the building (to your right).

Take a quarter for the locker. Purses, coats and umbrellas and so on must be put in a locker before visiting. If you want to secure your belongings you need a quarter.

Don’t take anything with you to give to Perry. As mentioned before we can only get things to Perry by mail, and at that only material which has been photocopied.

However, if anyone would like to take out a subscription to a newspaper on Perry’s behalf that can be done. He already receives the Ottawa Sun. A one month or more subscription to the Citizen, or the Post or the Globe and Mail which are delivered daily in the Ottawa area would probably be welcome and keep him up to date on current events.

A final reminder. Perry is a people person. He will enjoy and looks forward to visits with anyone and everyone who pops in.

The address is the same as the mailing address:

Perry Dunlop c/o OCDC
Ottawa Carleton Detention Centre
2244 Innes Road
Ottawa ON
K1B 4C4


Looks like people don’t have much faith that this inquiry will be over in six months as now promised. Note the results of a poll conducted by Cornwall’s AM 1220:

The Cornwall Public Inquiry has been extended and hearings are expected to go an additional three months. Do you think the inquiry will wrap up this fall?

Yes: 19%

No: 81%

At the time I downloaded the results 182 people had voted in the poll.


Back to the Weave Shed. They are just back from a break. Michael Neville (Father Charles MacDonald and estate of Ken Seguin) has started his cross-examination.

Some media coverage of the day has been posted. More to go. Keep an eye on New to the Site on the Home page.

Enough for now,



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4 Responses to Hard to stomach

  1. prima facie says:

    April 02, 2008.

    In regards to Commissioner Glaude’s announcement that the “Inquiry” dates will be extended; I see where most domestic and international news articles, are headlining their reporting of the same, citing Perry Dunlop as one of the significant causes for the extension. Despite the fact, Commissioner Glaude cited other reasons too, the news reports appear to highlight Commissioner Glaude’s reference to Perry Dunlop, “as THE CAUSE”.

    A)“Would it be fair to suggest” that these “highly paid”, over-zealous, mal-practice, liability insurance carrier, lawyers and the “lapdog” mainstream news media, hold some responsibility for this “COSTLY” and protracted, “Cornwall Public Inquiry”?

    B)”Would it be fair to suggest” that a “dysfunctional” mandate and therewith, a “dysfunctional” Commission Counsel, hold some responsibility for this “COSTLY” and protracted, “Cornwall Public Inquiry?”

    C)”Would it be fair to suggest” that as a result of “alleged” witnesses being “allegedly” compensated with “alleged” dollars and therewith “gagged” from ever disclosing what they “allegedly” know, as being responsible, in part, for this “COSTLY” and protracted, “Cornwall Public Inquiry?”

    D)”Would it be fair to suggest” that as a result of missing notes, misplaced documents, perceived selective memories, an inept and perceived corrupt “Cornwall Community Police Services”, “break in’s”, theft of “Project Truth” files, memory failures, alleged threats and intimidation, etc., as being responsible, in part, for this “COSTLY” and protracted “Cornwall Public Inquiry?” Funny, how the “break in” is NEVER referred to….where ALL FILES, records, data bases, software, etc, etc., was STOLEN!!
    Reader’s, you can add others.

    BUT NO!!! The focus MUST be on unemployed, blacklisted, Police Constable Perry Dunlop. I mean, Dunlop has caught the “George Bush” flu. Dunlop, is being represented as the reason behind EVERY single problem the City has endured, victims have endured, the accused have endured, the “Ontario Justice” system has endured and now the “Cornwall Public Inquiry”, has endured. HELLO!!!

    Do people not “wonder”….HOW, this man, DUNLOP, can have SO MUCH POWER to cause so much destruction?

    WHY? Because Dunlop, spoke the truth, “broke the silence” and did what he was suppose to do.

    For me, it is as plain as the nose on my face:

    FOR anyone who has studied or “experienced” “closed systems”(i.e. family, government, educational, religious, judicial, political, social, etc.), which include, “systems” trying to hide “sexual abuse”, from being disclosed; then these people will CLEARLY see, the similarities of how Dunlop is being “managed”, to what happens when “victims” crawl out of their “dysfunctional, prisons”, fortified with layers of “secrecy, denial, fear, intimidation, rationalization, coercion, etc” and into the “light of hope”, crying for help and therewith, disclosing the “abuse” they were suffering.

    In or about 1993, Dunlop did exactly what he was suppose to do and obligated to do by law and what the “Cornwall Community Police Services” were obligated to do BY LAW!!! THEY all had a “DUTY TO REPORT” the “allegations” of sexual abuse to “Children’s Aid” and other authorities immediately!!

    THESE were the “steps” to follow;

    #1-Information received from a “complainant” and recorded by Cornwall Police Services;

    #2-Report immediately to “Children’s Aid” and other applicable authorities.

    THAT’S it, “responsibility and obligation” over. NOW, proceed with the investigations, arrests and prosecutions.

    NOWHERE, absolutely NOWHERE, does the law authorize or instruct me or anyone, including the “Cornwall Community Police Services” to negotiate, mediate, discuss, facilitate, coerce or “ participate in arrangements which provide “monies or other compensation” to a “complainant”, from an “accused or their agents, representatives et al”….NOWHERE!!!

    Despite testimony by “Cornwall Community Police Services” Derochie, wherein he alleges he and the “CPS” misinterpreted “DUTY TO REPORT”; ignorance and stupidity, is NO DEFENSE.

    THIS WHOLE sordid affair SHOULD have been over in 1994, at the latest.

    BUT, instead, even up to 2004, it appears, “authorities”, including “CPS” Derochie, in various roles and various official capacities, pursued avenues, in an attempt to consequently, prosecute the “whistleblower” and his friends….. JUST BRUTALLY incredible.

    To be at the Weave Shed and being able to observe the “parties”, is so very different than listening, reading or watching the proceedings. Lately, I re-visited the “site” of “The Cornwall Public Inquiry.”

    In my opinion, the various sub-groups, which developed, but were “protective” and “less obvious” about their associations, are now more openly interacting, collaborating and “high-fiving”, “so-to-speak”.

    I see the “Weave Shed” as a very dysfunctional setting. For you people who may know what I am referring to, I will say this; “I believe it is like walking into an area or interacting with someone, who, I “feel” is unsafe to be around.” Do you know the feeling?..”.walking down a hallway or approaching a house or meeting someone, I feel and know is NOT safe to be around…..I really can’t say why, but, I just feel unsafe.”

    Victims are taught, among other things, to trust these feelings.

    The “parties” are so-accustomed with the “roles” they are “partaking” in, without accountability, that they are openly celebrating their “win”…that is, they continue to “get away with it”, “so-to-speak.”

    I believe, for various reasons, Professionals, consultants, counselors and advisory personnel, who were commissioned to assist in the Phase I and Phase II, have, intentionally or otherwise, lost any sense of objectivity and are “blindly following” pre-determined objectives or modified “objectives”, for “the greater good” from the perspective of the current “Powers That Be”.

    “The Systems” voices and “change agents/catalysts” are guaranteed “their” place, as long as they “tow the line.” Phase II programs will follow through, whether it has two participants or two thousand participants.

    I have also witnessed whereas, I believe, for various logical and desperate reasons, many people, from “all walks”, have been pushed so far, they are engaged in undisclosed “hidden agendas”.

    In my opinion, this is truly a “dysfunctional mess”, from all sides!!

    For me, the “bottom line” is, unless something dramatic happens to change the “direction” of this recently amended “Public Inquiry” (Appellate Court Rulings) or there is some other intervention from “higher up’s”, I believe “the system” will “save face”, for the “greater good”, as interpreted by the existing, “Powers That Be”, and Dunlop will face blame for everything, perhaps including, “World climate change”.

    For me, IT is very, very sad, to see where we are as a society today.

    “But, I guess, as long as we have our beer and hockey, that’s all that really matters.”
    (sarcasm, by the way)

  2. Sherlock says:

    If life were like the inquiry~
    Mr. X and Mr. Y meet at a bus stop.
    Mr. X: Is the bus due soon?
    Mr. Y. I didn’t quite catch that.
    Mr X: Is the bus due soon?
    Mr. Y: So I hear. You are asking a question. Is that fair to say?
    Mr. X: Yes that’s correct.
    Mr. Y: And would you say the question you’re asking would reflect your concerns?
    Mr. X: Yes that’s right.
    Mr. Y: Now, we’ve gone through some of these points before, but just to clarify so there is no confusion. You asked, I believe two times wasn’t it?
    Mr. X: Yes sir.
    Mr Y: Two times then. We have that straight.
    Mr. X: I believe so. I asked twice. The first time you didn’t quite hear it. So a second time. I repeated it.
    Mr. Y: All right then. And we’ve established that you were concerned and that was the reason you answered?
    Mr. X: No, actually I didn’t answer. It was me that asked the question.
    Mr. Y: Oh yes, I see now. So, would it be fair to say that there was a delay in getting an answer to this question that you asked.
    Mr. X: Yes sir. It’s taking some time.
    Mr. Y: A delay, would that be fair to say?
    Mr. X: Yes.
    Mr Y: OK then. And you felt Mr. Z was responsible for this delay?
    Mr X: That’s right. If he’d been here it would be easier.
    Mr. Y: And do you feel it would have been faster?
    Mr X: Yes, much faster.
    Mr. Y: What would be the reason for that?
    In your opinion?
    Mr. X: Well Mr. Z had bus schedules and a watch.
    Mr Y: Then we could have asked him thousands of questions?
    Mr X: Yes.
    Mr Y: And that would have speeded things up?
    Mr X: Yes.
    Mr Y: I think you’ve clarified that then.
    Mr. X: Thank you.
    Mr Y: M’hm
    (Bus arrives)
    Mr. X: Are you behind schedule?
    Bus Driver: Yes. It was that Mr. Z. He wasn’t at his stop. I had to zip right by.
    Mr X: M’hm
    Mr Y: M’hm

  3. prima facie says:

    Ha…bang on, “Sherlock”..ha.

  4. Myomy says:

    Very good Sherlock: Testimony drones on forever about minutiae and never sees the elephant in the room.

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