Thems that wants to know knows

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They hankered away in there until 1645 (4:45 pm) this afternoon (Tuesday, 20 November 2007).  All we know is this: (1) there seem to discrepancies in the names which were obliterated by marker on Garry Guzzo’s notes and the list of names he gave commission, and those jotted down in the margins, (2) the expert has been able to read through the blackout to decipher some of the names, parts of others and none of others, (3) the gathered throng tucked away behind closed doors may well have names of persons to whom Guzzo had guaranteed confidentiality and felt he had to protect at all costs (4)  IF Guzzo was took measures to try to protect high profile whistle blowers the jig is up for some or all of them – at the very least their careers are in jeopardy.All the monikers in the world mean diddly squat.  Thems that wants to know who they are knows.

By the time they’re finished here every soul who ever did anything to protect children and see justice done will be behind bars – and, yes, the “alleged” paedophiles of Cornwall can sleep tight.  Ditto those who covered up on their behalf!!

Guzzo will take the stand tomorrow morning at 0930 hours (9:30 am) tomorrow, Wednesday 21 November 2007.  Perhaps then we the excluded public can find out what’s going on.

I am working at getting those contacts emails ready – have to re-do the Home page in the process, but, it’s coming.  And must get some food on the table 🙂

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  1. Myomy says:

    It was educational to watch the zeal of the legal throng at the Weave Shed with their forensic examination of Gary Guzzo’s notes that the top priority is tracking down anybody who may have made allegations of sexual abuse in Cornwall. Yet another example of the institutional response to allegations of sexual abuse – Shoot the messenger. It is treated as a crime to expose child abuse but no crime to abuse children. As the high priest said while tearing his robe… What more need do we have for witnesses? We have seen the blasphemy for ourselves. This inquiry continually repeats the mistakes of institutions in the past and continues the harassment of the good on behalf of the wicked.

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