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They’re gone.  Off in their respective planes, trains and automobiles to their respective homes.

Perry Dunlop’s former lawyer Charles Bourgeois is finished for the week.  Battered, bruised and bullied by his own he has two days to collect his breath, shake his head and wonder what hit him, lick his bleeding wounds, and, come Monday (29 October 2007) at 13:00 hours (1 pm) take the stand in the Weave Shed courthouse for the final round.

Bourgeois is still standing, but barely.  As I said earlier, that’s no thanks to the gathered throng.

Charles Bourgeois may not be perfect, but I would venture a guess he is far from the idiotic imbecile he was painted to be.

And so the story according to the Weave Shed spin masters is that Bourgeois is, amongst other things, incompetent, slovenly, careless, rash, negligent, and unprofessional.  Pick a negative adjective to describe a lawyer and, according to the “honourable” lawyers in the Weave Shed, that’s Charles Bourgeois.

They set out to ravage him.

God help Charles Bourgeois.

He got the affidavits.  He is paying the price.
This is despicable….l.

I’ll be back later

Enough for now


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