Unfortunate faux pas

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Mission accomplished! A new computer ;).

I am sitting amidst a sea of cables, directions and boxes. Everything’s plugged in and hooked up – and it’s working! So far so good. I still have to work at getting email set up and files and software transferred, but it’s falling into place. What a treat to spend an hour at the keyboard without a crash!

Had hoped to get some articles posted but I’m not quite there yet. I will however link here externally to an article which ran yesterday in the Victoria Times Colonist. I”ll post it on the site tomorrow.

A bit disappointing to see a rather major, and for Cornwall in general and Perry Dunlop particular, problematic error. Understandable for a reporter new to the complexeties of Cornwall, but disappointing.

According to the article David Silmser reported his sex abuse allegations against Father Charlie to Perry Dunlop. Not so. Nothing could further from the truth. Those intent on protecting älleged” paedophiles by pillorying Perry and accusing him of ‘conspiring’ to levy false allegations against pillars of the community will love that little faux pas.

The fact is that back in September 1993 the Dunlops didn’t know Dave from Adam. I believe there’s more than ample evidence to conifrm that fact.

So, under these particular circumstances, a very unfortunate faux pas.

Bord made the same errror. He claims to know both Perry and Dave. All I can say is he can’t know either too well or he’d never have come up with that.


Note the Ottawa Citizen article which showed up online yesterday. Peter Engelmann et al wil be waiting for Perry at the Weave Shed at 1 PM tomorrow (14 January 2008)!! Perry hasn’t told them he won’t be coming!!! I added a few comments to put that into context. I will leave it at that.


And then of course, there’s Claude McIntosh fretting about about his nemesis, taking a crass swipe at Perry, launching an equally heartless run at Garry Guzzo, and thoughtfully pondering the state of affairs of Sean Adams. As for his thoughts about ‘”another” fundraising drive for Perry, well, Mr. McIntosh can put his busy mind to rest – the fund raining drive is already well under way, – and will continue for the forseable future. The need is great.


A final note. An online poll at the Cornwall Standard Freeholder two days asked: “Do you support Perry Dunlop’s decision not to appear at the Cornwall Public Inquiry. The results were decisive: Yes: 71%

No: 29%.


Keep the Dunlop family in your prayers. As much as the decision has been made that jail is preferable to the coliseum Weave Shed curtroom the pressure the family is under these days is intense. I talked to Perry’s mother a few days ago. She’s a lovely lady. She has spent the past couple of months helping the family to navigate these troubled waters. But she too is feeling the pressure. That’s her boy. When Heather momentarily let her mind wander to what might happen to Perry in jail she broke down. What will they do to him?

Yes indeed. What will they do to her boy? Look what they’ve done to him already.

God help us all. How, dear Lord, have we come to this?

Enough for now,


Apologies for typos – worse than my usual I know. I don’t have my spell check activated yet.

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  1. prima facie says:

    January 13, 2008. UPDATED


    “It’s Clear; This Cornwall Public Inquiry Was/Is All About Constable Perry Dunlop”.

    “It’s ALL Perry’s Fault”. As far as some people are concerned,
    “The Cornwall Public Inquiry” and maybe the World will now fall apart, because of Constable Dunlop’s decision not to return to testify: GET REAL!!! How does one man have so much power? (truth?). IN MY OPINION, there is only one thing that keeps “an issue” on the burner as long as this “issue” has been on the burner: that is, “cover-up”.

    WATCH OUT NOW!! The one’s who will complain and blame Perry the most, are the REAL conspirators, with something dreadful to continue hiding. BEWARE OF DESPERATE PEOPLE!!

    For various reason’s, I believe the “real conspirators”, many of the “accused” and their “protectors-supporters”, including the “opportunists”, are devastated and in “desperation”, now, that Constable Perry Dunlop has, “MOVED ON”. It is my opinion, the re-writing of history and the destroying of Perry, at the Inquiry venue, was essential……for the “Greater Good”(read on”.)
    The attending “lawyers” and the Inquiry was/is NOT Dunlop “friendly”, by any means. After months now, not one of the over fifty lawyers or “the Inquiry”, really represented the fact that sexual abuse existed, etc., or that there are “really” “victims”. “The Victim’s Group” lawyers, in my opinion, “have their hands tied” and they are basically “gagged” because of their dual-role as, civil litigation lawyers, for the “alleged victims” et al. In my opinion, they are a disgusting “bunch” of “toothless”, “opportunistic” and “ineffective” participants, at this Inquiry. Make no mistake about it, many “alleged” victims have “quietly” “settled $$$” since 1995 and are afraid to have their stories publicized; furthermore, many have “very quietly” “settled $$$$” since the Inquiry began. Mark my words, $$$$ will only last for so long.
    Make no mistake about it, many “alleged” victims would NEVER have “settled $$$”, unless Constable Perry Dunlop, had helped, the helpless, as he and Helen Dunlop did.

    “THE DUNLOP’S”: Yet, let us discuss the psychological, financial and emotional torture the Dunlop family has endured. I believe, they will NEVER “heal”. Hopefully, they “attain” skills that will help them, “understand, deal with and cope with”, the pain and suffering, they have been forced to endure.
    In my opinion, based on the facts, this family has been persecuted and “destroyed”, intentionally, and through design, commencing in or about 1993.
    In other cultures, “dissenting voices” such as Perry’s, would have been “managed” differently, but with equally as destructive and potentially, life-ending, results; (can we say “Gulag” or “Tianemen Square”?)

    Previous to 1993, Dunlop was a “poster-boy “Cop””, a highly respected and decorated Police Constable, working for the City of Cornwall, Ontario, CANADA.

    Well Perry, it’s on to the “next step” leave this “mess” behind…
    JAIL is next, then the next step……easy for me to say, isn’t it?

    The rest of you “clowns” can continue to re-write the “facts” if you want and say what you want, but, Cornwall and Area citizen’s, know the truth and they have always known the truth; believe me. Future anticipated litigations will re-affirm what they already know.

    I urge reader’s to reflect…., what do you think was “the real” reason the “accused”, “their protectors/supporters” and “The Inquiry” needed Constable Perry Dunlop to “appear” at the Inquiry? FOLLOW THE FACTS!!!

    I say, “Bravery versus Desperation”

    As we see in some news media publications, on television, today and “lately” and as I have previously “commented”, very “DESPERATE PEOPLE” and their “supporters,” “rant on”, “spewing”, “factual errors”, uncorroborated, malicious statements and accusations, threats, fairy tails, rumour and innuendo. Some will never “learn”, will they?

    “BEWARE of DESPERATE PEOPLE and THEIR SUPPORTERS”, especially if they “hold” positions of POWER, AUTHORITY and INFLUENCE.

    TO READER’S: You can “secure” the “truth”, if you follow, “the facts”. Not the rumour, not the innuendo and certainly NOT the “representations” and so called reporting, by many news media. Recent “stories” are replete with factual error and written by uninformed, “late-coming”, impressionable writer’s, displaying all the “signs and symptoms” of trying “to do a good job”. Unfortunately for “new readers”, the “representations” can easily be misinterpreted. Further research, will discredit the reporters story.
    Also; “DESPERATE” people, in their efforts to exonerate “their accused” and their “supporters”, are relying totally, on so called, “recanted” statements, allegedly made by one or more witnesses. “DESPERATE” people repeat this “assertion” continuously.
    In fact, there is NO such, “well-founded”, “credible” and “reliable” testimony, which Commissioner Glaude declared or could declare/rule, to be a “recanting”. I believe, anything otherwise, would be a deliberate misinterpretation of the “facts”. Furthermore, this “Inquiry” is NOT over. Believe me, anything “can” happen. I believe witness complaints, regarding “pre-conditioning” strategies, venues utilized to conduct the same and subsequent testimony, will become public knowledge, casting a brighter light of skepticism, on the “Inquiry proceedings and some testimony”.

    Uninformed people who read the stories or hear the “misrepresentations” subsequently form their own opinions and “pass them on”, including, the “misrepresentations”.
    The “Desperate One’s” hope, that those “misrepresentations”, and, “misinterpreted, misperceived” “opinions” are taken as truth or “fact.”

    Additionally, representations made by various news media and related “opportunists”, alleging, that “PEOPLE and VICTIMS” everywhere are “hurt” or short-changed, by “Perry’s” decision not to testify, is misleading. ANYONE, who knows the “facts” and has followed “the facts”, since in or before 1993, “KNOWS THE TRUTH” and support Constable Dunlop’s decision NOT to return to the Inquiry. This can be “seen” in two unscientific “polls” conducted in Cornwall recently. One conducted by the local radio station and one by a local newspaper. Each unscientific “poll” discloses over 70%-76% support for Perry’s decision making.

    Are the misrepresentations I mention, a result of, innocent error or design, public opinion forming, lazy reporting?

    Commission Counsel and Commissioner Glaude: Like a self-serving child, seeking immediate gratification and accustomed to, “getting their way”, Inquiry Commission Counsel, Peter Engelmann, recently declared to the news media, something like, “The Cornwall Public Inquiry” will not be held “hostage” by Perry Dunlop’s “testimony”.
    “WOW!!” Firstly, I believe, Mr. Engelmann attempts to extricate himself from any liability, by separating “the person-Perry Dunlop” from “the testimony” he would give; therefore, he uses the words, “Perry’s Testimony”. Secondly, who “really” is the “hostage” in this “power-coercive” environment? (“Google “power-coercive”)
    “DESPERATION”: Why are Mr. Peter Engelmann and “The Inquiry” so desperate?

    “SETTING THE TRAP”: If Mr. Engelmann, the public and Commissioner Glaude, review the transcripts of September 2007 and Nov. 2007, specifically when Perry Dunlop and Helen Dunlop appeared at the “Inquiry”, “everyone” can review, what was said, including, Perry’s “testimony”, the “Will State”. First of all, for “some” reason, the “Inquiry” would not accept his “Will State-Testimony” into the “record”, then, as the record shows, Mr. Engelmann accepts and says, the “Will State” i.e.) testimony, would be entered into the record.

    -Non Verbal Communication and Body Language: Additionally, in the “transcripts”, during the Dunlop’s appearances at the “Cornwall Public Inquiry” and witnessed by myself and others, who were at the Weave Shed, were the interactions between the Dunlop’s, Commission Counsel Peter Engelmann and Commissioner Glaude.
    What was not “seen” by others, other than the one’s who were at the Weave Shed, was how Commission Counsel and Commissioner Glaude, “seemingly”, were falling over each other, each trying, to exonerate the other and take responsibility for what many see as, maliciously, coercing, manipulating, intimidating, lying to and possibly unlawfully, compelling, Perry and Helen Dunlop, to appear at the “Inquiry.” In my opinion, “the esteemed Inquiry counsel and Commissioner” were, surprisingly “caught”, in a clearly pathetic, admission of deception.

    Therewith, Commissioner Glaude disclosed, Commission Counsel and therefore Commissioner Glaude et al, with other “unknown” parties, together, “intended and mutually agreed” to secure authorization, an “Order”, which would “compel” Perry to appear. This “authorization, an Order” was attained, via “ex-parte” application. The Dunlop’s stated they HAD NO IDEA they were being “compelled” or they would have “argued” any “ORDER” or “intentions”, through “legal means” and/or in a Court of Law.
    Commissioner Glaude replied that the Dunlop’s could have stood up for themselves, but they apparently chose not to argue the efforts to compel their appearance. Then, Commissioner Glaude “appearingly” had an “awakening” of understanding. The Commissioner, represented to us, that he just realized, the Dunlop’s, never knew.

    Commissioner Glaude, then asserted the “Greater Good” philosophy, explaining in part, why the Dunlop’s were obviously coerced and compelled to appear; “I have to look at the “Greater Good” and the “Greater Good” is to see what we can do to make things better in Cornwall.” (As this writer has previously written, I urge readers to “Google” or research otherwise, “Aristotle”, “Greater Good”, “Philosophy”, “utilitarianism”. The “Greater Good” philosophy, is NOT Episode 21 of “LOST” but, it is a philosophy, in part, discussing, how it is okay to destroy “one or more”, rightly or wrongly, if it is “deemed to be and/or perceived” that it will be better for “the whole”. (I ask, from whose “perspective, perception, interpretation”, power, control or “Ivory Tower”, etc. Who has “authorized” such an autocratic, arbitrary, “discriminatory”, strategy?”
    As this writer interprets it, the “Cornwall Public Inquiry et al” deceived the Dunlop’s. (“Google “ex-parte” or see a Canadian Law Dictionary: (one example: “ex parte”
    “..such an application is only made in cases of emergency where it is not possible to give the adverse party notice of the proceedings.”).
    Very disturbingly, is the “fact” that NONE of the related, “communications, intentions, “acts”, applications, proof of service,” etc., were “recorded” in the “Inquiry” data banks or “records”.(INCREDIBLE). Instead, esteemed lawyer and Commission Counsel, Peter Engelmann, kept any “documents” in his possession and undisclosed. As it “MAY APPEAR” to some people, WHY did Mr. Engelmann, feel it necessary, to keep Commissioner Glaude, “ignorant” of these actions and “out-of-the-loop”? READ THE TRANSCRIPTS!! ALSO: At the end of the day, Commissioner Glaude stated that if anyone had problems with what happened, re: compelling the Dunlops, then he (Commissioner Glaude) would be the one to “name”, in the complaints or other.
    AND Commissioner Glaude “instructed”, the Dunlop’s. He implied that, despite whatever “means” were utilized, that “brought” the Dunlop’s to the Inquiry”, they were in fact, there. Therefore the implication is, the Dunlop’s acknowledged the validity of the Inquiry, etc.. Consequently, this implied, Perry had to attend again.
    JUST INCREDIBLE manipulation, wouldn’t you reader’s say?
    if the “transcripts” have been “mysteriously” expunged from the Cornwall Public Inquiry website, then I’m certain Sylvia can find a way for you to get a copy of them.

    In my opinion and the opinion of scholars with whom I have discussed this matter; they all agree, in this context, the requirement for “ex-parte” application is questionable to say the least. “Ex-parte application” in this context is unnecessary and perceived as being secretive, deceptive, “obstructive” and possibly malicious. In this context, the “motives” of the “applicant” MUST be thoroughly examined and scrutinized.

    What about other “liability” to the date of this writing? Seems like a “prima facie” case to me.

    READER’S I ask you to reflect. Based on the aforementioned alone, do you believe the “Inquiry” proceedings, to be a “trustworthy” venue and a “safe” environment, for someone, such as Perry Dunlop, to be cross examined, in “good faith?” Cross-examined by a group of fifty, highly trained lawyers, interested in ONLY ONE THING, discrediting you, casting “doubt” on the “allegations” and protecting their clients-“the accused”, AT ANY COST to anyone?? WOULD YOU APPEAR? I WOULDN’T!! Deceitful and untrustworthy.

    I ask reader’s to think again, “WAS THIS INQUIRY ALL ABOUT PERRY DUNLOP or NOT?” I believe, yes.
    To the date of this writing, there is not even an admission, that there “was/is” a problem or that victims of sexual abuse existed, even though many “alleged” victims, have been “paid off”, “receiving compensation”, “contained”, “silenced”, “influenced”, “gagged”, etc., with a variety of Court Ordered, “publication bans”, etc. Does anyone know, for certain, what is clear to date? This I believe is not by “chance”. This, I believe is through “design”. There are over fifty, highly paid, mal-practice, liability insurance carrier, lawyers (including Mr. Peter Engelmann, Commission Counsel. “Google” “Sack, Goldblatt, Mitchell”), most or all of whom, will go to any “measures” to “protect” their clients and their objectives, as they were retained to do.

    PERRY DUNLOP and FAMILY ACCEPTANCE: ”Constable Perry Dunlop” and the Dunlop family, more than anyone else, clearly understand the consequences of “his-their” brave “choice”, not to return to the “Cornwall Public Inquiry” and therewith, defying a “Divisional Court” ruling/”Order”.
    In addition, I believe, Constable Perry Dunlop, is ready to accept responsibility and accountability, including the consequences, for his actions. He and his family are “moving on”, “serving the time” and then taking “the next steps”, later in life.
    Constable Perry Dunlop, an unemployed “Cop”, but still, a highly trained and dedicated “Cop”, will NOT attempt to run or hide, he will not attempt to declare insanity, stress or any mental illness, as a cause, for his decision making. Perry, the Dunlop family and Helen’s biological family (Chisholm’s) are, hardworking, kind, generous, very positive members of our society.

    TOO BAD!!! If only “OTHERS” in 1993, had chosen to be as “brave” and do the same thing, instead of running off to the “Papal Nuncio”, retaining lawyers and “laying blame at the feet of the innocent.” We wouldn’t be here today, would we?
    And, we wouldn’t have to watch and listen to the “DESPERATE” one’s scream denials, accuse, threaten and lay blame others.

    BELIEVE me; the “DESPERATE” ones are very upset Perry is gone.
    But don’t worry, “DESPERATE ONE’S”, “mark my words”, I believe Commissioner Glaude et al, will still attempt to make things okay in Cornwall for you, when he prepares and submits his report, for the “GREATER GOOD.”

    WAIT, Time will tell everything.

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