Who did the rapping?

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Still getting things together on the Jaffe/Liston bias against males/the boy child.

Meanwhile, somehting I wanted to comment on…

Did you see Court decision helps dispel perception that victims are not being treated fairly Cornwall ?

Bill Wade, believe it or not, is Steve Parisien’s lawyer!

What happened here? A rap on the knuckles from his legal peers? Or a little higher up the legal ladder? The judiciary?

How many hours did Steve Parisien have to hang around the Cornwall courthouse? Has Mr. Wade forgotten so soon?.
Let me think….

If I recall correctly Steve’s trial started several hours late. A trial scheduled for 09:30 am was constantly rescheduled. No explanation. Things finally got under way in the afternoon. The judge had had a medical appointment.

The day of the verdict, 21 September 2007, started the same way. 09:30 am start. No judge. Hourly rescheduling. Finally, remanded.

For six days! No explanation. Then, suddenly, back on for 14:00 (2 pm). At 14:30 court was in session. The judge had been double booked.

And, do my eyes deceive me? Does Mr. Wade truly believe his client got a fair day at the inquiry? Really and truly?

What about David Silmser? Albert Roy?

Who preserved their rights and personal dignity?

For that matter, does Mr. Wade truly believe young Shawn Pare had a fair day in court at the sex abuse trial of lawyer and Church canon lawyer Jacques Leduc?

What about Perry Dunlop? Who preserved Perry’s rights and personal dignity when he was subpoenaed under false pretenses and pilloried at Jacques Leduc’s second sex abuse “trial”?

I was there.

All I can say is I do believe Mr. Wade’s knuckles must be sorely mangled. The burning question is: Who did the rapping?

Enough for now,


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