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Not a good day.  My webcast feed kept breaking every five or ten words.  I missed so much.  Frustrating.  Will have to do the transcripts, and they’ll be late today –  hearings ran until shortly after 7 pm!

I did hear enough to be equally frustrated with the testimony.  It’s all disgusting beyond words.   Not a thought of obstruction of justice on S/Sgt Derochie’s mind when he hears that back in 1985 one Chief of police, Claude Shaver, gave the recently retired Chief, Early Landry Sr., a dingle to , it would seem, more or less give Landry a heads up that Earl  Landry Jr. was going take a polygraph.  Landry Sr. called police and said no polygraph, and seems that may well have been the end of that particular ‘investigation’  – and Earl Landry Jr. was left to his own devices for another ten years!

Not even a furrowed brow that one of the police officers integrally involved in that 1985 ínvestigation’ was a good friend of of Earl Landry Jr. brother!

But, come to Perry!   Ah yes.  Obstruction of justice was on Derochie’s mind there.  No doubt about that.  In fact, if I caught it right it seems he and Project Truth officer Pat Hall had a deal of sorts worked out whereby Hall would compile an affidavit which would lay the ground for levelling charges against Perry. But then the Leduc “trial” or Charlie’s “trial” interfered with that and the affidavit never did get put together, and then there was talk of an inquiry and so getting Perry on an obstruction of justice charge got held up again.  It wasn”t actually said but I’m guessing that Derochie perhaps finally decided to forget about having Perry charged.  Perhaps he just decided he would do well to let the inquiry pick up and carry on where he left off?   I don’t know, but, well  ….. here we are.   Perry’s in jail.

All hard to stomach.  And to think that we have another six months of this tap dancing and rationalizing and excusing the inexcusable!!

On top of it all, after all we’ve seen and all we’ve heard to hear a senior Cornwall police officer wonder why victims were turning to Perry!

Finally, yes.  Justice Glaude gave the sad news today.  This multi-million-dollar “inquiry” is going to trudge and trundle and lumber and hobble along into the Fall! The July finish deadline has predictably gone by the bye.  A one month break in July and away we go again.

Supper time 🙂

Not a good day.  I’ve had enough for now



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  1. Myomy says:

    When we see how eager Sgt Derochie and Pat Hall were to nail Perry Dunlop with obstruction of Justice It is little wonder that the establishment is hammering Perry to the maximum whenever they get a chance. Punish him for the crimes we think he committed regardless of whether he was ever convicted of them. Another principle of law – innocent until proven guilty – is destroyed in Cornwall. Cornwall will make an interesting study on the Charter of Rights and Freedoms where we can all learn how that worthless Canadian Constitution is not worth the paper it is written on.

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