“We have seen the blasphemy for ourselves”

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Hearings resume at 0930 hours EST (09:30 am) this morning, Wednesday 21 November 2007. Ottawa lawyer and former Member of Provincial Parliament Garry Guzzo returns. Lead commission counsel Peter Engelmann anticipates the entire day will given to Guzzo’s examination in chief.

I believe the hope is that cross-examination can be conducted and completed tomorrow. After witnessing the ballyhoo over blacked out names on Guzzo’s notes I rather doubt one day will do the trick. I can’t see that the legal fervour over Guzzo’s ‘redacted’ notes will quenched in one short day. Perhaps the gathered throng knows something we don’t know to stir such passion? But, yes,of course they do. After another session behind closed doors (closed to we the viewing and unwashed public) they know some of the previously concealed names, parts of others and, Heaven forbid, a few may remain unknown forever.

Such zeal! If it wasn’t the Cornwall Public Inquiry I might erroneously deduce the pride in the shed have proof positive that Guzzo has spent ten odd years conducting clandestine meets with a sexual predator or two, or worse yet, conspiring with a pack – clan? – of prominent and debauched paedophiles to keep their secrets secret.

But, no. It’s Cornwall. And it’s the Cornwall Public Inquiry. It’s highly doubtful that the $10,000 or so invested in a forensic specialist to scrutinize Guzzo’s notes has anything to do with exposing an entire pack of paedophiles, or for that matter, exposing one or two. In Cornwall it’s more likely that the object of such zeal is to out anyone and everyone who ever thought, mused or whispered “clan” or “ring” or “cover-up.”

I say $10,000. That’s a guess. I have no inkling of the hourly rate of a forensic specialist. I have never had need or want of one. I believe however they don’t come cheap. $10,000 may be a tad high. It also may be more in the $20,000 range. The only for sure is that it’s well in excess of Perry Dunlop’s air fare from British Columbia to Ottawa, Ontario. Justice Glaude, if you can believe it, now wants the Dunlops to reimburse the commission for the last Dunlop trip to Cornwall. Perry didn’t comply and conform. He has to pay.

That’s the way it’s been from day one for Perry.

So, away we go today. More scratching and clawing and snarling in the offing at the Weave Shed. We the unwashed public may never know what the gathered throng learned behind closed doors. Whose names did Guzzo perhaps by accident or design conceal?

I personally could care less. If they are names of whistle-blowers trying against the odds to get paedophiles off the streets and hoping to see justice done I could care less who they are. But, the gathered throng cares. So does Justice Glaude.

It’s a sorry day indeed when the protection of children and the pursuit of justice becomes a sin and a crime.

We’ll see where this goes. If on the one had the legal frenzy relates to the gathered throng’s knowledge that Guzzo has been protecting and covering up for paeophiles, so be it. He deserves to be ravaged. If, on the other it relates to Guzzo trying to protect whistle blowers, God help Garry Guzzo and God help the whistle-blowers!


Another brave soul ready to share a cell with Kay – for Perry’s sake,

Hi Sylvia,

Please, put my name down.

Thank you.

Carmen Pregent
Cassleman, Ontario

I have added Carmen’s name to the list on the newly created Join Kay in Jail page. I urge those who want and are ready to shoulder Perry’s burden to sign up.

I have also added Sound Off, a long overdue list of names, addresses and emails of persons to contact if you’ve had enough of this. If there are names which should be added, please let me know and send the particulars,ie, address, phone and email.


I had a heartbreaking email from a father yesterday. His son committed suicide in 2005. There are CAS connections. I have permission to post the email but first want to check and clarify a couple of things.

So much suffering out there.

Meanwhile the inquiry is running in ever decreasing circles hunting down and pillorying whistle-blowers.

As Myomy so wisely and astutely commented:

As the high priest said while tearing his robe… What more need do we have for witnesses? We have seen the blasphemy for ourselves.

This inquiry continually repeats the mistakes of institutions in the past and continues the harassment of the good on behalf of the wicked.

Enough for now,


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