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Telephone/internet headaches 🙁

Our phone connection went kaput yesterday.  The man from Ma Bell was in this morning to fix it.  All seemed to be well.  It was “fixed.” He left.  An hour later I was was back where I started – no phone connection.

Right now I can either be online without a phone, or have the phone working but no internet access.  I am trying to get in touch with the serviceman so must keep the phone line open.

I hope and pray this isn’t it for the weekend!




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  1. prima facie says:

    “On…”Public Meetings”, “Reconciliation”, “Garry Guzzo” and AMBIGUITY!!”
    “Don’t Talk, Don’t Trust, Don’t Feel”:
    by “Robert A. Becker”

    “reconciliation” def: a-“..an end to a disagreement and the return to friendly relations.” b-“..the action of reconciling opposing odeas, facts, etc.” (“Oxford Canadian Dictionary of Current English”) and from the (“Oxford Canadian Thesaurus of Current English”,) “reconcile”, “..reunite, bring back, together again, restore friendly relations between, make peace between…”.

    CURRENT STATUS: October 2007.

    DESPITE simultaneously being in Phases I and II of this Cornwall Public Inquiry, it is still NOT CLEAR and quite ambiguous, as to who should be reconciliating with whom and for WHAT REASONS reconciliation is purported to be taking place. AMBIGUITY!!

    PLEASE EXPLAIN, Commissioner Glaude!!!

    Why are SOME people being involved as “leader’s” in these public meetings, in this RECONCILIATION PHASE, WITHOUT clearly explaining, Who? What? Where? When? and WHY? they are involved? AMBIGUOUS??

    I mean….WHAT IS THE PROBLEM? NOTHING has been admitted, nor, has any “disagreement or conflict” been clearly defined….AMBIGUITY!!….or, are “WE” suppose to, “NOT TALK” about the REAL issues, “DON’T TRUST” anyone other than “authorities” or the “ONE’S WITH THE POWER” and consequently, follow blindly? OR, are we to, “NOT FEEL” the pain of the past or the torture of this current, VERY AMBIGUOUS Cornwall Public Inquiry? An inquiry that is intentionally or through influence, directing “blame” to the wrong “parties”. (dysfunctional system)

    I am very supportive of informative, proactive and educative public meetings, to help advance public awareness, knowledge, input, prevention, treatment and intervention strategies.

    HOWEVER, in the “CONTEXT” of the vague and nebulous “Cornwall Public Inquiry”, these public awareness meetings should fall-under other jurisdictions/budgets; ex) District Health Council/Office/Ministry of Health, Eastern Ontario Health Unit, Ministry of Education, etc.

    “The Cornwall Public Inquiry” mandate, combined with its “practice” since the commencement of the Inquiry process, has been quite scattered and ambiguous.

    The “yea-sayers” have something tangible” to gain, by being positive of the process to date; i.e.) $$$$, notoriety, $$$$, public funding, temporary employment, temporary “feel good”.

    HOWEVER, IN MY OPINION, because “THE PROBLEM” has NOT BE adequately addressed, “in good faith”, the “SIGNS and SYMPTOMS” will re-surface, in a couple of years, after the “light” on Cornwall, is turned off and initial $$$ are NOT renewed or re-directed. The consequences include, more violent reactions (on self or others) from those who feel exploited; even if they received $$$, without “ANY ADMISSION OF GUILT or RESPONSIBILITY” by the one’s paying-out the $$$$.

    As for the very astute, politically, judicially, informed and educated, GARRY GUZZO and even Mr. Fantino:
    Mr. Guzzo did excellent work on bringing a focus to “the SEXUAL ABUSE problems” in and around Cornwall. I suggest you all read some of his VERY TELLING correspondences, written in the 1990’s and 2000’s…VERY TELLING!!

    HOWEVER, I believe, Mr. Guzzo IS VERY POLITICAL and is of the “status and opinion”, whereas, he must do whatever possible to help “the system” and Commissioner Glaude, “SAVE FACE”…..for “THE BETTER GOOD”!! I expect a moderate and mild testimony by Mr. Guzzo and Mr. Fantino. I believe they will “praise” the work of the Cornwall Public Inquiry and Commissioner Normand Glaude. In addition, I believe, Messrs. Guzzo and Fantino, will toss a few rocks in Perry Dunlop’s direction, malign Dick Nadeau and “spread” responsibility “across-the-board” so to speak, encouraging everyone to work together and move on. “ex) “The Better Good”; “…is it okay to do or say something wrong, because doing the right thing MAY not be in the better interests of the majority?”…..Really!! I ask, whose “better interests” and what are “the perceived” “BETTER INTERESTS” from whose perspectives or

    NEEDS? (answer) The majority or the “ruling class”?

    Has authority become corrupt?

    This Inquiry has not clearly identified or defined “sexual abuse” allegations, the accused, the victim’s or many other extremely significant, related “factors”, as historical or current, problems in Cornwall and Area, requiring intervention.

    Don’t forget what the PETITIONERS and GARRY GUZZO’S, Private Member’s Bills, were originally DEMANDING.
    I suggest, many people feel this Publicly funded, ENORMOUSLY, HIGH COSTING, Cornwall Public Inquiry, is more of a “SYMPOSIUM” on “How To Keep Secrets, Secret” and providing a few public meetings surrounding social issues, including the reporting of “sexual assault”; all of which should already be part of a school board’s curriculum and part of a District Health Council’s mandate. AMBIGUOUS!! INCOMPETENT!!

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