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That’s it for the week.  The day wrapped up at 1500 hours (3 pm).  Pierre Landry finished his testimony.  Garry Guzzo took the stand – his examination in chief wrapped up and cross-examination commenced.  He will be back at 1300 hours (1 pm) Monday  03 December 2007.

There is no lack of things to say.  I don’t know where to begin and supper time just around the corner.

Very quickly for now:

(1) I was appalled to hear that Pierre Landry followed suit of Peter Sirrs.  When Landry got wind of Nelson Barque’s past he confronted Barque and gave him the option of resigning or being fired.  Barque resigned.  Landry had been counselling troubled youth for four years. Landry did not alert staff or parents, nor it seems did he advise Barque’s prospective employers that the man was a sexual predator.

(2) It seems more people than enough knew about Barque and did absolutely nothing to protect the young boys and men of Cornwall from this man.

(3) I was floored to hear Garry Guzzo give the current Bishop of Alexandria-Cornwall accolades.   Perhaps Guzzo was not in the cathedral at Durocher’s installation when Durocher stooped to mocking the sex abuse victims who were protesting outside?

More on this all.  I must run…

Enough for now,



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1 Response to More to come

  1. junglelord says:

    Hi Sylvia. I am just so happy that you have done the work that needs to be done. You and Perry Dunlop are saints. I am best friends with a victim. I spoke with that victim today after I took two days and read at least for 16 hours. I would equate this comission with the 9/11 comission. Total farce.

    You have an incredible dedication to protect the innocent and to allow the truth to be told and to be known. The dots connect and the picture emerges. Its amazing how many corrupt evil people have had power. As a informed cornwall citizen I can say that this equals the coverup in the states and 9/11. It goes to the very top. Which to me leads to the next piece of the puzzle. World leaders, the courts, the clergy are all deeply involved in satanic rites of child sex slaves.

    I cannot say why I took so long to investigate the local matter. Surfice it to say that I am very informed on other matters of deception like 9/11 (Sibel Edmonds, Indira Singh and Ptec are important clues to 9/11).

    The Bilderburg Group of whom our own PM Stephen Harper is a card carrying member, Bohemian Grove, Skull and Bones, the Federal Reserve, The CIA – FBI and drug smuggling, JFK who was killed by LBJ, J.Edgar Hoover and big oil. The Truth is Out There! Many people know these facts now.

    The demonic forces of the world all have pedofelia in common. Absolute power corrupts absolutely. They have the means and the methods to protect their activities through their power and connections of evil. When one thinks of an Axis of Evil, the Cornwall Pedophile Clan spring to mind.

    Unfortuneatly there is a large percentage of the world that is asleep due to the fact the entire media is owned and bought. True journalism is in the hands of the brave souls that are independent of that system. The ability to find the truth without the internet and some dedicated individuals would be next to impossible. By the sharing of information we who do need to know the truth can find it thanks to brave souls like yourself and Perry.

    Without the two of you and the internet who would really know the truth except the poor souls that were and continue to be the victims?

    I really believe you deserve a Nobel Prize for journalism. Perry Deserves a Nobel Peace prize in my opinion.

    The entire structure of our civilisation is infested and infected with these paedophilic reptilians, their methods and their servants, including churches, religious organisations, businesses, corporations, banks, insurance companies, associations, lawyers, governments, organisations, congresses, militaries, political parties, education facilities, child care centres, and quasi-governmental institutions.

    The NWO and Pedophelia go hand in hand.

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