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A few points about a variey of matters:

(1) Where the Money Goes is posted. As is often the case with such things it took longer than I had anticipated. I could have spent days poring through the Ministry of Finance Public Accounts documents but decided that was enough for now.

Those with the time and inclination can peruse the documents at your leisure and see what I missed. Please blog or relay to me what you find.

I also suggest that anyone with the time and inclination tally the millions going to various sexual assault and victims groups/centres. The majority of those funds go to help female victims of sexual abuse/assault. In most cases male victims are excluded from and/or denied entry to those facilities/programs.

(2) Note too that the December 2007 issue of Hospital News identifies the Cornwall Community Hospital as one the first hospitals in Ontario to implement universal screening for “Woman Abuse” (“routinely screen all females 12 years of age and older.”

I have heard from Cornwall contacts in the past that they have witnessed males being screened at the Cornwall hospital. I have also since been told that the hospital screens both male and female ages 12 and over. If that’s the case, good for the Cornwall Community Hospital. That’s the way screening should be done in all facilities.

I am somewhat surprised however that an inclusive screening protocol launched in Cornwall has been implemented with a gender bias in other hospitals throughout the province. Why the difference?

(3) Christmas greetings from Claude McIntosh to the Dunlops.

McIntosh is at it again! Read his latest offering: The conspiracy theorists are at it again.

What can I say? Perhaps McIntosh would consider standing in for Perry on 14 January 2007 so we can hear his uncut and unfiltered and unedited version of Perry story?

Or perhaps McIntosh could just volunteer to testify as a “community” witness, a chance for him to set the record straight once and for all regarding the Dunlops’ finances and the circumstances surrounding their departure from Cornwall?

One for sure is that McIntosh was not one of the many who heralded the Dunlops as “local heroes.”

Anyway, to each his own. With Christmas just days away and the threat of jail for Perry looming on the horizon, McIntosh, a Roman Catholic, is shamelessly advancing his own merry crusade of denouncing and maligning the Dunlops!

Merry Christmas to you too Mr. McIntosh 🙂 I don’t understand your motives. I don’t know where you get your information. I don’t know why you are imbued with such animus toward Perry and Helen and their girls. It’s all rather sad.

But, none the less, as one Catholic to another, Merry Christmas.

(4) And speaking of the Dunlops and Christmas, Perry is now being inundated with the next round of paper work regarding the inquiry and Divisional Court. Helen continues to suffer medical problems and has not yet returned to work. The girls are computer literate and read the diatribes by the likes of Claude McIntosh against their Dad.

Remember them at Christmas.

(5) Finally, the 19 December 2007 article: 32 probationers claim they were abused:

One comment I do want to make here. Carol Cardinal testified that when she discovered Nelson Barque was volunteering with the Child Abuse Prevention Council in the mid 80s and identifying himself as a representative of L’Équipe psycho-sociale, the organization which employed him to work with troubled children after his resignation from Cornwall Probation and Parole office.

Cardinal was familiar with the fact that Barque resigned because he had sexually assaulted a probationer. She protested Barque’s presence and his desire to distribute pamphlets on child sex abuse to the public.

According to Cardinal Don Johnson, a Cornwall Crown attorney, was also a member of the Child Abuse Prevention Council. She spoke to Johnson about her concerns regarding Barque. Johnson was aware of the reasons for Barque’s departure from the probation office. She also spoke to lawyer Bruce McPhee, who was then a school board trustee and apparently also knew Barque’s background.

Someone apparently spoke to Barque because he did not return to the meetings.

All that is good. What us troubling however is the fact that no one notified L’Équipe psycho-sociale. Despite the fact that Barque was a known sex offender teaching troubled children in a local school no one saw fit to contact his superiors to say the man should not be employed in that capacity!

I fully understand AbsentObservers upset.

Enough for now,



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