20 February 2008

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Here we go again!  The next date for Perry at Ontario Divisional Court is 10 am Wednesday 20 February 2008.  This letter is signed off by a Crown from the office of the Attorney General. The process now seems to be in the conflicted hands of the AG’s office.

What weight this warrant has remains to be see.  It is the same warrant signed off by the justices of the Divisional Court 28 January 2008. (scroll down to see the warrant)

Those  planning to make the trip to Divisional Court in Toronto for round three should get busy with travel plans.

Keep the Dunlops in your prayers through these unbelievably trying times.  Remember too they need you help financially.


Claude Legault has finished testifying.  He was on and off.  I don’t understand what the purpose of his testimony was aside to show that under his watch the Cornwall probation office has taken significant steps to assist probationers who have been sexually abused.  That of course is a good.  Legault got rather teary eyed when he tried to explain how difficult it is for the probation staff who have to deal with a public which mistrusts them.   I believe the “alleged”victims of Cornwall know the feeling all too well.

Former Ottawa police Superintendent Brian Skinner took the stand this afternoon.   What a session.  Pages of notes have been entered into evidence which are frequently nigh to illegible, and Skinner’s recall of who said what during the Ottawa police investigation in Cornwall in early 1994 is essentially restricted to what is written down in black and white.  Some interesting tid bits here and there but mostly information which has been available through other sources.  We shall see what tomorrow brings…..

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