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6 Days:  Perry Dunlop is scheduled back in the coliseum Tuesday 09 October 2007.

Hearings resume at 09:30 hours (9:30 am) this morning (Wednesday 03 October 2007) Jamie Marsolais is scheduled to take the stand – a change from the original schedule.

Fern Vivarias’ testimony was short, but it was far from sweet.

In one of the few instances where a victim has had lee-way to describe his abuse  a visibly distraught and emotional Fern managed, in a few short words, to take us right into that Montreal motel room where a small scared boy sharing a bed with a priest was grabbed and “humped” like a dog – by a Roman Catholic priest!

Three times it happened throughout that long cold dark night.

I could literallly see the child lying huddled in the bed in the morning, trying to get that ‘stuff’ off his little body. Rubbing and rubbing and rubbing to get off.

Years later, the so-year-old still tries to wash it away.  It’s just always there. All his life he has tried to scrub it and shower it away.

He can’t wash it away. Try as he might, it’s always there.

And to think that two of our “expert” witnesses decided it was healthy to exclude boys and men from health screening protocols.

As I say so often, what can I say?  What more can I say?

Once again, my stomach churns.

What oh what does Perry Dunlop have to do with this?  Aside from try to protect the Fern Vivarais of the world, what pray tell does Perry have to do with this that “they” want his head on a silver platter?
Enough for now,



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