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Lunch break.  Hearings resume at 2 pm and will continue until 3.

Looks like the gathered throng won’t finish their collective effort to decimate Charles Burgeois today – next Thursday he will probably be recalled to share the day with OPP Commissioner Julian Fantino. All because Bourgeois rubbed shoulders with Perry Dunlop.
Another trip to Cornwall for Bourgeois means another day or two of lost income.  Bourgois has already been gone from his law office the entire week.  Another hour of hearings tacked on to today would have precluded the necessity of his return.  But, priorities – Justice Glaude et al have to head of in their respective planes, trains and automobiles at 15:00 hours (3 pm).

So there you go.  Priorities in the Weave Shed courtroom. Priorities.
It’s turned into a mighty costly venture for Charles Bourgeois, a lawyer in private practice, to have been dragged into the Weave Shed.

Did I understand correctly that at this time the commission has not covered costs and Bourgeois is paying his hotel and expenses out of his own pocket?  I hope not.  I will have to check the transcript this evening. Bad enough that testifying means a loss of at least six day business and income for Bourgeois. To force him to pick up the ticket for accommodation, meals, transport etc to be pilloried in public would be a downright disgrace.

Anyway, they’re off on a brief break.  A disgusting morning.  Bourgeois is still standing but rest assured that’s no thanks to the gathered throng.

Enough for now,



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