My heart is heavy

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No hearings today.  Hearings resume at 0930 hours (9:30 am) Tuesday 19 February 2008.

My heart is heavy.  It truly is.  As much as I anticipated that one way or the other “they” would ‘get’ Perry, I find the imminent reality is weighing heavy on my heart and mind.

So much makes so little sense.  An “inquiry” commissioned by an institution up to its eyeballs in conflict.  An “inquiry” necessitated by persistent allegations of a sex abuse cover-up and a paedophile ring/clan/pack mandated to look into institutional policies, practices and procedures.  An “inquiry” mandate which deftly side-steps mention of sex, cover-up or paedophile ring/clan/pack.  A “public” inquiry which is far from public.  A commissioner trying to sort out his terms of reference nearly three full years after he was commissioned.

And now this.  The “alleged”paedophiles of Cornwall ruling the roost at the “inquiry”- and an honest cop bound for jail ….because he cared enough about the safety and well-being of children to did the right thing – morally and legally.

But, here we are.  Perry waiting for the knock on the door and the snap of the handcuffs around his wrists.  Helen trying to sort out when to fly and counting pennies so she can be by her husband’s side. A heartbroken mother wondering how it came to this and fearing what will become of her son behind bars.  And three impressionable young girls trying to understand why their beloved daddy is despised and denigrated by so many within ‘the system’ and wondering how they will live without him.

Yes.  My heart is heavy.

The shame of a once great nation this is.  The whistleblower is the bad guy.  The “alleged” paedophiles sport halos.

It’s time for the sleeping giant to awake from his long slumber.  It’s now or never.

If you care about justice, and freedom, the rights of whistleblowers, and the safety of our children, get down to Osgoode Hall on Wednesday.

Time:  10 am
Date:  Wednesday, 20 February 2008

Place:  Ontario Divisional Court

Address: 130 Queen St. West -Osgoode Hall
Toronto, Ontario

It’s time to stop talking and start doing.  No more ‘isn’t it awful” kitchen table talk. Perry needs you.  Helen needs you.

Make arrangements now.  Book the day off.  Phone your family and friends to let them know what’s happening and urge them to join you.  If you’re driving, fill the car.

The idea of chartering a bus from the Ottawa and Cornwall areas didn’t work out.  Apparently bus drivers can not be on a run for more than 15 hours without an overnighter.  Fifteen hours is cutting it too tight.

So, fill up cars and vans.  Rent a van.  Eight people splitting the costs to rent a van and pay gas and parking makes it doable.

However you do it, get to Toronto.


I will get at today’s media posting now, and then do a blog on yesterday afternoon’s ruckus at the Weave Shed.  The gathered throng is now running in ever decreasing circles over the terms of the mandate and bickering over which victim/”alleged” victim testimony should be excluded.  I am serious!!



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  1. prima facie says:

    February 15, 2008:




    “The Line Between Investigation and Persecution Is Very Thin.”

    “Authority and Power Left Unchecked Inevitably Leads to Corruption.”

    “The Ontario Attorney Generals Office”, a.k.a. “Commissioner (Judge) Glaude” of Sudbury, Ontario, Peter Engelmann of, the “Sack, Goldblatt, Mitchell Law Offices”-Toronto, Ontario, CANADA, “The Cornwall Public Inquiry” et al, will NOW attempt to “close” the curtain on this “ACT” and send PERRY DUNLOP off to JAIL. I’m certain, “The Attorney Generals Office et al” hope the “public” will be convinced, that Perry Dunlop will be taking the WHOLE sordid affair with him.

    AS I SEE IT, I anticipate, the “feeble-minded”, “self-serving”, “corrupt” and “inept”, “mainstream news media”, to be “spoon fed” over the next months, helping to “facilitate” the “spin”, of “The Attorney Generals Office, a.k.a. Commissioner Glaude’s” biased, prejudiced, inaccurate, misleading and oppressive, “final report”….for “The GREATER GOOD”, from its/his perspective. (Preservation of the “powers that be”)

    FOR EXAMPLE: The “Cornwall Public Inquiry” is loaded with, fifty plus, “high-end, mal-practice, liability, insurance carrier lawyers”, the crème de la crème, “so-to-speak”, of mal-practice, liability, insurance carriers. They include, “Commission Counsel, Peter Engelmann and the likes of John Callaghan, Michael Neville, David W. Scott, Q.C., David Sherriff-Scott, etc.” Additionally, some of the “aforementioned” and others at the “Public Inquiry”, “carry extreme and immediate political, social, professional, etc., power and influence.” The “Gomery Inquiry Commission” did not carry such “NEED”, affluence, power and influence. (“Google” “Canadian Gomery Inquiry Commission”) “They” command immediate audiences with the “elite of the elitists”. Some of these, crème de la crème lawyers, were solicited for representation, by Ambassadors to Canada, whose Nations “sit” at “The United Nations”, i.e. “Papal Nuncio-The Holy See” (“Google” “The Holy See”) THESE “crème de la crème lawyers, represent the “accused” and some were retained since in or about, 1993, to “protect their clients, at ANY COST to ANYONE.”….. LOT of work for NOTHING….or so “they” say “nothing”??

    FOR EXAMPLE: Did anyone see the likes of lawyers John Callaghan, Michael Neville and others, yesterday, as they were in a frantic, “feeding frenzy”, gleeful over their successful manipulation of the, seemingly, “idiot-buffoon”, Ottawa Police Services, Supt. Brian Skinner. I mean, this was simply, “kids in a candy store, trying to overload their already overflowing pockets, when the store owner stepped out of the shop.”…..

    I returned to continue “my watch”, between “barfs”; I recounted the Garry Guzzo “joke”, the Julian Fantino masquerade. HA!!

    “THIS IS OUR crème de la crème legal “system”? NO!! THIS IS AN UNAMBIGUOUS view into what happens when POWER and AUTHORITY is left unchecked, by “we the public”, but mostly by, an arrogant, self-serving, vindictive and authoritative Commissioner Glaude, with his “nose and pride” out of place…UNCHECKED POWER!!! Before long, I suspect, the “Public Inquiry” will be adding, deleting and manipulating, the entire three years of testimony-evidence, at “Will”, to “paint” a glowing picture on Commissioner Glaude, the, crème de la crème and the “flawed” mandate”.
    “The Ontario Attorney Generals Office”, replete with conflict of interest and not only the “designers” of the, “so-called”, “Public Inquiry”, but also one of the “accused”, defending itself at the “Inquiry”, with “Public Funding.”

    YES, “The Ontario Attorney Generals Office et al”, will “orchestrate” the expediting of Dunlop’s trek to JAIL.

    YES; “The Ontario Attorney Generals Office”, “superior” to “The Ontario Divisional Court”, which “Ordered” Perry’s arrest and will decide his fate and therewith, the fate, of the entire “Dunlop family”, next Wednesday, February 20, 2008 at 1000hrs.

    The answer to Perry Dunlop’s “fate” can be found in Chapter 17 of the book, “The Franklin Cover-up” by “ John W. DeCamp” ISBN: 0-9632158-0-9; Library of Congress Catalog Number: 92-070074 HOWEVER, “Chapter 16” in the above-mentioned book, “The Franklin Cover-up”, titled, “Four Fighters Who Didn’t Quit” is a very important read. THE similarities are remarkable and astounding, to say the least!!

    FINALLY MARK MY WORDS: From a person who does not currently “actively practice a religion”, but who believes in a “Higher Power” who I choose to call “GOD”, I believe, as scripture writes; “…they can continue to deny these things before men, but the day will come when they will stand before God and He will know all and then they cannot deny…..” Furthermore, I believe Perry Dunlop and the people, who love him and his family, continue to speak the truth, even though he/we are being characterized as liars.

    AND; IT IS MY BELIEF and OPINION; As People like John Spice and Norm Inkster are well aware of, “the issues” and “principles” relating to “Cornwall, Ontario since in or about 1993, including, other venues on the St. Lawrence River, “The Thousand Islands” and places like “Franklin, Nebraska” are simply small pieces of the much greater “puzzle”.

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