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Hearings resume at 0930 hours (09:30 am), this morning Thursday, 29 November 2007. Peter Sirrs, formerly an employee of Correctional Services and former area director for Cornwall probation services will continue his examination in chief.

To date we have heard from Sirrs that probation officer Nelson Barque had installed a lock on his office door, RCMP had heard “rumours” about Barque but didn’t alert Sirrs because they didn’t know him, and members of the Cornwall Police Service had heard stories about Barque. When Sirrs first dealt with the allegations shortly after his arrival in Cornwall he was told that one of the police officers had given Barque some form of informal counselling!

Today’s testimony should prove interesting.

As promised here’s the link to Doug Seguin’s testimony of yesterday.

There is now a new menu item “Institution.” Also a new page for Peter Sirrs.

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