The die is cast

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The die is cast.

Just Glaude decided to push on and has turned to the Ontario Divisional Court to determine whether or not Perry Dunlop was in contempt of Court yesterday.

I have posted the transcript from yesterday’s hearings and added a few comments. Am also rounding up some info on contempt which I will post once I have it in order.

The disgrace of a nation this is. An inquiry which promised no one would be forced to testify resorts first to deception and fabrications to secure an inter-provincial subpoeana and then ships a whistle blower cop off to Divisional Court with the threat of contempt looming over his head.

Perry wanted to testify by telling his “story” as stated point by point in his will-state. Not the commission’s idea of a good story it seems.

So, the legal wrangling is far from over for the beleaguered Dunlops. It just never ends.

I have to head off with my husband for a medical appointment so must run along. Check New to the Site for two media articles from yesterday.

Hearings resume at 14:00 hours (2 pm) this afternoon. Carson Chisholm (Helen’s brother) will take the stand.

Good luck Carson. My prayers are with you.

Enough for now,



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