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Interesting.  I happened upon this as I was searching something related to Dr.Peter Jaffe/John Liston’s role in deliberately excluding males/the ‘boy child’ from sex abuse screening protocols.

At risk of sounding like a broken harp I must say it’s looking more and more like Justice Glaude’s Advisory Panel was chosen with a particular end in mind.

The money is flowing!!!

Taxpayers dollars.  Yours.  My dear husband’s.

It seems obvious to me that the “impartial” office of the Ontario Attorney General has a firm thumb on the whole sordid issue of male/male sexual abuse.  So does the inquiry.

And, I do believe thems that toe the line and espouse a politically-correct-feminist agenda are the winners.

Note the training workshop “Revisioning Male Violence.”

More “woman abuse” stuff?

Sad to say I have watched the Men’s Project diversify, from the time of its inception 10 years ago, to the launch of the Cornwall Public Inquiry, to today.  Once upon a time its services were directed exculsively to males, males who have been sexually abused.  However, since the Cornwall Public Inquiry launched the Men’s Project has broadened its horizons.  It now offers “ counselling services for women as well as GLBT (Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, and Transgendered) identified persons.”

If there were no services available for females I could grasp the radical shift, but, as we well know, that’s just no the case.  It’s men and the ‘boy child’ who have been traditionally, heartlessly and cruelly excluded, year after year after year.

Why the shift?  Does the office of the AG demand that the one and only agency helping male victims of sexual abuse open the doors to females?  In order to get funding?

Why the shift?  That’s the question.  Why the shift?

Enough for now,


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