Silver linings

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[Link to the first video:  17 February 2008: the first attempt at arresting Perry Dunlop.  The mounties arrived with a warrant]


I am swamped! Happily so. Believe me, very happily so, but … swamped.

So, bear with me. I am working my way through emails and media and bit by bit will get it all posted. And, please keep the emails coming, and keep getting those emails and letters out hither and yon. Sound off! It’s healthy. It’s imperative. It’s time.

I have posted a series of comments which were posted on the Cornwall Standard Freeholder’s website today. People are angry. I don’t believe I have ever seen such a response to an article in Cornwall. I will check again before day’s end to see if there are more. I expect there will be. I must say it warms the cockles of my heart to see the people of Cornwall find their voice 🙂

I also have copies of and emails to post on either the Sound Off ! or Support Perry Dunlop page.

Did your read little Katie Howe’s poem for Perry? My Hero. Beautiful well chosen words Katie. Well done. And, Perry Dunlop, you’re a lucky man PerryDunlop. You are loved and admired. To see such words written for or about you as we have now seen from Katie and Shawna, well, there are blessings to count and silver linings within the clouds.

There are two videos which have just been posted on youtube. I am about to get in there and get a url. Once done I will post it on the Home page. These were shot by someone who attended the rally. We had tried to get the clips emailed but they are just to large to make it through the mailboxes so we opted for the youtube route.

The first video, lasting in the range of 7 minutes, is apparently of the first and failed attempt to arrest Perry. In that instance the mounties arrived without a warrant. A lawyer present at the rally asked to see it and the conclusion was essentially no warrant, no arrest. I believe there was yet another appeal her for Perry to turn himself in. Perry declined. So, away went the mounties to get the warrant.

The second video is of the actual arrest. This transpired after the mounties returned a second time some time later. In that instance they were again asked to show the warrant. My understanding is they said it was in the cruiser at the top of the Dunlop driveway. Perry started walking up the driveway. I’m unsure if anyone ever saw the warrant. I think perhaps by the time the cruiser was reached emotions entailed with goodbayes took over, but I am unsure. That video is apparently about 17 minutes in duration.

Once I can access the videos I will post the link on, as I said, the Home page where it is easily accessible.

Did you read that nasty column in the Victoria Times Colonist? What I wonder prompted such an outpouring of scare-concealed venom? Just plain nasty.

Not much to tell you right now about the state of affairs at the RCMP detachment in Duncan. I believe that Perry should be due for a bail hearing? It’s in the back of mind that bail hearings are mandatory within 24 hours of arrest, at least for summary convictions. I think Perry’s is a summary conviction, but not certain.

However, if indeed there is a bail hearing perhaps Perry will be given a Get out of Jail card?

No word as yet on Perry’s transport to Toronto. If there is bail I am not sure how that would all work out?

Meanwhile, make sure family and friends know about Toronto.

10 am

Wednesday 20 February 2008.
Ontario Divisional Court
130 Queen St. West (Osgoode Hall)
Toronto, Ont.

Perry and Helen will be there. Those who care about justice and children will be there. Be there.

As soon as I hear anything new I will let you know. For now it’s a bite to eat and then I’ll get those two videos linked.

Keep an eye on New to the Site on the Home page

Enough for now,


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2 Responses to Silver linings

  1. prima facie says:

    February 18, 2008.

    BOY, aren’t the senior “spin masters” on the prowl this evening. TAKE a look at, the “take” that will spread across the “world” by morning!!

    Ex-cop who refuses to testify at sex abuse inquiry can still avoid jail.”, by Gregory Bonnell, the “Senior” “spin master” with the ONLY Canadian news “source”, “THE CANADIAN PRESS”, dated February 18,2008. (sounds like “blackmail”, “conspiracy, collusion” “coercion”, etc.) to me.

    THEN, it will be to “GAG” Perry et al, from EVER disclosing/writing about this whole MESS!!and we’ll release “the girls”. (sounds a little “Third Reich”ish”, doesn’t it?)….right before our noses….

    YES, boys and girls, the “ONLY” news “collector” and distributor in CANADA.

    AND, WHAT “CANADIAN PRESS” writes,…. ALL other news “reporters”, stations i.e.) tv., radio, print media, i.e.)”Globe and Mail”, “SunMedia”, “CanWest”, “Quebecor”, etc., etc. will write and speak….kind of “Third Reich””ish”, wouldn’t you say.
    I guess it’s okay eh!!!….gee!! I hope “CP” can be trusted? Are they on anyone’s side?

    Greg Bonnell, you “lapdog”.

    AND on the other “lap”, our “good buddy” JOHN SWALES; the proverbial “trash heap” (“Fraggle Rock” comparison. “GOOGLE “Fraggle Rock”)for the “CP” and other like-minded, news “collectors”…oh, “CP” is the ONLY one in Canada.


    JOHN SWALES, seemingly, the lawyer wanna be, the self-proclaimed “Saviour”.

    JOHN telephoned me once, looking for names of “victims”, to add to his list. HE hands it to lawyers…etc.
    Are there “finders fees?” Is there sharing of percentages, in settlements? WHY did you change Law Firms?I KNOW THE ANSWERS!!

    I tape recorded our WHOLE conversation. I’m glad I did. I may/will need it some day.

    I certainly DO NOT favour Mr. Swales or his “method of operation.” BUT, the “CP” consider him expert enough, to continuously seek input and opinion from him….AND just look at his “opinion”. BOY, wouldn’t it be JUST terrible for Perry to be perceived as credible? WAIT John, time will tell….ALL the facts will be revealed. ALL the “roles” of ALL the players, will be revealed.

    Mr. Swales told me more than once personal disclosures, which led me to believe. he believes, he is the best, so-called expert around and he was going to be the most utlized “expert” in all of Canada and North America.

    BELIEVE me, I have met MANY authentic, international “experts”, I will not call on John Swales.


    SO, Greg Bonnell, called in to bail out the other “CP” clowns who “screwed” it up today…too late, the storiesa have been paid for and were published by thousands of newspapers, etc., around the world…”MISINFORMATION” Just great!!

    CAN anyone say, “false arrest, unlawful detention, false imprisonment, conspiracy” maybe even, “kidnapping from B.C. to Ontario”. They will serve Perry as he flies into Ontario from Manitoba…… the “YOU YUBE” video’s…the answers are there.

  2. Myomy says:

    Six Months. Did you get that? Glaude wants Perry rotting in jail for the full time while the inquiry is going on as a continual method of forcing him to testify in his little kangaroo court with all the lawyer firepower on one side against Perry. Let us hope sanity will prevail at the higher court. Perry should serve the full term of the sentence. You mean it won’t be cut to one third as it is for all the real criminals? What is next are they going to release Clifford Olsen to make room for Perry in the Super Max Security prison?

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