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I am preparing a commentary on Robert Pelletier’s 02 April 1997 memo to Peter Griffiths, the latter then director of Crown attorneys for the Eastern region.
I started on this ‘project’ about a year ago, set it aside for lack of time, and now, for a variety of reasons, believe it is essential to pick it up and address it in whole or at least in part. I will post the memo with comments interspersed after each paragraph. I decided this might be a simpler approach than an article. Anyway, as soon as I have it together and posted I’ll blog.

A note on the information in the above blog link. I said there that Malcolm MacDonald was Crown attorney Murray MacDonald’s uncle. I no longer believe that to be the case and have crossed out the reference. Over the years I had been told alternately that the pair were cousins or that they were uncle and nephew.  When I tried to clarify I concluded they were uncle and nephew.  Not so. I recently came across Malcolm MacDonald’s obituary (un-posted as yet) and in perusing could find nothing to indicate such a relationship.  I gather for all the talk there must have been some blood relationship between the two but at this time I don’t know what it was.  If anyone can enlighten me please send me an email.

I will carry on with the memo…

Enough for now,


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  1. prima facie says:

    It has become apparent to me, there are obviously some heavy “LSD/kool-aid-mix” drinkers out there in colouful ….”LA-LA Land”. You know, the one’s….the, so-called, anti-establishment, “protesters” of the sixties or their “love children” of today…all grown or both of them, in comfortable civil-servant positions or government funded organizations, where they follow a daily “protocol”…no thinking please, just “operations-procedural-manuals”!!!

    Between sips and “petite mal-seizures” a.k.a. “zoning out!!”, they are assessing “THEIR” wishes about what Perry Dunlop should do next….yes, “their” wishes..their “very informed” wishes. I, of course, also refer to this “crop” of “people??” as, “farthandles”, “spouses of civil servants” and or “families working for unaccountable, unresponsible, Government funded businesses or alike.” Yes, how far should I go here….the one’s…..where you don’t have to know how to do anything, you just have to know “someone”….”to get in the door, so to say.”

    They are saying, “….why doesn’t Perry Dunlop just show up and tell his side of the story?” “What has he got to hide?” etc., etc.

    I say, CAN YOU REALLY BELIEVE IT? So simple-minded.

    I mean, these “people?????” are either totally naive, brilliantly ignorant or have something, I mean something, seriously wrong,…like “LSD” or equivalent psychoactive substance and chronic, progressive consumption, resulting in permanent physiological-psychological-psychiatric impairment/damage, which consequently, has “retarded or postponed their cognitive development.” “Google” “cognitive development.

    I ask, have these “people???” been so “spoon fed” their whole lives, that they do not have the “developed skills” to engage in critical thought-hypothetical reasoning or the ability to explore the abstract, investigate, research, study the facts, (LSD therapy???) or, dare I say, “struggle” a little in life to survive?

    It appears to me, that some people watch far too much daytime “soaps” or expect a “drama” to be initiated and concluded, in a one hour, primetime, episode.

    I ask:

    1)-Have any of our reader’s “tried” to give testimony and get the so-called truth out into the open, when “opposing-cross-examinINg” lawyers, and perhaps, even a slightly biased or “ticked-off” Judge/Commissioner, have OTHER ideas on what should be in the “public forum”…for “The Greater Good?” WELL, this writer has and stupidly, on more than one occasion. WELL, at the “Cornwall Public Inquiry” there is NOT one “Perry Dunlop friendly lawyer”, nor is there even one lawyer, representing the “assertion” that maybe sexual abuse did occur or maybe there really are victims of sexual abuse.

    MY ANSWER: I HAVE NO IDEA IF Constable Perry Dunlop will show up or not, but from my perspective, “he has NOTHING to hide.” Perry Dunlop has already disclosed everything and it is already in the “public domain” for anyone to secure and view, even the “Cornwall Public Inquiry.”

    On the contrary, Constable Perry Dunlop, has everything to save, by not appearing and that includes saving EVERYTHING he has done, so far… you understand what I mean, Kool-Aid drinkers?

    In addition, Constable Perry Dunlop appeared at the “Cornwall Public Inquiry” more than once and offered to enter into the record, his “WILLSTATE”, which clearly testifies to EVERY SINGLE related issue, of his knowledge and record, including various interrogatories directed to him, since in or before 1995? Do you know this “document”, the “WILL STATE”, is legally adequate as a representation of a persons “testimony” if “sworn to or affirmed” and is arguably equivalent to a “deposition?” Do you “kool-aid drinkers” know this or understand this OR are you only interested in the “cross-examination” by an over zealous, high paid group of malpractice, liability insurance carrier, lawyers, “pre-occupied” ONLY in “protecting” their clients…AT ANY COST?

    Have you ever wondered why lawyers say innocent until proven guilty? Okay, here’s an exercise: I can hear you now. think?? what?…oh…oh…think….oh….oh….refer to a manual…oh…..oh….where’s my operations manual?…what should I say…,

    ….do you really believe ALL accused are “innocent” until proven guilty… the far corners of your mind, value system, morals, ethics……..think, I know this is a compelling question and implies going beyond “reason”…
    Have you ever heard the words “innocent” but really knew someone was guilty? Which lawyer did the better job?

    HELLO!!! “Kool-Aid” drinkers, I ask you, WHAT is YOUR REAL motivation for wanting Constable Dunlop to appear? To save him from going to jail? Because, we all know, Judge Glaude solicited the “power-coercive” persuasions of “Divisional Court” to compel Perry Dunlop and the “obstruction” charges “may” be re-considered, if Perry appears at the Inquiry……WHAT an abuse of power!!!

    2-)Do people know or understand Constable Perry Dunlop was lied to and “allegedly” unlawfully coerced, to return to Ontario to appear in related “Project Truth” criminal trials and other “hearings”, including the “Cornwall Public Inquiry?” Investigations and trials that were manipulated and delayed to allow “statutes” to expire or “cause” charges against the “accused” to be dismissed for “want of-lack of” prosecution?

    3-)Do you “kool-aid drinkers” know or understand “Officials” have on more than one occasion “implied admission” they misrepresented facts and coerced Perry Dunlop to return to Ontario, against his will and desire? Does this matter to you? (ohhhhhh….there is the difference between “you” and people like “Perry Dunlop”…..”trustworthy, honour, hero, Leader.”)

    4-)Have you “Kool-Aid” drinkers followed the settlements, allegations, investigations, charges, prosecutions, dismissals, rumours, innuendo, facts, etc., etc., relating to and including, “Project Truth” investigations, etc., etc., since the beginning, as I have, others have and Constable Perry Dunlop most certainly has? Have you relied on rumours, innuendo, fact, or “all”, to influence your beliefs/opinions? Have “you” really followed this “Public Inquiry”? Do you understand it?

    I submit, anyone, who has followed the points I have listed in #4, which I admit would have been very difficult to do, would reach, only one conclusion.

    Then, combine the points with the “fact” this “Public Inquiry Mandate”, is seriously flawed. Consider the “mandate” is actually, “foreign” to the interpretaions of different “Private Member’s Bill’s”, introduced by M.P.P. Garry Guzzo, or to the wishes/interpretations of the public, who signed the original “petition”.
    I believe the “mandate” was designed to exonerate the “accused et al” and is in fact, biased and prejudiced against “discovery of the truth”; in fact, I believe it is designed to “re-write” history and assure the truth is NOT disclosed.

    “YOU”, even the “Kool-Aid” drinkers, can ONLY come to one conclusion….”there was a cover-up in 1993 and there continues to be a “cover-up” today.”
    Would I want to participate in this “untrustworthy” “circus”? not a chance.

    Oh, but “Prima Facie”, it will help move this on and heal the community…it will help so many people if Constable Dunlop testifies.” My reply: “…you blind idiot, did you not “absorb” what you just read? I have several acres of land for you to buy….it’s in mid to southern, central Florida…good deal!!

    …and there lies the difference, in “blind-following”, “Kool-Aid” drinking, “prima donna’s” and “trustworthy, hero’s”.

    ANYONE who may know of other reason’s why “YOU”, “I” or in this case, “Constable Perry Dunlop” may not show up at the “Cornwall Public Inquiry”, please send them to Sylvia for posting.

    Unfortunately, Perry Dunlop will go to jail and “YOU” will change the channel!!!…..burp!!

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