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Lunch break. Garry Guzzo has been testifying since 09:30. Yes, he made it. Turns out he started home to Ottawa last night, decided the weather didn’t look good,turned back and stayed the night in Cornwall.

Guzzo’s examination in chief is on going. They carried on until around 1 pm and finally decided to break for lunch. Back at 2 pm.

Doug Seguin (brother of deceased probation officer Ken Seguin) is supposed to testify this afternoon. Commission counsel feel it is imperative they hear his testimony before hearing witnesses from Correctional Services on Monday. However, the weather is nasty and Jutice Glaude has decided they will recess at 1530 hours (3:30 pm). That means 90 minutes available to finish with Guzzo and Seguin. It won’t happen. If it does… well, I’ll personally be floored.

I commented yesterday that I found the day of testimony “flat.” It was strange. Today is different. There has been vital information introduced into evidence, specifically regarding the existence of a porn tape which, according to Guzzo, was/is in possession of a citizens group in Cornwall. Also interesting to hear that Guzzo received assurance from a cabinet minister in the Michael Harris government (Turnbull) that the Ken Seguin tapes to which Ron Leroux referred had not been destroyed as has been repeatedly stated. And of course interesting to hear the run around Guzzo was getting from his own government, a tip off he allegedly received that the office of the Attorney General was going to blow some prosecutions because it was “dragging its feet” on the sex abuse trials. That opens the door for claims that the alleged paedophile’s right to a speedy trial has been violated thereby warranting a stay. Guzzo particularly recalls that this man, a lawyer, mentions the Leduc trial. He thinks the trial of Father Charles MacDonald may also have been mentioned.

Both alleged paedophiles – Leduc and Charlie – “walked” claiming their Charter right to a speedy trial had been violated.

I recall that back in late 1997 what with all the delays back then Carson Chisholm and others were concerned that Charlie would “walk.” Carson told then Crown attorney (now Justice) Robert Pelletier of his concerns. Pelletier came back with “You’re crazy” or something to that effect.

Charlie “walked.” So did Leduc.


They’re back….

Enough for now



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