Police should prevent, not investigate

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First, my deepest sympathies to James and Brenda Bateman on the death of Brenda’s father. Rene Pilon will be buried tomorrow. May he rest in peace.


I posted the Father Tom Doyle/Dick Nadeau (Besmirching the dead) material in the wee hours of the morning. I felt strongly that this information needed to be posted, not only because Dick does not need to be maligned any more than has already been done, but also because I believe it shows how readily people can be maligned.

There are two possibilities regarding this unfortunate turn of events:(1) Father Doyle forgot, and (2) Father Doyle did not forget. A quick look at both:

(1) He forgot
If indeed Father Doyle forgot then the onus is on him to notify the Weave Shed and ask that a retraction of his evidence regarding his contact with Dick re email postings be publicly entered into the record. By publicly I mean while the webcast is running and all parties are present. The damage should be undone as publicly as it was done. Dick, his family and the truth deserve nothing less.

(2) He did not forget
If, on the other hand, Father Doyle was so anxious to be sworn as an expert that he decided to save his own hide by tendering Dick’s, then I am utterly appalled.

Dick, a sex abuse victim, had great faith in Father Doyle. His faith was sorely betrayed. This to me is the ultimate betrayal, a man betrayed and violated as boy by a priest is cruelly betrayed after he is dead and gone and totally incapable of defending himself – by a priest. Such betrayal from the mouth of a Roman Catholic priest professing to fight for justice for victims within the Church goes beyond the pale.

For those who question some of Father Doyle’s theology in his exchanges with Dick and projecttruth2.com supporters I will simply say I truly do not want to embark on that topic here but certainly invite those who wish to make comment to feel free to do so. My objection at this time is solely that of a Roman Catholic priest besmirching the dead.

A final note here.

Carmen contacted the Weave Shed explicitly to draw attention to the emails and the irrefutable proof that Dick had indeed sought and received Doyle’s permission to post. In that visit she was asked to testify to, as I understood it, put a human face on Dick.

Carmen took the stand. She did an excellent job. Dick would have been proud. But, not a word from the commission about the emails! They have them. They know that Dick did not “use” Father Doyle and that, contrary to Doyle’s testimony, Dick did the proper thing and asked and received permission to post the email.

Not one word.

Had Father Doyle’s testimony implicated Murray MacDonald in wrong-doing I would bet my bottom dollar the emails would have been addressed and scrutinized.

That’s the double standard at play in the Weave Shed. One set of policies,practices and procedures for the pillars of the community. Another for everyone else.


Did you see in Cornwall police Staff Sgt. Garry Derochie’s comments in the Former police chief passes away?

“You’re supposed to prevent crime,” says Derochie. “Not investigate crime after it happens.”

Police aren’t supposed to investigate crime after it happens? That says it all. Justice Glaude can pack up his inquiry bags and head for home. According to Derochie the Cornwall police is all about prevention, not investigating crime.

That explains it all….

Are you taking note of this John? Too late. Had you reported the prominent trio before they allegedly obstructed justice they might never have allegedly obstructed justice 🙂 No doubt the same holds true for David Silmser. If he’d only reported Charlie and Ken Seguin before he was allegedly abused he might never have to report that he’d been allegedly abused, and then Perry wouldn’t have had to do the right thing and go to the CAS, and then there’d be no inquiry 🙂

So simple… Prevention. Not investigation.


I’m on next to an intriguing email exchange between James Bateman and Dick.

Enough for now,



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