Such an insult

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Perry Dunlop is scheduled back in the coliseum in 7 days (Monday, 09 October 2007) – the day after Thanksgiving. The day before the Dalton McGuinty Liberals – who gave us this so-called inquiry – go to the polls.


Hearings resume at 14:00 (2 pm) this afternoon, Monday 01 October 2007.

The schedule is listed on the Cornwall Public Inquiry website as follows:

Reasons for Decision – Ron Leroux

Witness Requesting Confidentiality

Fernand Vivarais

Witness Requesting Confidentiality

Witness Requesting Confidentiality

Jamie Marsolais

Alternative Cross-examination – Ron Leroux

There is no indication as to who is scheduled to testify what day.

“Alternative Cross-examination – Ron Leroux” will be time for the gathered throng to put their collective heads together to sort out how they want to play the Lets Pretend Ron Leroux is on the Stand game.

I will post the Gender Bias piece I have been toiling and weeping over shortly – such an insult to every male victim to have John Liston and Dr. Peter Jaffe called as “experts.” ….Such an outrage to have Jaffe hand-picked to serve on the Advisory Panel.

Enough for now,


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