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Lawye and former judge Garry Guzzo was interviewed by Ottawa CFRA radio’s Steve Madely this morning (Tuesday 13 November 2007)

I have posted a link to the clip.  Take a moment to listen.

Guzzo says that there are other witnesses he believes should have been called to testify before him, but note specifically his reference to the report of the Ottawa Police investigation into the Cornwall Police Service in early 1994.

This investigation was conducted after Perry Dunlop went to CAS and the cover-up cat was first hopping out of the bag with wind of a $32,000 illegal payoff.

The official report for public consumption of that investigation was a virtually glowing account of the Cornwall police handling of David Silmser’s sex abuse allegations against Father Charles MacDonald and probation officer Ken Seguin.

This morning Guzzo said he had been told the contents of that report by at least 10 Ottawa police officers and has been trying without success for years to get his hands on it. According to Guzzo the report is “scathing.”  Commission counsel apparently has a copy which Guzzo believes should have been entered into evidence before he took the stand.

Ontario tax payers dollars will be put to “good” use funding CPS service lawyers to battle this one out.  Without doubt if the report is indeed as scathing as it sounds the CPS wants it to stay exactly where it has been – out of sight and out of mind.  And, of course Ontario tax payers will no doubt pay a princely sum to finance the CPS attack on this ‘whistle-blower.’

Keep Garry Guzzo in your prayers – we have seen what the CPS does to those who cast it in a light shy of perfection.

And, one small point for clarification:  Guzzo said that Father Claude Thibault’s molester is still operating in the Diocese of Alexandria-Cornwall.  The last word I heard on Father Gilles Deslaurier is that he is and for many years has been in the Diocese of St. Jerome, Quebec.

Hearings resume at 1300 hours (1pm)

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