A fairy tale

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Hearings resume at 1300 hours (1 pm) this afternoon, Monday 14 January 2008. Perry Dunlop is supposed to testify but has made clear in the past and in recent media interviews he won’t be there. He is now headed for jail. The cop who blew the whistle on a cover-up of sex abuse allegations against a Roman Catholic priest and probation officer is headed for jail.

The well connected alleged”paedophiles of Cornwall can sleep tight. That’s the way it’s been for years. That’s the way it’s going to stay. The same old same old. Those who sexually violate our youth are endowed with more rights than you can shake a stick at.
Our children are our most precious asset? Right! Let the real and ‘”alleged”paedophiles run loose. Leave the children at risk. What’s a child molester’s little slip up here and there compared to his right to freedom and privacy and presumption of innocence? When it comes to child sexual abuse it’s the molester, and the molester alone, who warrants our protection and sympathies. To heck with the children.

It’s barbarian to put it mildly.

But, desperate strokes for desperate folks. In that vein those intent on defending the indefensible are madly re-circling the wagons in a frantic attempt to sway public opinion.

Note the article in the Freeholder today. That’s another George Bonnell Canadian Press story. It was released yesterday.

Interesting isn’t it? George Bonnell has been busy busy busy getting stories out- a great platform for Claude McIntosh et al. to stir and implant their anti-Perry, anti-paedophile-ring, anti-cover-up sentiments.

A few quick comments on the article:

(1) Peter Engelmann “”admitted Dunlop’s expected boycott will leave ‘gaps’ in the story the inquiry has been mandated to tell.”

I am so tired of the prattle about people telling their stories. Not testimony. Stories.

Did you ever hear tell of a witness at trial being asked to tell his “ story”? Not likely. But, just like time after time we were told no one would be forced to testify, time after time at this inquiry we hear that witnesses are invited to take the stand to tell their story! The victims do not get a chance to tell their story. Far from it. Their story/testimony/interrogation is controlled by commission.

Now we hear the lead commission counsel tell us the inquiry has been mandated to tell the story of Cornwall?! It should be quite a story!!!

(2) “there’s never been any evidence of a pedophile ring.”

Someone’s not paying attention. There has been and is ample evidence of a paedophile ring, or clan or whatever they want to call a group of molesters who socialize on a regular basis and have a number of victims in common.

(3) “For McIntosh, who counts himself among the inquiry’s critics,”

McIntosh, a friend of some of the “alleged” paedohiles of Cornwall, is in truth a long time critic of Perry Dunlop and anyone who alleges a paedophile ring and cover-up.

(4) “The story grabbed national headlines and prompted a police investigation, dubbed Project Truth, that ended in only one conviction and found no evidence of a ring.”

One paedophile conviction in Cornwall. One paedophile convicted in Quebec who was found not guilty in Cornwall (same victim). One ‘not guilty enough.’ Two Charter rights “walks” on Perry Dunlop’s back. Four suicides.

That was Project Truth.

There have been a number of convictions apart from Project Truth of men connected to the Project Truth suspects, for example: Roman Catholic school teacher Robert Sabourin, Roman Catholic school teacher Marcel Lalonde, Milton MacDonald (father of Cornwall Crown attorney Miurray MacDonald), former Alexandria Cornwall priest Father Gilles Deslaurier James Lewis (friend of Nelson Barque), Killer Gagon (friend of priests at the former Classical College), Father Paul Desilets (Viatorian priest who o0nce taught at Classical College)

(5) Claude McIntosh says: “The inquiry has been seriously undermined by Leroux’ recanting of his story and Perry Dunlop’s refusal to testify.”

The inquiry was undermined by the Ministry of the Attorney General from the get go when it deftly sidestepped the allegations of a paedophile ring and cover-up which gave rise to call for an inquiry. It was further undermined when it placed the mandate in the hands of an Ontario judge engulfed in red flags and receiving his pay check from the Ministry of the AG.

That aside I’m hard pressed to see how McIntosh can conclude Ron Leroux recanted anything. Ron didn’t know what he was saying from one minute of his ever-evolving testimony to the next. By the time he finished his examination in chief he was so totally confused he said he didn’t know what happened any more. It was obvious to those who know Ron that something was seriously amiss from the moment he took the stand. He was clearly in no shape mentally or emotionally to testify.

As for Perry, well, he took the stand and was fully prepared to read his Will State into evidence. That’s the meat and potatoes of Perry’s “story.” Permission denied.

And we’re to fall for the line they want to hear people’s stories?

(6) “Indeed, the term “clan of pedophiles” was concocted by Dunlop and his lawyer, Charles Bourgeois, Leroux told the inquiry:

Anyone who knows Ron has heard him talk freely and frequently about a clan of paedophiles.


Never forget that we were publicly told that (1) this is not a Project Truth inquiry, (2) Justice Glaude decided eons ago – without hearing one “story”or word of testimony form a real or “alleged”victim”! – that the “rumour”and innuendo” swirling around Cornwall on his arrival were false, and (3) no one but no one would be forced to testify at the inquiry againsty his/her will.

As far as stories go, a fairy tale.

Enough for now,


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  1. prima facie says:

    January 14, 2008

    “Desperation and The Cornwall Public Inquiry…continued…”

    Today at approximately 1300hrs, the “parties” to the “Cornwall Public Inquiry”, including Commissioner Glaude and Commission Counsel, Peter Engelmann, will come “face-to-face” with the reality that, “blacklisted” Police Constable Perry Dunlop, a “former” reputable, highly trained and decorated, employee, with the “Cornwall Community Police Services-The City of Cornwall”, will not appear at “The Cornwall Public Inquiry”.
    I believe Commissioner Glaude and the gathered “throng” of “reporters and legal counsel,” will be anything but surprised. HOWEVER, visible or not, I believe, Commissioner Glaude et al, will be attempting to restrain, “seething anger.”

    In fact, I believe the “anger” will be equally felt in various, Police Offices, religious venues, law offices and Municipal, Provincial, Federal, political offices, including the Attorney General’s Office, in Ontario, and, across various Canadian Provinces,
    United States venues, as well as, other international locations.
    IN MY OPINION; more than ANY other witness, even Ron Leroux, Constable Perry Dunlop, was/is, clearly, “the target”. As I and others have stated from the inception of this “Inquiry”, I would have preferred to see a, “Joint- Provincial/Federal”, “Judicial Inquiry”, surrounding many of the very disturbing issues, discovered in “Project Truth” and related investigations, including the management, thereof, etc., etc.
    HOWEVER, many of the extremely important AUTHENTIC, “issues” and witness testimony or investigative “conclusions”, have NEVER been disclosed publicly and NEVER will,…not at this “Public Inquiry” anyway; the “GREATER GOOD”??
    In addition, as Sylvia has discussed many times, this public inquiry “mandate” was/is seriously flawed. I believe it is designed to, re-write the facts, exonerate the “accused, their protectors and supporters” and “destroy” the whistleblower. Convincing “the masses” is proving to be more difficult than anticipated. (I urge reader’s to research and/or “Google”, “Public Inquirries”the definitions, intentions, reasons for, including the pro’s and cons of “Public Inquiries”.) Then, review the “history” back to 1993, the current mandate, transcripts and testimony. “YOU DECIDE!!

    DESPERATION: BUT, as clearly witnessed in a “letter-to-the-editor”, written by
    “Paul-Andre Durocher,” “Bishop of Alexandria-Cornwall,” dated, “13 December 2007” and entitled, “Reference to false allegations is not fair,” it appears “The Church et al” are still not yet satisfied, they are “exonerated enough” by Commissioner Glaude and this “Public Inquiry”; even though, most or “all” of their “accused” have “walked”.
    Further signs of “desperation”: Incredibly, in a Cornwall “Standard-Freeholder” article, which appeared in the “online edition,” dated “Jan. 11, 2008” and entitled, “Former top cop fights back”, “Posted By Elizabeth Johns” (she posted it, did she write it?), former police chief Claude Shaver, is let lose, to “proclaim” his uncorroborated, public defense, with impunity. Claude Shaver explains he started his own website to “rebut”, allegations made by Ron Leroux and appearing on various other websites.

    Claude Shaver is unchallenged and his “assertions” were obviously never researched, validated, confirmed or corroborated. He “spews” factual error after factual error.
    In this “more like a” press-release, by Claude Shaver, he states in part, “Even though Leroux recanted…” ; Shaver doesn’t mention, that, other than people such as himself, or, “desperate one’s” and the local news media, no one has “ruled” anywhere that Leroux’s, partial, confusing and “potentially rehearsed-coerced” testimony, is in fact, “recanted” testimony. However, for the, so-called “Greater Good”, as I discuss in previous blog-comments, this may change. MORE IMPORTANTLY; is “the fact” other witnesses, at this “Public Inquiry” put Claude Shaver, at “the scene”. READ THE TRANSCRIPTS!!
    In his, perceived, “press release” Claude Shaver states, “….he posted articles that appeared in the “Standard-Freeholder”, and one from “The Globe and Mail,” “mostly about when a city man recanted some allegations included in an affidavit.”
    I believe, “The Globe” story is most likely the, (as I see it) misinformed “Margaret Wente” article(s) which Sylvia has posted in her website data base. Over the years, Ms. Wente, has strangely, “missed the boat”, in two very significant stories. These publications are now utilized by “desperate” people. Other postings on Mr. Shaver’s site are equally as, one-sided.

    IN FACT, Claude Shaver DOES NOT post testimony or stories of witnesses at the public inquiry who, place Claude Shaver, “at the scene.” Why Not.
    Is everyone a liar, with exception to particular, “prominent citizen’s”? Is Ron Leroux a liar and mentally ill patient, only when he makes assertions that, particular, “prominent citizens, their protectors and supporters”, don’t agree with?

    To be truthful; in my opinion, the witness(es) who testified about Claude Shaver, were vigorously badgered and challenged to change their testimony and provide testimony that would “absolve-exonerate” Claude Shaver, of ever engaging in any perceived, untoward, behaviours. They were badgered by Commission Counsel and various other lawyers, but, they bravely, “stuck” to their “testimony.”

    Claude Shaver is eager to testify at the Inquiry…duh!! No kidding. He proclaims, “I’m coming back no matter what, I look forward to testifying.” NO KIDDING. Talk about a perceived, Claude Shaver friendly environment…”The Cornwall Public Inquiry.”

    AND well Claude McIntosh, columnist for the Cornwall “Standard-Freeholder”. All I can say is, “this guy is consistent” and has been, since this all started back in 1993, when he was, “Associate-Editor” of the paper. He, with the power of the paper, in my opinion, has been anything but “objective”, in the role as a newspaper Associate-Editor, columnist. In fact one retired local politician John Cleary, stated the “local news media, i.e. “Standard-Freeholder” was mostly responsible for “fanning the flames” of acrimony in Cornwall and Area. See the most recent “desperate” spin by Mr. McIntosh, in an article dated, “January 13, 2008” written by, “Gregory Bonnell,” “THE CANADIAN PRESS” and entitled, “Key witness expected to be a no-show as Cornwall sex abuse inquiry resumes.” Provocatively, but not surprisingly, Claude McIntosh, is the “go-to-guy” or “contact”, for news researchers/seekers, surrounding this story and related stories, from 1993 (mostly all owned by the same Media Monopoly) ”Is this part of the “Greater Good” design…”Claude McIntosh”
    Currently: The Cornwall “powers that be” look like they are pretty well “set-up” for a, “let’s move on”, blame Perry et al, attack. A secure fortress, for the “GREATER GOOD” philosophy, I mean. Claude McIntosh, in my opinion, is VERY well acquainted with a very informed, powerful “group” of people. “Google” Bob Kilger, current Mayor of Cornwall, who is also the past, local, Member of Federal Government and “Speaker of the House of Commons”, b-“Google” Guy Lauzon, the current, local Member of the “sitting” Government and “a” previous Manager with the Federal Government , Human Resources Development Canada offices or assignments therein, situated in Cornwall,
    c-“Google” Jim Brownell, the current local, Member of Provincial Government and previous school teacher in the area, etc. ALSO available, are the very powerful, consultants of the area. (“Google” Don Boudria,”Google” Ed Lumley-who, as disclosed in a biography, the person who secured the “unqualified” Claude McIntosh, with his first newspaper job opening. “Google”, Noble Villeneuve, “Google” Ontario Judge Bruce MacPhee, there are many more…but all, excellent “consultants”, fellow social acquaintances and “fellow” Member’s of similar community based, social, political and religious memberships, associations/organizations and similar.

    CAN anyone begin to “wonder” WHY people are quiet and why “they are afraid” to come forward?

    As an “outsider” who lived and worked in Cornwall for ten years, I saw the “connections” and much more.

    Many residents continue to assert to me and others; “the only way to get the “story into the open” is from “outside” people.”

    Believe me, the “GREATER GOOD” story will be disseminated, BUT, the longtime residents of Cornwall and Area, have another “story.”

  2. prima facie says:

    1317hrs: Well, with the formalities officially aside. Let’s send Perry to jail and let the Dunlop’s get on with life.

    Something the “Inquiry” and the “Desperate One’s” will never be able to do..that is, “move on”..they may say they will, but, no way and despite nearly all “the accused”, “walking”…..why?? Because of “the truth”.

    I suspect, suppressing “truth” is very “painful”, both in an official capacity, such as a “Public Inquiry” and also, “personally”, for human beings to do. Again, this is why, “we” are still dealing with ALL of this in 2008.

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