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An early lunch break today, Thursday 29 November 2007. Off to lunch at noon. Hearings will resume at 1330 hours (1:30 PM).

Peter Sirrs examination in chief is finished. It seems the hope is that cross-examination will conclude today. If that transpires then Garry Guzzo will take the stand to resume his testimony.  Guzzo was supposed to finish his testimony today and tomorrow but was bumped.
Sirrs’ testimony has been disturbing.  Despite the knowledge that probation officer Nelson Barque was engaging in homosexual activity with probationers Barque was simply allowed to resign.  No action was taken.  When Barque applied for a position working with mentally retarded children Sirrs did not relate the reason for Barque’s resignation.  Lots of excuses.  More talk about privacy issues.
That was 1982!

More later..


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