Whither the success?

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I’m on my way to Toronto later today. Won’t be blogging or posting until I get home sometime Monday evening.


It is essential for the success of this Inquiry that people come forward, free from any undue influence, promise or threat.

That was Justice Glaude. 12 December 2006

There’s been a lot of water, false promises and threats flow under the inquiry bridge since then!!

Bear that in mind as Justice Glaude prods his colleagues at divisional court to have Perry incarcerated.

Bear that in mind as you ponder why the judicial rules changed for Perry but not for the real and “alleged” paedophiles of Cornwall.

Bear that in mind when they tell Perry he will serve the entirety of his sentence unless – unless – he takes the stand at Weave Shed and answers all questions put to him by commission counsel and all parties with standing.

A threat?! What else would you call it?

There’ll be no early out for Perry – unless of course he hustles off to Weave Shed.

The question of course is: where are we at now as far as the “success” of this inquiry goes? When badgering, bullying, false-promises, deception, half-truths, promises and threats are the order of the inquiry day, whither the “success”?

A redundant question? Perhaps.

Perry is scheduled to appear at the Ontario Divisional court in Toronto on Monday for sentencing and an additional contempt of court charge.

Time: 10:00 am
Date: Monday 28 Januray 2008.

The address for the court:

130 Queen St. West -Osgoode Hall
Toronto, Ontario
M5H 2N5

If you haven’t yet read Justice Glaude’s Factum you must. This is the commissioner of the Cornwall Public Inquiry. The same commissioner who, yes, said, :

“It is essential for the success of this Inquiry that people come forward, free from any undue influence, promise or threat.”

Idle banter it seems.

Perry I am certain will not be at Divisional court tomorrow. Barring both an 11th hour change of heart and a windfall he won’t be there.

It matters not. Toronto, Ontario. Duncan, B.C. The messenger will be shot. Again.

Perry, Helen, Mrs. Dunlop, Heather, Marlee, Monica – my love, thoughts and prayers are with you all.


Some time ago I borrowed some pictures with the intent to scan and post them. I just didn’t get it done. The pictures have to be returned so – here they are.

That’s the handiwork of Marc Carriere and Keith Oullette. Some years back they pair were so frustrated with what was going on in Cornwall that they started spray painting messages on snow banks all over creation. They did the snow banks in and about Cornwall. The snow banks on the Trans Canada highway. The snow banks on virtually every road in and out of Cornwall. They were busy! The paint was apparently akin to a food dye. No harm done to the environment they took pains to tell me.

Police were not amused!


I have posted Father Tom Doyle’s letter on the Sound Off!page. A strong letter indeed.

Well said Father.

When I get back I’ll get the letter posted on a separate page and linked to Father Doyle’s page. For now I wanted to get it up so people can read it.

And, until Monday night
Enough for now,



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