Another little coercive sorti

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Here we go again!

As of about 1430 hours (2:30 pm) they headed in camera.  This time the object of the exercise is to force Garry Guzzoto violate a promise of confidentiality he gave to those with whom he spoke over the years regarding Cornwall sex abuse matters.

Guzzo has apparently turned over notes to the commission which he personally redacted lasted summer.  He did so because apparently over the years he has been contacted by approximately 90 persons, many of whom were alleged victims and others who were apparently or perhaps providing information.  The latter includes, for example, a lawyer in the office of the Attorney General, a Cornwall lawyer and someone with the Diocese of Alexandria-Cornwall.

According to Guzzo he decided many years ago that as a sitting member of the legislature that this is a democratic nation and that therefore those who approached him on this matter were entitled to the privilege of confidentiality which apparently attached to his position as a sitting member of the provincial parliament.

That’s not good enough for Justice Glaude, lead counsel Peter Engelmann or anyone else in the Weave Shed courtroom.

So, around 1430 hours the gathered throng set about preparing to go behind closed doors, cameras off.  How long they remain in lock up I suppose depends upon what battles may or may not ensue.

Imagine Guzzo being forced to disclose the identity of his contact within the AGs office to that brood? or of his contact with the diocese? or of hs contact with the Cornwall lawyer?

I have chills just thinking of the possible repercussions here. The steam roller is in high gear. Engelmann and Glaude both sounding somewhat miffed and testy with Guzzo.
So, say a prayer and watch the screen and wait.  We have no way whatever of knowing when this latest little coercive sorti will be over and done with.

Enough for now,



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