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Correction.  Garry Guzzo IS supposed to return this morning to finish his examination in chief.  Once that is accomplished Doug Seguin will stand the stand.  Guzzo’s cross-examination will continue  at some future date.

Whether or not Mr. Guzzo will get to Cornwall remains to be seen.  We are in the midst of the first storm of winter – snow and blowing snow.  The Ottawa – Cornwall drive is not particularly pleasant in these conditions.

Anyway, if all goes as planned Garry Guzzo will take the stand at 09:30 to complete his examination in chief.

My apologies for that error. I obviously lost the thread on that.
Media coverage has been posted on New to the Site on the Home page.  More to come.

Also Carmen Pregent has written to Premier Dalton McGuinty.  A copy of her letter is posted on Sound Off.  It seems to me apropos that Carmen’s is the first letter on the page. Dick would have been dashing off emails left right and centre by now 🙂
Enough for now,



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