The tip of the iceberg?

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Hearings resumed at 0930 hours (9:30 am) this morning, Thursday, 24 January 2008. Ray Hawkins back on the stand for cross-examination. He is currently under cross-examination by Michael Neville (Father Charles MacDonald and Ken Seguin) and, at this moment and sad to say, seems to bending with the breeze. He’s a different man than the one who testified yesterday. The certitude is gone. Kaput!

I missed the first few moments this morning. Have learned however that Justice Glaude unfortunately has a family emergency and must return to his home in Sudbury as soon as possible. Hearings for tomorrow which had just been added yesterday have been cancelled. The plan for today is to run until 1330 hours (1:30 pm).

If cross examination of Hawkins concludes I imagine Mr. Zbar will take the stand for cross-examination.


Perry Dunlop is scheduled to appear at the Ontario Divisional court for sentencing and additional contempt of court charges.

Time: 10:00 am
Date: Monday 28 November 2008.

The address for Ontario Divisional Court is:

130 Queen St. West -Osgoode Hall
Toronto, Ontario
M5H 2N5

Phone number for the court if there is a need for directions or whatever is: 416-327-5100

I don’t believe Perry and Helen will be there. This would be an out of pocket expense. Plus, pending Perry’s last Divisional Court appearance Helen was denied the right and privilege or representing her husband. An unequivocal “no.” I’m sure nothing has changed. Besides, just think about: where exactly would Perry find a “damn good lawyer” devoid of conflict ready to put a career on the line to defend a whistleblower who has the office of the Ontario Attorney General, the Cornwall Police Service, the Ontario Provincial Police, “the Church,” and a goodly number of the Ontario judiciary after his hide?

Not only that, a trip would be an added burden the Dunlops do not need. Their time together with their girls and Perry’s mother is precious. Let them have it. At the end of the day the cards are stacked against Perry. He will be packed off to jail. He knows that. He’s not trying to avoid anything. He’s just cutting out the middle man. It’s sort of a “Go directly to jail. Do not pass Go. Do not collect $200” scenario. It’s going to happen. One way or the other it’s going to happen.

I remind you yet again that the Dunlops need your financial support. They will never ask for it. I do so on their behalf of my own volition. They have given in the past. There are many who have been beneficiaries of the Dunlop generosity. That’s the kind of people they are. Now it’s time to give to them.

Once Perry is arrested he will no doubt be transported back to Ontario. He won’t have to pay for that ticket! But Helen will. She will have to fly herself to Ontario. Perry will need her, and she will want to be where she’s been all along throughout this tortuous ordeal, right by her husband’s side.

Back in the Duncan there’s a house to maintain. And three beautiful but very confused and angry teenage girls. And Perry’s dear heart-broken mother.

It costs money to pay a mortgage and keep the larder stocked.

Be generous. They have given so much.

I plan to head to Toronto on Monday. I need to see this debacle unfold with my own eyes and hear it with my own ears. I need to see and hear first hand.

If you plan to go check around to see if there is someone who wants to attend but has no means of transport, or is afraid to drive in the winter months. If you have a have short drive an extra body is no burden. If a long one, you can split on the gas – and good company will make the trip fly.

Now on to yesterday’s business….

Wednesday, 23 January 2008

What a day!

It was like musical chairs at the Weave Shed.

Sue Lariviere is gone. She was on the stand. Then off the stand. Thanks to Michael Neville’s efforts to protect his clients, Father Charlie and the now deceased Ken Seguin, she was on and off the stand in the twinkle of an eye. Who knows when the ground will be cleared for her return?

Lariviere was gone. Ray Hawkins was called in. The former Regional manager for the Eastern region was on the stand at noon. Hawkins was originally scheduled to testify today. Because of the Neville challenge he was called to testify a day early earlier than anticipated which meant the gathered throng were not prepared to conduct their cross-examinations. In consequence, after Hawkin’s examination-in-chief was conducted no one was prepared to conduct their cross examination.

Hawkins was dismissed. He is back now for cross-examination. I have recapped a portion of his testimony: A Voice of Sanity? I will make a note of the posting on New to the Site on the Home page once it’s up. I use the title solely because I was taken by Hawkins choice of words yesterday when he expressed his outrage over the manner in which area manager Emile Robeert and OPP officer Randy Millar addressed Ken Seguin’s role in what iscommonly referenced as the Varley incident.. Downings indicated he thought the matter might be the tiop of the iceberg. I found those words strangely refreshing 🙂

Once Hawkins was off the stand Roy Zbar, a former Deputy Minister was sworn in.

As I say, musical chairs.

I don’t understand why the Ministry of Correctional Services agitated to get Maurice Zbar on the stand. The only for sure I can gather is that Zbar, a former Deputy Minister to Minister of Correctional Services Norm Sterling in the Michael Harris Conservative government, learned of the Project Truth website in the mid 2000s, perhaps had a quick boo at it, and then became involved in getting an administrative review off the ground. Paul Downing, who testified in December 2007, conducted the review and was anxious to move on to a phase 2 which would allow him to investigate some of the website alloegations in more depth. No. Not allowed. The powers that be seemed happy to conclude that things would be set aright with the removal and relocation of two employees Emile Robert and Jos van Diepen.

Ropbert and van Diepen were relocated. That was that..

Zbar is adamant there was no need for Downing to interview probationers or dig deeper because Correctional the Ontario Provincial Police was already investigating and the ministry had all the faith in the world in the OPP!

Lets’s see what today brings…

Enough for now,



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1 Response to The tip of the iceberg?

  1. prima facie says:

    SO, is Mr. Hawkins a liar or an incompetent idiot too? Or is Mr. Neville a “Master”?
    Incredible how a person can become a “wilted pile of dust” over night. What happened to Mr. Hawkins? From assertive, confident, sure of himself, to, looking like a frightened, incompetent, clown.” VERY, VERY strange, VERY, VERY DISTURBING!!!.
    Was he drinking water from the St. Lawrence River…what??
    Now, at the hands of Mr. Neville. (please refer to my comment/blog of yesterday January 23, 2008 entitled, “LAWYERS GONE WILD.”)
    Believe me, it is VERY simple to drive a truck through anyone’s statements….anyones and Mr. Neville’s job is, in part, to manipulate wording and to “cast” doubt on the credibility of witnesses.

    Mr. Hawkins has retreated into hiding….he should have told Mr. Neville, (….that is why you have local management and despite what you are saying Mr. Neville, “THE RULES are THE RULES, PROCEDURE is PROCEDURE”, now follow them.” )
    WHAT HAS HAPPENED IN LESS THAN sixteen hours???

    HOWEVER: In addition, as was yesterday, the testimony of this mornings witness,
    Mr. Hawkins is very revealing. Mr. Hawkins has reiterated his assertions where, he came to particular beliefs about the Cornwall Probation and Parole Offices and Probation and Parole Officers, based on the information he was provided with.
    This witness also reiterated he does not believe he had adequate information to come to the more obvious and accurate beliefs. Mr. Hawkins, further stated he would have come to different beliefs if he had been able to review ALL the information.

    I ask, why was he given “handpicked” information and/or incomplete information?

    MY BELIEF :I believe the “Ottawa Police Service” investigation regarding the “Cornwall Community Police Service” experienced similar treatment when The “Ottawa Police Service” attempted to conduct their investigation and submitted their report.


    1-Do you think you can only come to a belief-conclusion, based on what information is given to you for your review?

    2-Let’s say I give you a four-hundred page book to read and then I ask you to write a report on pages one through two-hundred.

    3-Let’s say, I then, ask you to complete the book and write a report on pages one to four-hundred.

    4-Do you believe you “could” have different beliefs-conclusions, between the readings?

    5-Do you believe that reading pages one to two-hundred is a “complete” and “accurate” report about the four-hundred page book?

    As Mr. Hawkins has testified he would have come to different beliefs-conclusions if he had all the information, it is my opinion, based in the same light, that the “Ottawa Police Service”, were not provided with “complete” and/or “accurate” information and consequently; published, “incomplete and “inaccurate” conclusions and reports.

    VERY DANGEROUS, wouldn’t you say.

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