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Did you catch that?  The Cornwall Police Service has received funding nearly DOUBLE that of all other parties with funding COMBINED!!!!

According to Justice Glaude the eight parties with funding received a total of $2.75M to October of this year.  Glaude didn’t give the tally for the CPS but I believe it’s in the order of  $4.5M!!!!

Goes to show that going through the back door with hat in hand works.  The office of the Attorney General, a party implicated in the scandal, has truly outdone itself.  In picking up the tab for an insitutiuon bent on pillorying Perry Dunlop the office of the AG has outdone itself.

The AG handed out a total of $2.75M to eight institutions.  He dished out approx. $4.5 to CPS.

This is astounding!

Level playing field?  My eyeball.




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