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A week today.

Perry Dunlop is scheduled to return to the Weave Shed Tuesday, 09 October 2007.

The pride is waiting. Impatiently!

I cant’s stop thinking about him.

How much can this former constable and his beleaguered family endure? I don’t know.

There has to be an end to it. But it goes on and on and on….

Shoot the messenger.

Helen took the stand. The pride stood down.

That says it all.

No questions from the pride about the courtroom debacles Perry has endured in the past. She was there. If it is truth they are pursuing, Helen could and would have told them.

They didn’t ask.

No questions of substance about what Ron Leroux said or did? Or what C-8 said or did.

The pride stood down. A swat from a presumably passive member of the pride here, a growl from another corner of the coliseum. A friendly member out of service.

The pride stood down. The pride mysteriously and collectively stood down.

We’re supposed to believe they want the truth?

The truth is they want Perry’s hide.

From the day Perry blew the whistle “they” have been after his hide.

Nothing has changed.

The question now facing the Dunlops is one of sheer self-preservation.

What is the lesser evil?

Their plight weighs heavy on my heart and mind.

Prayers are in order more than ever. Storm the gates of Heaven.


Hearings resume at 09:30 this morning, Tuesday 02 October 2007. Father Claude Thibault will return for cross-examination.

Father Thibault was sexually abused by Father Gilles Deslaurier in the late 70s.

I will see what happens here during cross-examination. There were any number of questions which I believe could have been but were not put to Thibault during his examination in chief.

This witness is a priest in the diocese. He has been a priest in the diocese for 21 years. He turned to Jacques Leduc for legal assistance. He knew Bishop Adolphe Proulx.

But, as yet, no burning questions about the climate of the diocese for the past 20 years.

No questions about the priestly chatter before and after the Project Truth probe hit town.

No questions about any of the many priests who have been charged, sued or accused.

No questions about what the priests of the diocese were told to do if a victim discloses to them.

All strange.

Anyway, we’ll see where things go this morning.

For now, the transcripts are up.


Fernand Vivarias, an “alleged” victim of Father Carl Stone, is scheduled to take the stand this afternoon.

Good luck Fern. Stay strong and calm.

Enough for now,



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