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No hearings this morning (Friday 25 January 2008). Hearings at the Weave Shed courtroom resume Monday 04 February 2008. The Inquiry Perry Dunlop business resumes in Toronto at the Ontario Divisional Court at 10 am Monday 28 January 2008. Address for those planning to attend: 130 Queen St. West -Osgoode Hall, Toronto, Ontario

Perry is scheduled to appear for sentencing on one charge of contempt of court and to be charged with a second contempt, the latter for his failure to take the stand on the 14th to answer all questions put to him by the commission and all parties with standing, that on order of the Ontario Divisional Court.

Perry and his stalwart wife Helen had already been ordered back and returned to Cornwall twice since September 2007. After months upon months of promises that no one would be obliged to testify at the inquiry and that all witnesses would appear voluntarily the commission suddenly switched horses mid stream and resorted to what can only be termed outright deception to secure an inter provincial summons through Divisional Court giving authority for the commission to order them back to Ontario to testify. The Dunlops were subsequently ordered to return to Cornwall, Ontario from their home in Duncan, British Columbia.

Perry refused to testify. He gave his reasons.

Helen testified. Those in the Weave Shed keen to hear Perry’s “story” had ample opportunity to do so. Helen is intimately familiar with every twist, bend, and threat along the road since this nightmare began to unfold for Perry and the entire family in late 1993.

Many passed.

Perry was ordered to return again. He was to consult a lawyer. He did so. He discovered that the inter-provincial was indeed problematic and could have been challenged and overturned. Such a challenge was however rendered null and void because – on legal advice – he had attended!

On -09 October Perry, accompanied by his ever-present and supportive wife, went back to the Weave Shed. He offered to read his “story” into the record. “No.”

Contempt Charge Number One.

Off to Ontario Divisional Court in Toronto. Perry was ordered to appear 19 November 2007.

Perry did not appear to defend himself in Toronto. Travel costs and legal costs would have been out of their rapidly depleting pockets. The past two trips to Cornwall had already cost them dearly in lost wages. Helen was refused the ‘right’ to mount her husband’s defence. They decided to spare themselves the emotional and financial trauma and stay put with their three distraught teenagers. The decision would be rendered with or without Perry in attendance.

Perry emailed the court to advise of his decision and reasons.

Ontario Divisional Court ruled Perry was guilty of contempt. He was ordered back to the Weave Shed 14 January 2008 to answer all questions put to him by commission and all parties with standing. Failure to do so would incur a second contempt.

Perry did not appear.

Now Justice Normand Glaude is crying “incarcerate.”


This nightmare began when Perry fulfilled his legal and moral obligation to notify the Children’s Aid Society of his deep concerns that children were at risk because sex abuse allegations against Father Charles MacDonald and probation officer Ken Seguin had, it seemed, been covered up. In short order a shoot the messenger scenario began to play itself out. Perry was the bad guy.

Two of the many victims who had contact with the Dunlops have since recanted or semi-recanted portions of their allegations. There are inferences and accusations that Perry next to forced the two at gun point to lie and drum up false allegations. “Officials” are happy to and gleefully run with that version of events. The official story making the rounds in legal and judicial circles now is that the pair lied in their affidavits and are now telling the gospel truth, and that Perry forced the two to drum up false allegations against pillars of the community! It goes without saying that such an accusation belies common sense .

Both men who recanted or semi-recanted or whatever have themselves been charged or accused of sexual abuse. C-8 molested his niece. Guilty. No jail time. C-8 alleges he was sexually abused as a 15-year-old boy by Ron Leroux. Charges have never been laid.

In legal circles lawyers and judges have successfully cast Perry Dunlop as the lying rogue cop who ran about orchestrating a conspiracy against pillars of the community. Perry has been sandbagged, vilified, lied to, lied about, deceived and cast the villain. If Perry was involved with a victim in any way shape or form the “alleged” paedophiles of Cornwall are off and running, ….and home free.

It is naive to think that putting Perry on the stand to answer any and all questions posed by commission counsel and the gathered throng will shed light on the dark underbelly of Cornwall. It would be, as it has been, Perry’s word against the spin and half-truths put out and/or accepted by judges and lawyers over the past 15 years. It would be Perry’s word against the “recantations” of C-8, a convicted child molester, and those of Ron Leroux, an alleged molester.

How commission goes about explaining and/or rationalizing the mounting evidence and testimony which corroborate Perry’s allegations of a paedophile ring and cover-up remains to be seen.

Finally, and on that note, a series of questions:

(1) When if ever will the real and “alleged” paedophiles of Cornwall be forced to take the stand under threat of jail?

(2) Will one single “alleged”paedophile be subpoenaed and forced to take the stand?

(3) If a real or “alleged”paedophile refuses to testify, will he – like Perry – be bound for jail?

(4) What of Father Charles MacDonald? Where is he? Why has he not been forced to testify? What gives him special inquiry privilege, protection, sympathies and status denied Perry?

What of Jacques Leduc? Where is he?

Father Paul Lapierre? Father Keith Martin?

Jean Luc Leblanc? He’s already in jail. He has nothing to lose. Put him the stand so we can hear his “story” and find out what he knows about clans, and rings and cover-ups.

The list is endless.

Where are they? and, of course

(5) Why no judicial bullying for the real and “alleged” paedophiles of Cornwall?

Turns out that yet again what’s good for the inquiry goose isn’t always good for the inquiry gander. Seems to me it rarely is.

This inquiry is all about the lynching of Perry Dunlop. It shouldn’t be. But, it is.

And so, here we are.

The battle cry emanating from the Weave Shed is “Incarcerate.” We don’t hear a similar cry to “charge” “punish”or “incarcerate” when it comes to the “alleged”paedophiles. But, when it comes to Perry, well, that’s different. Yes, more goose and gander stuff.
One way or the other it was inevitable it would come to this. It was inevitable, what with (1) the flawed mandate, (2) the lack of definition of terms which at this late date is still causing endless headaches, (3) an Ontario judge engulfed in Red Flags as commissioner, and (3) the office of the Attorney General – heavily implicated in the cover-up – commissioning the inquiry, selecting the commissioner, crafting the mandate, granted standing, paying Justice Glaude’s salary and giving the Cornwall Police Service funding through the back door to afford and maintain its high priced legal team.

It was inevitable it would come to this. Sad but, I do believe, very true 🙁

Protecting children from sexual predators and those who cover-up on their behalf is on the back burner. It’s been on the back burner for years. Shoot the messenger is on the front.

Perry must and will pay for doing his duty to protect children and exposing the rotten underbelly of Cornwall.



I am fixing up the Home page to give those new to this surreal watershed in Canadian history a quick overview of what is playing out in the “courtrooms” of the nation in name of justice. I will also post a few new documents of interest and make the factum with the call to incarcerate more readily accessible.

And, another reminder. If you haven’t done so already please give what you can to help the Dunlops financially. If you have already contributed and can spare another $5, please do so. Every single dollar counts and will be appreciated. No amount is too small or too large.

And, yes, those who offered to and are ready to step up to the plate to do Perry’s time in jail with Kay should pack your bags. Those who want to join do so now. There is little time left to volunteer.

Enough for now,



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2 Responses to “Incarcerate”!

  1. prima facie says:

    January 25, 2008.

    Please refer to my previous blog-comment dated January 25, 2008 @ 1:27pm
    (actually at 0825hrs)

    Re: Reflection on my “Only In Canada” remarks.

    Questions To Think About:

    I believe the time is becoming crucial: I believe, http://www.theinquiry.ca will be “shut down”, “closed out” or face some serious adversity over the next few weeks, as “the system” will yet again, attempt to “deal with” Perry Dunlop. I suspect, the “mainstream news media” will follow its “marching orders” or become “silent”, regarding this “file”

    MAKE no mistake about it, http://www.theinquiry.ca and Sylvia MacEachern, are no favourites of The Attorney General’s Office, The Cornwall Public Inquiry, many of the “parties” granted funding/standing at the “Inquiry” and definitely not, many of the lawyers, who are representing their “clients”.

    Sylvia has followed this “file” since the early 1990’s. I believe, she is the ONLY reporter or journalist, including “freelance journalists”, to do so.
    In addition, it is my opinion, she is the ONLY person, who provides well researched information, facts and insight, surrounding, this “file” i.e.) “file”=“Project Truth” and related as well as the “Cornwall Public Inquiry” and related from in or about 1993.

    In three years, only one “mainstream news media” reporter, has published one or two articles, eluding to her website http://www.theinquiry.ca

    Sylvia has e-mailed me, indicating she receives anywhere from five-thousand (average day) “hits” to her website, up to seventeen-thousand “hits”, recorded during the Perry Dunlop appearance(s) at the “Inquiry”.

    HOWEVER, it appears many of the “mainstream” as well as the “pack” gathered daily, at the “Inquiry”, go out of their way, to avoid mention or “attention” to her website; although, “we” know they “read” it. It is also my belief, many reporters and others believe her website is an invaluable resource, with very valuable information.

    The “issues” surrounding this “file” are tremendous and voluminous to say the least. For the “laymen” or unrelated professional, much of the information is difficult to understand. That’s why, new “reporters” on the scene, for “high profile” events, often “report” misinformation, which then is further misinterpreted by “reader’s, listeners or viewers”. This “file” is TOO extensive for a thirty second news “bite”.

    Only recently, in January 2008, have other parts of Canada been “given access” to this story. How accurate has it been portrayed? I believe, the aforementioned is a devastating consequence of news-media reorganization, control, social control, censorship, the regionalizing and dissemination of newsworthy stories, etc., etc; (all changed in the past twenty years..why??) (Research my allegation)

    In fact, I believe, there may only be “one” news source in Canada, (“Canadian Press”). “Canadian Press” secures a “story” and then sells it to all the newspapers, television news, radio news, etc….for broadcast.

    So, basically the same story appears in all news reporting agencies, which are RELATED and/or subsidiaries of one or two “conglomerates” like “Quebecor”, which, by the way, recently went into bankruptcy protection.

    BUT one of my points is, how reliable or accurate is the story?

    WHAT ever happened to the “anti-combines” (“Google “anti-combines”) investigations into the news media “monopolies” commenced in the 1970’s and early 1980’s?

    What were the “results” and subsequent “reactions” by government and industry?

    FURTHERMORE: the “newer” reporters “of today”, who weren’t alive in the 1970’s and never experienced a different news media, reporter or journalist, “assume” “this is the way” an “OPEN SYSTEM” operates. They as “others” believe nepotism, cronyism, favouritism, censorship, protectionism, etc., is necessary and the “accepted NORM” by “ALL”.

    “They” witness superiors, including “high ranking” public officials, evading investigation and not being held accountable or responsible for their deviance or delinquent behaviours. There is little or no “consequence” applied to these “officials, people in authority” for their deviance. This “apathy-complacency and irresponsible” behaviour, then is perpetuated and flows “downstream”, “so-to-say”.

    ULTIMATELY, when “shit hits the fan”, the ignorant, the naïve, the weak, the poor, the less fortunate or “the scapegoat-whistleblower”, will pay the price, for EVERYONE.

    DESPITE, “public opinion” or the law, the above will be “FORCED” to pay the price.

    AGAIN, we are on the “fringe”….of what,….dare I suggest, “extreme socialism”, “freedom becomes necessarily usurped and trampled on due to abuse of power.”

    “CONTROL the news media and you CONTROL the Masses.”

    Again, please refer to my “blog-comment” January 25, 2008 referencing, “Only in Canada” remarks.

    Very early on in this “Cornwall Public Inquiry”, one or more lawyers at the Inquiry, complained that Sylvia’s website was “subverting” the “Inquiry”. They further implied Sylvia’s intentions, were to “subvert” the Inquiry’s mandate and/or objectives. (Read the transcripts for the exact wording). (“Google” “subvert”, “insurrection”)

    QUESTION: Do you agree with this “charge” against Sylvia?

    QUESTION: Is Sylvia going to over throw, the “authority”?

    QUESTION: Do you believe http://www.theinquiry.ca should be “closed down?”

    Or, is the “charge” a result of and perception held, by the “power-authority” “systems” etc., which have been left unchecked, far too long?

    In your eyes, how does this “power-authority” react to being challenged?

    QUESTION: Does this “power-authority” react “coercively”, with impunity, against the “dissenters” or “the hero’s”, such as Perry Dunlop or the “journalists” like Sylvia MacEachern?

    MAKE NO MISTAKE ABOUT IT: This “file” is extremely important to the “power-authority” and Perry Dunlop MUST be made an example of, so “the others” will “follow obediently.”

    BUT: I assert, “Marx” misjudged the Middle Class and I believe human “Free Will” Cannot be Suppressed forever.”

    I BELIVE the voices of the people will be heard.

  2. Myomy says:

    It seems that whenever Perry listens to the Law or co-operates in any way with this coercive judicial system it makes his situation worse. He didn’t need to come to Ontario at all but since he did come on legal advice he is forever in their clutches. Is this really the case? Why are they continuing with the bouncing the case from court to court. Perry doesn’t appear in Cornwall so he is summoned to appear in a court in Toronto. He doesn’t show up there so he is ordered to appear in Cornwall. He doesn’t show up so he is again ordered to appear in Toronto. How long will this go on. Government is built on force. They cannot go on piling up instances of contempt forever without using their ultimate power to incarcerate. The legal advice Perry received up to now was all wrong. Why should he not just rely on his gut instinct and ignore the whole thing and all the orders based initially on lies and then on the precedent set by Perry respecting the initial orders. Perhaps there is a law which protects Perry from the Ontario Courts which he has no means of learning about. The whole thing is a continuing bluff and if they don’t soon incarcerate him their bluff will become evident. The next step could well be for the government and judges to paint themselves as big hearted and merciful and just drop the whole charade. They may want respect but this whole process brings down the contempt not only of Perry Dunlop but of all right thinking people who are watching this. It is an honorable thing to be in contempt of this court!! Force without justice is a species of violence. The inquiry is becoming abusive as it looks into the abuse of the past. Let them write an ODE to Perry as they do for others who cannot testify because they are dead. The information is all in the files – let the lawyers have at it. Of course we know that it is not information they want but a chance to embarrass and discredit Perry by slick lawyering. Perry is wise to give this brood of vipers a wide berth on many grounds.

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