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Hearings resumed at 0930 hours (09:30 am) this morning, Wednesday 13 February 2008. Retired Ottawa police superintendent Brian Skinner is continuing his examination in chief.

As a result of Claude Legault’s testimony yesterday I began digging into some facts regarding the website. Legault testified that he viewed and downloaded material from the site 08 August 2000. He also testified that he monitored the site for the following week or so until it shut down.

Impossible. The site had ceased to exist per se as of 02 August 2000. There was nothing on the after 01 August 2000 site aside from a notification of closure. No Ron Leroux affidavit. No other affidavits. Nothing.

What was Mr. Legault looking at? No idea. But he did not read Ron Leroux’s affidavit on the website.

As I looked back I realized Jos van Diepen made the same claim. He testified and was adamant he had viewed the website and the information related to him.

Again, impossible.

I am, quite frankly, surprised that these errors in testimony have passed unchallenged. What difference – if any – it makes to the grand scheme of things I have no idea, but, the bottom line is it is impossible that anyone read any affidavits on the website in early August 2000.

I have been putting some of this information together, as much for my own reference as for clarification.

Note that those planning to attend proceedings at Ontario Divisional Court in Toronto 20 February 2008 should get plans and ride-sharing under way. Once agin start time is 10 am.

Will Perry be there? If he is arrested he will be there. My gut feel is the powers that be will do their all in their power to get him there. The lynching must proceed.

If Perry is arrested and brought before the court, Helen will be there. She will not leave Perry’s side. She has been there all along. She will walk the final leg of this surreal journey by his side.

If Perry is arrested and transported to Toronto his airfare will of course be taken care of. Helen, on the other hand, will be on her own and left to finance her airfare, room and board. And, of course, since Justice Glaude began his efforts to force Perry to take the stand at the inquiry, Perry’s work life has essentially been put on hold: no work, no income.

Those who can help the Dunlops financially should make donations into the Trust Fund or can mail cheques – made to either Perry or Helen – directly to their home.

Enough for now,


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  1. prima facie says:

    February 13, 2008.


    VERY, VERY important information given by Superintendent Brian Skinner before 1100hrs today.

    READ the transcripts. HE reiterated that the “Cornwall Police Services” work on Silmser’s allegations etc., was “ineffective.” Mr. Skinner stated that “moving slow” would be a generous depiction of the facts. Mr. Skinner, stated, “YES”, people could perceive, there was a “cover-up.”

    WILL the mainstream news media INVESTIGATE and DISCLOSE these FACTS?
    I think not!! WHY??

    Superintendent Mr. Skinner, further disclosed how files were locked away in “secrecy”. “Secrecy” generally reserved for “the likes of”, major “organized crime” figures, with limited access to anyone. ANYONE that is, accept, the Police Cadet, with limited expertise or experience, Constable Heidi…why?

    HOWEVER, expect the “Attorney General’s Office”, Professor Manson and lawyers Michael Neville, Helen Daley, Callaghan, Manderville, Kozloff, Sherriff-Scott, et al, to vigorously attempt to put a different “spin”, minimizing or possibly discrediting,
    Mr. Skinner’s disclosures. THEY MUST, to protect their client’s.
    WHAT is Mr. Manson’s REAL motivation?? Investigate.


    Ottawa investigators found “NO EVIDENCE” of a cover-up, because I believe, Deputy Chief St. Denis et al, destroyed, shredded, manipulated, hid in secrecy, etc., the facts. THEREFORE, if investigators could NOT access information to investigate, then, they couldn’t find anything. Simple? HELLO!!!

    FINALLY: Regarding the “TWO” websites identified as, and which began seven years later in 2000 and 2001. YES “two” websites commenced, seven to eight years later!!!

    However, it is my opinion, that, at the “Public Inquiry”, the “parties” have, maliciously and intentionally, represented both websites to be “ONE” website. I am aware that the “Cornwall Public Inquiry” was provided with evidence and sworn testimony, regarding the FACTS about YET, the “Inquiry” allows the misrepresentations. WHY??
    It is apparent, witnesses Jos van Diepen and Claude Legault, among various lawyers at the “Cornwall Public Inquiry” and other witnesses, as well as the “local, national and international” news media, have presented voluminous and malicious, damaging, factual errors, while giving testimony or “suggestion, supposition, reports, editorials, columns, etc.

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