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Perry Dunlop says No.  He will not be at the Weave Shed on Monday, 14 January 2007.  He will not testify.

A Canadian Press story by Dirk Meisner hit the newswires yesterday.  In an exclusive faced to face interview Perry told Meissner that he will not testify, he has lost faith in our judicial system and he is prepared to face the consequences.

That answers the question.  Many have been wondering and asking: will Perry show up in Cornwall?  Will he testify?

I personally didn’t believe he would.  I knew there was always room for a last minute change of mind, but after his last two trips to the Weave Shed each time repeating the same message I really didn’t think he would go.

I support his decision 100%.  To put it bluntly, Perry’s damned if he does and he’s damned if he doesn’t.

If Perry ‘testifies’ his every word will be put under a microscope, parsed and married against his every other word of one year ago, five years ago, ten years ago.  Then his every word would be married against every muddled word which came from the mouth of Ron Leroux.  Then his ever word would be married against every word and bit of spin doctoring that came from the mouths of every justice, lawyer and Crown attorney who has partaken of the Perry vilification and lynching over the years.

On and on and on.  An i not dotted? Perry’s a liar.  A t not crossed? Perry’s committed perjury. A discrepancy? Perry’s a criminal.

Those who know what’s being passed off as “justice” know that’s what worked for Father Charles MacDonald and Jacques Leduc.  That’s how they got off.  Turn a blind eye to conflict of interest.  Spin, twist and distort the truth.  Villify Perry.  Leave poor Jacques Leduc and Charlie alone.  They’ve suffered enough.  They’re innocent until proven guilty. Wrap the “alleged” paedophiles in the Charter.  Get Perry.  He’s fair game.  He’s guilty.  No Charter for those who dare to blow the whistle on “alleged” paedophiles.

If, on the other hand, Perry shows up at the Weave Shed, reiterates his previously rejected offer to read his Will State into the record and refuses to answer questions – another contempt charge and more haranguing that if he wasn’t prepared to answer as bidden he shouldn’t have come in the first place and, as before, he had better dig in to his empty pockets and pay back the money the noble folk at the inquiry vested in his airfare.

Those who know what “they” have done to Perry in the past know that is his fate.  This inquiry was never about getting to the truth of the allegations of a paedophile ring and cover-up.  Read the mandate – the mandate crafted in the offices of the Ontario Ministry of the Attorney General.

A reminder here:  The AGs office is as an institution which is steeped in allegations of cover-up, has standing at the inquiry, has a vested interest in ensuring there is no whiff of ring or cover-up, appointed an Ontario judge engulfed in red flags as a commissioner, and allowed the Cornwall police Service – a party with a known and long standing animus against Perry Dunlop and vested interest in denying a ring and cover-up – to circumvent rules and regulations governing funding for parties with standing by dishing out millions of dollars through the back door to finance unlimited hours of billing for a team of high priced lawyers, researchers, paralegals.

If, on the other hand, Perry doesn’t show up at the Weave Shed, what then?  Well, he’s a criminal.

No matter what he does or doesn’t do Perry is bound for jail. The die was cast when the mandate was crafted. Perry is the villain.  The real and “alleged” paedophiles of Cornwall sport halos – they have suffered enough.

Perry is damned if he does and damned if he doesn’t.  At the end of the day he is villain.

The shame of a nation this is.  The shame of a nation.

I will have more to say over the next few days.

Meanwhile I will post what articles I can track down.  As of yesterday evening the CP article was all over the net.  In most cases it was verbatim.  By the grace of God Canadians from coast to coast will finally find out what has been going on in Cornwall and how far the paedophile-friendly system is willing to go to  protect  those who  stalk, seduce and prey on our children.

Please send links or articles which you happen upon.


An interesting development.  Claude Shaver, or someone acting on the former Chief’s behalf, has launched a website.  Seriously! is, from my perspective, a bit of an undercover or covert operation.  I happened on the site but can see little barring a black and white screen trimmed with gray, i.e., –  a black screen with a white bar here and there, and a horizontal white line here and there which in many instances links to various pages of, all packaged between two gray horizontal side bars.

I did eventually manage to retrieve the text and ascertain that all articles posted on the site to date seem to be those which either vilify Perry and/or focus on Ron Leroux’ muddled testimony and/or deny or denounce allegations of a paedophile ring and cover-up.

The Shaver site is hosted by, a large American-based hosting company which also hosts the Cornwall Public Inquiry website.

What is rather intriguing is that the domain name for the site, i.e.,, has been registered anonymously through Domains by Proxy, Inc.  Why the desire for anonymity with a domain name like is a bit of a mystery. If Claude Shaver didn’t register the domain name, who did? And if he did, why register with a desire for anonymity?

The domain name was acquired 14 August 2007 and has been paid for through to 14 August 2009.

I expect will swing into fuller gear around the time the inquiry hones into the institutional response of the Cornwall Police Service.

I will get back to the Pelletier-Griffiths memo.
Enough for now,



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  1. Myomy says: is not too proud about their content. They hide it by having black text on a black background. You have to highlight it to read the content. They much prefer the new Ron Leroux to the old Ron Leroux and filter out anything that points to a real problem of child abuse in Cornwall.

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