A host of saints

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Here we go again. Transparency. Transparency. Transparency.


They’re off in camera now putting monikers on the names of four “alleged” victims who had contact with Dick Nadeau and who have apparently never come forward publicly. There was a vague explanation from commission counsel of vague attempts to contact these persons and vague explanation that there was an inability to contact some and some didn’t want to be involved. For now there will be monikers.

And all material from Dicks projecttruth2 website will be marked “Confidential.” Quite quite amazing. Whether this is fallout from the fact that Dick talked about individuals who have since that time received out-of-court settlement I have no idea. It’s no doubt a bit of a craw in the bonnet for deniers that a sex abuse scandal which is supposedly high on “rumour” and “innuendo” and shy on real honest to goodness victims has a remarkable preponderance of out-of-court settlements between various institutions and various “alleged” victims.

But, of course, the settlements are without doubt acts of perfect charity, no more and no less.

Anyway, they should be back soon,ready to sink their collective teeth into Dick’s poor dead body and shake it about.

[Addendum to above:  Now it seems that most but not all projecttruth2 documents will be marked “Confidential.” Some will be “Confidential” on an interim basis pending Glaude’s review]


And now look at this. An email dispatched by John MacDonald yesterday to the Cornwall Police Chief regarding John’s ten-month-old complaint filed with CPS regarding Crown attorney Murray MacDonald, and formers Crowns turned judged Peter Griffiths and Robert Pelletier.

Chief Dan Parkinson:

My name is John Mac Donald, we have spoke by phone concerning a complaint that I filed concerning Obstruction of Justice charges against Crown Attorney Murray MacDonald, Judge Robert Pelltier and Judge Peter Griffiths.

Recently, 17 days ago to be exact, I was contacted by my sister, who called me to let me know that Sergant Bob Burnie had phoned her to let her know that he had been looking for me. He had mentioned to her that he had been searching for me for about the last month. I found this rather odd, since I had given you both my cell number and my home phone number, both of which you called me back on. These numbers were also passed on to deputy Chief Aikman, who also called me on my cell. Regardless of this, I called Bob back. He informed me when I called that there was a decision about the complaint that I had filed. I will repeat his words using quotes:

Bob said as follows:

“I was told that the powers that be have decided that your complaint falls within the guidelines of the Cornwall Public Inquiry, and they are going to wait for the Inquiry to run its course before they decide what they are going to do.”

I asked Bob that this decision be sent to me in writing, gave him my new address and we ended the call. As stated earlier, that was 17 days ago. I feel that this has been ample time for this letter to get to me. I am forwarding my address once again. I am anticipating your prompt action and attention to this request.

John Mac Donald

Ten months and nothing but circling the wagons.

But, there is no cover-up – just a host of saints perpetually engaged in countless acts of perfect charity….

Enough for now,



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