Swaying in the breeze

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It’s all over until Monday 04 February 2008. Today’s business was finished at 12:30 pm. There were no witnesses on deck. Away went the gathered throng.

I am tidying up my post, now renamed “The tip of the Iceberg”? Hawkin’s cross-examination of this morning has compelled me to add a few additional comments.

Terribly disappointing I must say to see Hawkins dissolve on the stand. I didn’t particularly think he was without blame or blemish, but at least once upon a time he seemed to have certitude on certain matters and was prepared to take a strong stand on what he viewed as right and wrong and acceptable and unacceptable behaviours for probation officers. That he seemed to fall shy in exercising his authority as a regional manager for the Ministry is another matter.

But, there he was this morning – buckling and bending and swaying in the breeze at almost the every prompt and suggestion of Michael Neville (Father Charles Macdonald and Ken Seguin).
Figure it out!

Anyway, I will have it up shortly.

Maurice Zbar took the stand and underwent cross-examination. Take it from Mr. Zbar, the Ministry of Correctional Services is definitely without blemish in this whole sordid affair!

There was testimony from Zbar, and has been testimony in the past, which would indicate the ministry pondered firing both Emile Robert and Jos van Diepen after Paul Downing completed the “administrative review.” Apparently subsequent to or during the review ministry lawyers were consulted – solicitor-client privilege!! – and both men were removed from the Cornwall office and relocated elsewhere.

Yes, ‘the while truth and nothing but the truth so help me God’ is all tucked away under solicitor-client privilege. In this instance the ministry warrants what other witnesses have not – the inviolable seal of solicitor-client privilege. Perry’ and David Silmer’s solicitor-client privilege was, you may recall revoked in whole or in part in the twinkle of a commissioner’s eye. Commission counsel wanted it revoked. Voila! It was done.

Not so the ministry.
Zbar would say only that the the ministry sought and acted on legal advice. Other testimony, I don’t recall from whom, implied that firing the pair would give rise to grievances and that in turn would give rise to ‘bad publicity. Yes indeed. I suppose it would have. And lawsuits no doubt?

God help us all.
Lots to do. Still today’s media to post. I also have a document related to Perry’s pending court appearance to get up on the site. Keep an eye to New to the Site on the Home page.

Enough for now,



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4 Responses to Swaying in the breeze

  1. Myomy says:

    It is good to see that the role of too much union protection of civil service jobs is part of the problem. The managers hands are tied. This is something that Dallas Lee got out of the top manager. That was the gist of the legal opinion which he acted on. If they can roll back the union protection to protect young people from abusers it would be a step in the right direction.

  2. prima facie says:

    January 24, 2008

    In Re: Your “blog” entry entitled, “Swaying In The Breeze” dated Thursday January 24, 2008 and regarding testimony by “Maurice Zbar” about an “Administrative Review.”

    Sylvia, in part, you write, “Apparently subsequent to or during the review, ministry lawyers were consulted, solicitor-client-privilege!!-and both men were removed from the Cornwall Office and relocated elsewhere.”

    Does this practice of, “removing and relocating” sound familiar?

    Also regarding the Ontario “Attorney General’s Office.”

    In this matter, The Attorney General’s office is one of the “accused” or at least, one of the “parties” granted funding and standing who are, really trying to defend itself at this “Public Inquiry”, yet it is the Attorney General’s Office which “called” this Inquiry and wrote the now, “infamous” mandate. In addition, it is the Attorney General’s Office who is paying Commissioner Glaude’s salary.

    FURTHERMORE, it is the Attorney General’s Office who dispatched news releases, during Inquiry proceedings with impunity, in an effort to influence public opinion and “protect themselves”.

    AND it is the “Attorney General’s Office” who is demanding Perry Dunlop be jailed or “blackmailed” into testifying. YES “blackmailed”, ex) “released if he agrees to testify at the Inquiry?” READ the documentation. …ha!!!..Only in CANADA!!! In Canada, you say??? YES, only in CANADA. AND no official personality, willing to stand up and publicly challenge THIS CORRUPT PROCESS. What does this say about the well connected, “old boys Club”?

    Unchecked Power and Authority inevitably leads to CORRUPTION!!

    In this matter, the “Powers” are not only “out of touch”, they are “out of control”!!!

    CAN WE SAY GULAG??? CAN WE SAY TIANANMEN SQUARE?? This is beyond “incredible”. IN CANADA!!!

    IF COMMISSIONER GLAUDE mentions “RULE OF LAW” again, I’ll puke again!!

    THIS has NOTHING to do with “RULE OF LAW”; in this case it has to do with “interpretation of law” and the interpretation of the day from the “RULERS” perspective, and their perception of “GREATER GOOD” and making Commissioner Glaude’s report credible. UNCHECKED POWER-AUTHORITY!!. THIS IS very dangerous.

    MEANWHILE, we Canadians complacently and apathetically sit by, too busy and preoccupied with immediate gratification and self-greed, to “get involved” and say, “I’m not going to take it anymore.”

    WELL, believe me, “WE CANADIANS” are on the fringe of “being too late” to do anything.

    Is this website and this writing an example of “freedom of expression” or is it considered a “threat to National Security?” or in violation of “hate Crimes” legislation?…..believe it, this line of thinking is currently being considered by some, to justify “closing” the site or issuing other sanctions.

    Suppression of dissenting voices and suppression of the facts.

  3. prima facie says:

    January 24, 2008.

    “Mr. Hawkins Testimony” Again: Please refer to my blog/comment of earlier today where I discuss my observations of Mr. Hawkins.

    2 Points to make:

    1) Commissioner Glaude had to intervene at one time as Lawyer Neville “got carried away” with his interpretations and assumptions during his cross-examination of Mr. Hawkins. By this time, Mr. Hawkins was “limp”; he appeared to be “brain dead” so-to-say and just agreed, with everything Neville suggested.

    2) While he sat at the witness table and before Mr. Hawkins even began his testimony today, I commented to a friend, look at him, something is up. “His tail was between his legs.” It was obvious.

    BELIEVE me, it was that clear today; I believe Mr. Hawkins was under severe stress.

    Don’t ANYONE give me this “BULL____ about the “rule of law”. We wouldn’t be here today if the “officials” believed in “the rule of law”. THIS is all about “getting” Perry Dunlop and the preservation of “the sitting elitists”, for the “Greater Good” as they perceive it to be.

  4. prima facie says:

    January 25, 2008.

    Upon reflection, my “Only In Canada Remarks” in an earlier “blog-comment” were remarks sparked from my emotion, anger, frustration and disappointment, surrounding the “activities of the day” at the Weave Shed, among other things..

    To be as brief and concise as possible: (Politics….yuk!!)
    In my earlier blog-comment, I complained about the issues of the day being an, “only in Canada” product. Upon reflection, I made an obviously ignorant statement.
    One needs only to “click” away, for a second of time, to reach the areas of the world, where, various military dictatorships or other oppressive regimes, are suppressing dissenting voices through death and exterminating races, cultures, etc., through ethnic cleansing.

    My concern, lies in, what Canada “purports” to represent compared to what I believe it actually does, in “closed secrecy’ and where we, as a society, are headed.

    I believe suppressing dissenting voices is practiced in different political systems around the world in different “ways”. In extreme measures, I believe the destruction of the dissenting voice is essential, for the “powers” and their “ideals”, to prevail.
    Furthermore, “destruction” of a “dissenting voice” may be defined differently, in different societies. i.e.) social, economic, professional death, may lead to actual physical death, just as an immediate execution. (Google: “suppression of dissent.”).
    Also, (“Google” “social democracy”, moderate socialism” “extreme socialism”).
    ie) “…when the unequal elite inevitably emerges, the concentration of widespread power in a single space must intensify.” “This naturally attracts individuals seeking widespread power, or it corrupts individuals already in power with the lure of the same widespread power.” “…government structures intensify power and control on the upper level which necessarily translates into the usurpation of remaining personal freedoms during its expansion.” “Unchecked power and authority, inevitably leads to corruption.”

    I would argue, in more detail, that, the line between investigation and persecution is very thin.
    In my opinion, Commissioner Glaude, The Ontario Attorney General’s Office, The Ontario Judicial System in general, with impunity and “in-your-face” arrogance, has chosen to cross that “thin line.”

    The final stages in the persecution of Perry Dunlop and his family, will unfold before our very eyes on Monday January 28, 2008 and continue over the next several weeks/months. Unfortunately, many of us will be far too busy and preoccupied to witness this deceitful and malicious attack against our “Charter Rights and Freedoms”.
    I believe what many of us will witness and experience with Constable Perry Dunlop and his family, is UNLAWFUL and a severe abuse and misuse, of POWER, through BLACKMAIL and other “oppressive and coercive” means.

    Additionally, I believe, you will learn today and tomorrow, and further witness over the next few weeks, an unambiguous example of, “the Powers’” blatantly and flagrantly, violating Constable Perry Dunlop’s’ et al, “Charter Rights and Freedoms”, which are enshrined in “The Canadian Bill of Rights”, “Charter of Rights and Freedoms”, as well as other laws, rights, freedoms. In this “file”, “the Powers” do not care about “Rights and Freedoms”. IN THIS TIME of life and for various socio-economic-political, etc reasons, “the Powers” believe in “control”.

    “None are so blind as those who refuse to see.”

    “Alleged victims” and other “victims”, “survivors”, their supporters and Ontario taxpayers, will learn, that “IN LARGE PART” they have been further victimized, by an “out of control system”, trying to protect itself and save-face, for the many “transgressions” and shortcomings, brought on by its own misuse/abuse of power/authority.

    Society has little or no faith in the Ontario-Canadian Justice System, yet, the “Powers” “march on”, arrogantly “wielding” their “power and influence”, under the “guise” of, “For The Greater Good.” SHAME!!!

    The “masses” will eventually see, the writing that has always been on the wall, slapping them on the faces for recognition; they will “discover”, that this “Public Inquiry”, is all about getting the “OFFICIAL GUY, THE INSIDE GUY, THE POLICE OFFICER”, who blew the whistle!!! I believe, this Inquiry has set “whistleblowers” back decades.
    Believe me, “OFFICIALS” such as Perry Dunlop are being taught a “lesson”; that is what this “Inquiry” is all about. “BELIEVE IT OR NOT”.

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